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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

What Introverts Want You To Know.... and it might not be what you think

For those of you who don't know, my daughter, Faith is an amazing writer and is extremely gifted at putting her words down on paper.... so she's guest posting on the blog today. 

I love taking personality tests and seeing how people are different by their own types. I am an introvert and extrovert myself and agree completely with 1 and 2. However, number 5 is completely not me... isn't it interesting how God made each of us uniquely different?

Here's what Faith has to say about what introverts want us to know....

As an introvert myself, I really value my alone time. It’s a time to unwind, be myself, and do stupid things without having to worry if anyone’s watching. It’s my “happy place”, my recharge, and I depend on it to get me through life’s hectic situations. Sure, I like spending time with friends, going shopping, and eating out, but honestly, I like my solitude even more. When I try to explain this to certain people, they often don’t get it. They view me as antisocial, stuck up, or just plain boring. But can I just tell you that this is simply not the case? I can have fun, I can definitely be bossy, and you’d better believe I can talk your ear off if I feel like it.  
So what’s the deal then? Below, are a few things to hopefully bring a better understanding to why some of us introverts do what we do. Like, why are we so quiet in group conversations? (and no, it’s not always because we’re shy…)  

1. We hate small talk. Discussions like “How are you doing?”, “Any plans for the weekend?”, and “Awful weather we’ve been having, huh…”, are all just empty questions, to me at least. To be put simply, who cares? Most of the time, the only reason we talk about those things is solely for the sake of small talk. Do you really want to know how I’m doing, or are you asking me just to ask? How am I even supposed to answer that question? “Good” or “Okay” is just… not a satisfying answer. I know it’s only polite, but if I’m going to talk about something, I want it to be worth talking about. Not to mention, small talk can be incredibly awkward when you’ve ran out of things to say. Bottom line: engaging in mindless chitchat has never appealed to me, nor will it ever. So here’s a motto I live by: “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. 
2. People annoy us. Now, I like people, really I do… just in small doses. We were designed to be social creatures, after all. Without each other, life would get pretty lonely. With that said, however; people are just annoying. They gossip, lie, nag, and brag, among a countless list of other things. For introverts, sometimes we just need a break from all the chaos, and a nice, calming retreat back into our little caves of serenity. Which brings me to my next point:  
3. We need our solitude. In fact, a lack of it can affect us emotionally and even physically. As deep thinkers and detail-orienteers, we’re very prone to stress. Something as simple as going to a holiday party can wear us out, leaving us in need of a good recharge the next day. It’s not that we don’t like them every now and then, it’s that we can’t handle the stress, or rather, the excitement of them. Keep in mind, though, that while this is all true, I, as well as the majority of people, still love having a good time. It just may be slightly different from your idea of a good time. Many of us are perfectly content with a mug of tea and a good book, while others prefer a light jog, or even a night out with a few friends… fun is whatever you choose to make of it. Don’t assume that we’re all depressed psychopaths living under a rock just because we don’t always show up to parties.  
4. Skepticism. Now, we’ve probably all been here… we meet this cool person, get pretty close -we’ve broken that secret barrier, shared a few embarrassing stories -mutual trust is in full bloom, at least where we’re concerned. And then, it happens. We begin to talk a little less, weekly coffee dates become once-a-month life updates… before we know it, we’re not even friends anymore. We think to ourselves, “Why did I waste all that time?” Relationships take work, commitment, and sacrifice, in both small and big ways. When one person doesn’t carry their weight, the whole thing can fall apart faster than we even realize. Worse, there can be betrayal, which can lead to much more than just a lousy friendship length. So when we meet someone new, or begin a new relationship, a common, very legitimate thought that comes to our mind is along the lines of “What do they want from me?” Do they just want another addition to their social circle, or are they genuinely interested in me? It’s easier and much less stressful for us to just not find out. Which is one of the reasons why it’s so hard for us to make friends, or be sociable in general. We don’t know where it will lead, and we don’t want to go through potential embarrassment or hurt again.  
5. We hightail from conflict for as long as we can. This really goes hand-in-hand with number 3. Disagreements, arguments, quarrels, call them what you will -they’re all forms of conflict and we hate them. We’d rather keep quiet about our opinions, than open our mouths to oppose another person. That just creates friction, and we can’t do friction, period. It’s uncomfortable and, at often times, not worth it. Do we still have our boiling points? Oh-ho, yes. Unlike extroverts, who like to let everyone know exactly how they’re feeling straight away, we try to bottle things up for as long as we can. When it comes to anger, I like to think of extroverts’ as a constant flame of fire, whereas introverts’, a firecracker that comes out of nowhere and slaps you across the face. As soon as we’ve reached our limit, believe me, you’ll know.  
6. Being an introvert is extremely freeing. Sure, you still have your job, your family, your bills, and laundry to keep on top of, but you have so much more time to yourself. So why wouldn’t we want to stay in our little circles? This is judgment-free zone right here. Want to learn yoga? Go for it. Want to eat a whole bag of chocolates? No one’s stopping you. Want to stay in bed and watch Netflix all day? Me too, let’s do it. Just as long as we remember not to overdo it… which is very easy to do. If I’m not careful, sometimes my “solitude attitude” can take over, and I get stuck in a rut of not saying anything unless it’s necessary, and staying in my room all day. Although solitude brings me comfort, it’s not always what I need. Like all good things in life, too much of one can be a bad thing. 

So there you have it. Tell me what you think in the comments, and feel free to share any other introvert quirks you might think of! If something you read resonates with you or someone you know, be sure to share this post.

Monday, January 22, 2018

How To Make Your Bedroom A Beautiful Haven of Rest...

Here's our bedroom before we started decluttering.... I never thought of us as being packrats or having a cluttered home until we started going through our house room by room and getting rid of stuff....

Here's some ideas to help you unclutter your bedroom and make it a beautiful, relaxing space.

Closets - clean them out! Get rid of all the clothes, shoes, purses, and anything else you don't use reguarly or items that you have more than enough.

Get rid of all the fake plants, they only collect dust.

Wall decor - less is more! For example: In our room we have four wall decor items. One is a picure fame with a wedding photo, an old window frame from my Grandpa that I decorated, an old windmill blade and my jewelry holder which I made. We do have a mirror hanging on the back of the of the bedroom door.

Decor items, shelves, display cabinets - get rid of at least 75% of the stuff in your room. If you get rid of the extra and just keep a few items you love, those few items will be much more meaningful to you. I love finding antique items to use in my decor.... this oil can came from my dad's shop when I was a kid.

Fresh flowers are a great way to add to your decor... And I got this little type 3/type 2 elephant at a yard sale a few years ago.... I love this little elephant because it reminds me of myself.... all crazy, unpredictable, adventurous, and unique!

Paint the walls, the doors, and the trim. Get new hardware for the doors. Painting is the cheapest way to update a room. Find a color that you like or that looks good in your home. For example: I'm not really a huge fan of purple but this purple hue goes perfectly with our interior gray walls throughout our house, and I find it cool and calming in our bedroom - especially compared to the previous pink coral/salmon colored walls.

Hubby painting.... 

Dressers - get rid of any extra dressers you have. You only need one dresser for two people.

Dresser before... the attached mirror makes it look dated and the items make it look cluttered.

Below is the same exact dresser with the same decor plus one extra piece.... notice how much cleaner and clutter free it looks?

Ps. My husband and I share this one dresser.

This is the true actual color of the walls in our bedroom.

Curtains - open them up! Take down the ugly, old, dusty ones and clean them or buy new, clean, fresh curtains. Place curtain rods 1/2 way between the ceiling and the window trim (usually 6-8" above the window) - it makes your room look more open and your windows larger.

Make sure you have a nice comfy place to sit, talk, and relax. (Chair from Ikea). 

While on the subject keep your room clean and your bed made. We keep our bedroom as a getaway for the hubby and I.

Get rid of all the stuffy pillows, dated bed skirts, and old blankets. I used to have 7 throw pillows in my bedroom - while I will always love throw pillows, 2 or 3 is now my max.

Under your bed is not for storage.... if you have storage under your bed - you have too much stuff!

It amazes me just how much junk we used to stuff into our bedroom. We had collectible cars, tractors, magazines, sewing stuff, old picture frames, too big clothes, too small clothes, childhood toys, old cell phones, fake plants, gift wrap, suitcases, etc.

Never again! I love having a calm, clean, relaxing bedroom!

Monday, December 4, 2017

Cleaning Out Your Closet and What To Put Back In

When it comes to cleaning out your closet.... many people find that taking everything out is the easy part. It's knowing what to put back in that's a little more tough to figure out.

I recommend making four piles. Put each item of clothing on one of these piles.....

1. Throw out

2. Give away 

3. Repair 

4. Soul stirring  
- Take inventory then put in one of the above piles.
(see what you love about each of these items) 

Keep only clothing items that you love - not like

Stains, holes, doesn't fit well, wrong size, wrong color = toss it out

70% of your closet should be meat and potatoes = solid, working clothes.

30% of your closet should be icing and fluff = color, pattern, shine, and accessories. 

Make a list of gaps in your wardrobe so you know what to buy. 

Buy clothes for your life style and not for your fantasy world.

Buy one piece you love vs. 10 pieces that are okay. 

Buy less - buy better.
Make this your new motto. 

Identify your personal style - for example - I like soft, comfortable fabrics with alittle bit of structure. I like v-necks, and texture to my clothes. I like sleeveless, cap or short sleeves. I love paring a cardigan with my outfits. I want the comfort of a farmer with the put together look of a business professional. I like short skirts, low necks, and sandals. 

Invest in great hangers - they make your clothes hang better - quality over quantity. Or, if you don't want expensive hangers, at least keep your hangers all the same style and color. 

Hang hangers backward - when you wear an item hang it the correct way. After 3-6 months get rid of all clothes on backward facing hangers. 

Its a formula, not a prescription, adjust your closet to your individual lifestyle and keep what makes you feel great and look the best in!

The Curated Closet by Anuschka Rees is a great resource for building a wardrobe you love.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

The Best of 2016

This year there were 48 blog posts at SRKindredSpirits....  There were a lot of different topics.... Things to say on a job interview, Recipes, Visiting Louisville KY, Getting rid of cookbook clutter, Book reviews, Bookcase redo, Why I don't sell, Making an orb, Crochet Christmas tree skirt, Understanding a INTJ, Adoption, DYT experiment, My first speeding ticket, What Instagram really tells you, How to review a product company, Family quality time, A free health quiz, and much more.

Here's the top 10 posts of 2016:

We had our first giveaway here on SRKindredSpirits and it was a success! The Happiness Dare is a highly recommended book!

Once you try these, you'll be hooked! Easy and yummy... you can't go wrong with these cream cheese roll ups!

I wrote this post after reading the definition of the word 'family', it will give you a little insight to my life.

Getting rid of the swimming pool was personal favorite and the relief we felt after the pool was gone was major! You have to click through and read the attached article.... it makes for a great laugh!

I think everyone could use a bit of a slow down in this thing we call life. Have you ever stopped and thought about all the errands you run or the many places you go?

Something so simple, but yet, so often, people don't take the time to do these ten simple things. It does make a difference!

Isn't it funny how most people always want more? From those of us who have been blessed with more.... all it takes to make you happy is enough!

What things are you great at? I really lay my heart out there on this post....

A fan favorite. This post has gotten the most talked about over on Facebook!

And lastly.... this post was the most popular all the way around. How qualified am I really?

What are some things you'd like to see on this blog in the next year? Leave a comment and let me know!

Thanks for visiting us here at SRKindredSpirits... please share our blog with friends and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updated posts. 

Happy New Year! 
Here's to a great 2017!

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Understanding Architect (INTJ, -A/-T) Personality

Ever wonder how to understand yourself? What is your personality? Why is it that you do the things you do?

The last few years I have studied different types of people. It's easier to read others than myself, but I have gradually come to terms with who I am.

According to 16 personalities, I am an Architect (INTJ, -A/-T) which means that I am an:
 Introvert, iNtuitive, Thinking, Judging and I am both Assertive (-A) and Turbulent (-T) at the same time.

 I am self-assured, even-tempered, refuse to worry too much and do not push myself too hard when it comes to achieving goals.
 But am also self-conscious and sensitive to stress. I experience a wide range of emotions and tend to be perfectionistic and eager to improve. I spend time thinking about the direction in which my life is going. Life is very stressful for me.

 It is very rare to be me.... only .8% of people who are woman are (INTJ, -A/-T)! This test explains so many things about me.... how I can be a starry-eyed idealist and the bitterest of cynics, a seemingly impossible conflict all at the same time!

Architects are defined by their tendency to move through life as though it were a giant chess board, pieces constantly shifting with consideration and intelligence, always assessing new tactics, strategies and contingency plans, constantly outmaneuvering their peers in order to maintain control of a situation while maximizing their freedom to move about.

Architects do what they think is right, and sometimes that comes across as cold – it’s important to know that Architects don’t make these decisions lightly. They spend a tremendous amount of time and energy trying to understand why and how things go wrong.

We can be ArrogantJudgmentalOverly analyticalWe loathe highly structured environments – Blindly following precedents and rules without understanding them is distasteful to Architects, and they disdain even more authority figures who blindly uphold those laws and rules without understanding their intent. We can be Clueless in romance

Politeness Is Artificial Good Humor. Architects may go so far as to see many social conventions as downright stupid. Architects do not want to bother reading anyone they think isn’t on their level. Architects tend to have set opinions about what works, what doesn’t, what they’re looking for, and what they’re not. These discriminating tastes can come across as arrogant, but Architects would simply argue that it’s a basic filtering mechanism that allows them to direct their attentions where they will do the most good.

Architects tend to prefer to work alone, or at most in small groups, where they can maximize their creativity and focus without repeated interruptions and questions.

So, what's your personality? 
Take the quiz and leave a comment telling us your type!

Some of my favorite quizes are:

-here's a fun little experiment my oldest daughter and I tried!
- you can find the book review here!
 - get recommendations and health tips that fits your health goals, needs and budget.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

The Curated Closet Book Review

The Curated Closet
By: Anuschka Rees
3 Stars

I am a visual person when it comes to learning! So, while reading 'the curated closet', I loved the suggestion on creating a 'My Style' Pinterest Board. After looking at my style board, it helped me see a pattern.

I like above the knee length denim straight skirts, bodycon skirts, denim and leather jackets, brown boots, strappy sandals, cardigans, and chunky jewelry, to name a few. I am a Type 3/secondary Type 2 in Dressing Your Truth - so you'll find lots of Type 3 colors in my style board.

I think the most important thing to remember when building your curated closet is that you personalize it to you. Don't try to be someone else's style look alike!

Overall, I thought this book had a lot of good useful ideas, the only downside is that the photos were not vivid or engaging, and overall dull and boring - but that may just be my Type 3 personality showing!

I am not doing a closet overhaul right now as I am losing weight, so I will be keeping this book on my bookshelf to use in curating my own closet at a later date, as I get closer to my weight goal....

If you are interested in putting together your own perfect personal style - you would find this book to be a very useful tool. You can purchase the book here.

Visit my style board on Pinterest and let me know what pattern or trends stand out to you. I'd love your feedback!

To comply with regulations by the FTC, Blogging For Books Network has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The Happiness Dare Giveaway

I love this book and want you to love it too, so.... 
I'm giving away a copy - right here on my blog... keep reading to enter!

The last couple years, I have been choosing to have more joy in my life. We have gotten rid of clutter, figured out priorities, cut back on stress in our life, and paid off our home. Life is good, but you know what??? Joy and happiness are two different things -and my life could use a lot more holy happiness in it!

Get this.... God is a Happy God - and He wants us to be Happy!

A. W. Tozer said that the people of God "ought to be the happiest people in all the wide world!" I think too often as Christians, we put a limit on our happiness in God.
 In The Happiness Dare, Jennifer says "God gave us the created world - with sugar, bluebirds, audio books, words with friends, art museums, and sex. You have permission to enjoy food, friendships, and a cool swim on a hot summer day. the devil didn't make art, laughter, music, or Sunday afternoon naps. God did!"

I read lots of self-help books and I enjoy the challenge of "trying to figure me and other people out." I have learned a lot and am fond of the 4 Types in Dressing Your Truth (I'm a Type 3 by the way) and the personality profile in Personality Plus. So, finding my happiness style makes me happy! You see, I'm an Experiencer 1st and a Thinker 2nd. I love adventures and alone time!

For years, I have tired to fit in at extended family get-togethers. Social gatherings leave me exhausted. I have never liked getting or giving gifts for holidays. (I like the music, lights, hot chocolate and the smell of cinnamon!) I don't like making big deals out of birthdays..... In my business - I don't push sales, I let people come to me! The more I try to fit in and do those type of things, the worse I feel....! Turns out, that kind of stuff doesn't make me happy - it stresses me out! My happiness style is not a relater or giver.... (don't get me wrong, everyone can be a friend to someone and help someone out) but, to try to be somebody that you aren't is NOT going to make you happy! I think, I've always known this, but reading The Happiness Dare was so affirming for me.

 I love the happiness style quiz... I've taken it 3 times in one month (yes, I have a tendency to over think things)! My hubby and kids have also taken it.... my books pages are already wrinkled, words are underlined and have been read and reread!

 "The art of being happy lives in the power of extracting happiness from common things." -Henry Ward Beecher  - Flowers, sunsets, music, bubble baths, and alone time make me happy! I am actively finding my sweet spot - the place where earthly pleasures, heavenly joy, and my unique wiring all come together - that is my Happy Kingdom Come!

If you are in a hole of unhappiness, Jennifer teaches you that it only takes 5 min. a day to build a ladder, one rung at a time, to get out of the hole and become a happier you! If you are out of the hole of unhappiness, and your life is happy - maybe you need to jump in, and help someone climb out... Understanding someones happiness style can help you understand them better.

We become happier by changing the way we think- by finding happiness in our own life - by being "good enough' - by using our happiness (no matter how small amount it may be) as a powerful weapon - by being grateful!

"Gratitude is Happiness doubled by wonder." - G. K. Chesterton 

Enter this Giveaway and share it with your friends.... Take the happiness dare, find your happiness style, - then change the world!

You can buy a copy of The Happiness Dare here.

                                                          a Rafflecopter giveaway

*Only in USA. Giveaway ends 08-30-2016 at midnight EST. Healthprint challenge must be complete to count as points. Anyone who completes the Healthprint quiz will be added to a email list.

To comply with regulations by the FTC, Tyndale Blog Network has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Dressing Your Truth Experiment Fun With The Four Types

I sometimes talk with people who claim that anybody can wear anything and look good. I disagree.

Faith, my daughter and I decided to test that theory, by each dressing in all four types of the Dressing Your Truth Program. We used clothes, makeup, and accessories that we already had and really did try to dress as much as we could in each of the four type styles, even if we didn't like it. 
We both wore the same color of makeup for each of the types.

We started with Type 1:

Faith had a light aqua t-shirt, white shorts, a multi colored striped belt, a bright orange zipper bracelet and gold circle earrings.
(It was harder for me to find a Type 1 outfit, as I have been trying to clean out my closet since I started DYT and living with less). My shirt had multi color circles, which I pared with a white sweater and gold circle earrings.
We puffed our hair on top to give it an upward motion and we completed the look with blue eye shadow, light pink lip stain and a bright pink blush (which we hated so much, we tossed afterward!)

Faith said she felt most silly in the Type 1 outfit. I felt very fat! I think it shows our facial blemishes as being more red/pink and spotty.

Next was Type 2:


Faith wore dark grey leggins, an aqua striped shirt, and a grey scarf tied as a belt. She left her hair hang natural. 
I wore a grey shirt with a light grey wrap. I used the curling iron on my hair (something I used to do every day). Makeup was very minimal - grey eye shadow, and pink lip stain.

Faith wears outfits like this almost everyday, so is quite comfortable as a Type 2. I felt old, tired, and fat..... not really anything good at all in it for me.

Welcome to Type 3:

Faith wore a deep red shirt, an animal print cardigan, a gold necklace and big earrings. She pulled her hair into an edgy pony tail. (note: She had on a necklace the matched her earrings, but it was just too big and over powering her - she didn't like it and took it off before the picture.)
I wore an aqua/teal and brown animal print shirt with an aqua layering tee under it. I wore a wooden necklace and earrings (purchased at the DYT online Type 3 store). I scrunched up my hair like I usually do. Makeup was deep rose blush, chestnut lip stain, and plum and bronze eye shadow.

Faith really liked the way she looked as a type 3. But, although I think she can pull it off, I think it's a bit too much on her. I have come to love myself as a type 3. I feel comfortable, and put together. 

Last, but not least, we were ready for Type 4:


Faith wore black slacks with a black shirt and a black and silver shrug she got in Nashville IN. She pulled her hair straight back into a pony tail and wore sliver earrings.
I wore a black, white, and red zebra stripped shirt with a black shrug and black shorts. I combed my hair down (a very type 4 straight hairstyle). I wore a silver chain necklace, and bracelet and silver leaf dangle earrings (the only other ones I could find that was silver).

Faith still loves black (I think it might be a 'cool' teenager thing), but her make up looks like she's a performer - ready to go on stage. I hated everything about the type 4 style. The makeup felt extremely heavy. The hair was awful. I felt depressed. I think I now know what Gothic feels like! It just didn't work at all for me! It felt like I was trying too hard to be someone I'm not.

Overall, it was a really fun experiment that I got to share with my daughter - we had some good laughs! Follow this link to browse the DYT online store!

I really think Faith looks good in most of the styles (maybe that's because she's 15 and beautiful), but I think she's most living true to her nature as a Type 2!!!

For myself, I was raised dressing and told to act as a T2, spent my early 20's dressing as a T1, my late 20's - early 30's as a T4 with a T2 hairstyle...., have found myself the last few years in my mid 30's as a T3 .... and I think I've finally found my true nature! 

"Life's a trip - but it's better when you know your truth!" 
-Rhoda Kindred


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