Monday, September 5, 2011

Preparing for the Winter.....

veggies from the garden.....

I enjoy canning food for my family...... I love to open the pantry doors and know that I did my part to in feeding our family over the winter months!

My canning shelves the hubby built for me.... they are right by the garage door off the kitchen - I love them!

Here is a list of some of my homemade canning must-haves.......

Green Beans ready for the canner.......

Note: My oldest Daughter does not like cooked green beans...... she likes them raw.....straight from the garden!

Sweet Potatoes - click here for the reciepe to make the best sweet potato bread you've ever ate!

Sweet Pickels
Squash - If you run out of pumpkin for pumpkin pie - Squash is a great substitute (acually my hubby likes the squash pies better than pumpkin!)

Chicken Broth - Pork Broth - Beef Broth - doen't have MSG in like store bought

Shredded Pork - great for bbq or reg. sandwiches

Tomato Juice

Stewed/whole tomates with the juice

Chili Sauce - I use Mrs. Wages mix and then add some of my canned whole tomatoes, meat and beans -served with cheese

Salsa - I use Mrs. Wages pkts. once again

Chicken - great for chicken and rice, chicken salad and many casseroles or sandwiches

Pumpkin - woopie pies is my favorite way to use pumpkin

Pears and Pear Sauce (like applesauce)


Pie Filling - apple and peach (our family doesn't like cherries)
Applesauce - I use yellow delicious apples as they are sweeter and use less sugar. I don't add cinnamin! - I can it to save freezer space - then freeze it after opening. So good and icy!

Apple Butter

Jams and Jellies

Veggie Soup - my own recipe -  a staple at our house in the winter

Canned Beef - great for sandwiches and beef & noodles

Shredded Beef

Potato Mix (cubed ham, carrots, and pototoes) -Great for quick potatoe soup (just add milk, cheese, and parsley flakes). I can this in little jars too, so I can add it to scrambled eggs along with cheese and onions! It's quick and easy and no mess from peeling the potatoes.  (I also can some without the ham to use in other dishes).

Our Freezer is stocked with:

Sweet Corn - I like useing bicolor (I add salt, pepper, butter and a little sugar too it before serving- it takes just like off the cobb!)




Meat - Roasts, bacon, tenderloin, steak, etc.
Ground Pork and Ground Beef

Chicken - breast's, stips, and peices

Sliced Peaches

Strawberry Jelly




Egg Whites - love to make angel food cakes!

Apple Coblers - I make around 12-15 in the fall and stick in the freezer - it's so handy to pull out  - goes right along with freezer meals!

Flax Seed - I try to add this to all my baked goods - You can buy it cheep in bulk

- with eggs from our chickens and fresh milk from our goats and me baking homemade bread..... I don't think we will go hungery this winter!!!

I'd love to hear some of your canning must - haves!



  1. I LOVE your canning shelves! They look beautiul full of the jars of colorful food. This year I've frozen more veggies and fruits than I have canned, but still hope to get some jellies and apple sauce and apple butter canned. I always can bread and butter pickles, dill pickles, and lots of tomatoes...

  2. I'm the previous anonymous. I meant to leave my name. For some reason I can't comment using my name when the comments are inbedded below the post.

    kateri @

  3. I love your canning shelves, and how nice to have them full!

  4. Thanks Katteri - i have been having the same problem and can't figure out why! -sounds like you're busy too!

    Vicki - thanks (I'm canning pears and making pearsauce today!

  5. I've always wanted to can soups but I've been a little nervous about doing it. Did you pressure can it?

  6. Wow, you put my canning to shame! I did beets, zucchini relish, dill pickles, strawberry jam (x2), persimmon jam, green tomato jam, watermelon rind jam, and jalapeno jelly. We froze our green beans.

    I need to get to work on our apples!

  7. Jacque, yes, I pressure cook the soups. For veggie soup - the meat is cooked - but I put all the veggies in raw and the pressure cook it at 10# pressure for 20 min. Today, I am canning potatoes, carrots, ham and parsley - that way when I want quick potatoe soup this winter, all I need to do is add milk and cheese! (I was afraid to can it altogether, because I didn't want the milk to curddle) (i also can some in jelly jars to use in scrambeled eggs.

  8. I am totally impressed!! Your list is just amazing and I would also like to can meats some day!! I think about what if the freezer goes out!!?? That would be devastating, really! Thank you for linking up today, and I just sent you a friend request on F/B :) You are indeed a kindred spirit in the LORD!
    Blessings on your day :)

  9. Thank-you Jacqueline, for your kind words and for stopping by! .... I too think about the freezer going out!

  10. This is a seriously impressive amount of canning you've done. What a feast!

    Enjoy the fruits of your labor.

    Visiting you from the 'Deep Roots at Home' link up :)

    This Good Life

  11. I just found your blog and can't wait to read the past posts, I am now following you! Please stop by and visit me!
    Michelle at Simple Pleasures


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