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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Seven Money Types and What Type I Am

I am a sucker for quiz books and figuring out your 'type' whatever type that my be.... I love trying to discover who people are, and what makes them do the things they do, or act a certain way....

The Seven Money Types is not a book on how to manage money. Rather, it is a unique approach to understanding how you relate to handling money. This book gives a different perspective on money than any I have ever read. I found it fascinating. It uses Scripture as a baseline and the author does a good job of giving real life examples to back up his theories. This book will change your approach to money, helping you understand other people's interactions with money and your own!

What money type are you?

I am a Jacob.... My belief is that money should be used to create pleasurable experience (can anyone say travel?? I love to travel and explore the world, creating memories with my family!) I use money to create beautiful moments and buy beautiful things.... spending money to decorate my home, or buying fresh flowers for my table every week is important to me and worth every penny..... however, I may need to become more intentional about using my money for others....

My daughter, is an Aaron... She believes money should be used to serve others. She is concerned for injustices and spends money to remedy them. She has a lack of planning and attention to finances.

My hubby, is a good mix of both Isaac and Moses. He believes that money should not be wasted, but rather maximized. He makes the most of every dollar and loves financial order, budgets, and a good plan. Sometimes, he needs to lighten up, plan to splurge, and create space between himself and finances.

I am amazed how 'type' books and quizzes often coincide with each other... for example, I'm a Dressing Your Truth Type 3, who loves adventure and experiences, my daughter is a Type 2, who worries about others, always wanting to make them feel better. Hubby is a Type 4 who is orderly and a planner, not getting excited or rushing into things.... our types suit us perfectly, no mater if it's Dressing Your Truth, The Happiness Style, The Personality Test or the Money Type....

If you want to take the quiz to find your money type, click here.

To comply with regulations by the FTC, BookLookBloggers has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

15 Ways to Keep Kids Occupied On Long Car Trips

We have taken a few family trips with our kids.... and I have found, if you have some fun things to keep kids occupied with, the trip will be much more enjoyable for everyone! 

Here is a list of idea's that my kids love.... 

1. Camera - I give each kid (I started doing this when my youngest was 3 yrs old.) a camera. Make sure it is charged or has fresh batteries (take the charger along with your overnight bag and charge while your sleeping so it will be ready to go the following day.) I let my kids take pictures of anything that interest's them. When we get home, I delete the fuzzy or blurry pictures and use some of their good pictures, along with some of mine, to make a keepsake book for them to look through to remember the trip by. 

2. Silly Putty - All kids, all ages love silly putty! You can also buy different colored silly putty. Just keep it off of clothing! 

3. Bingo Car Game - this works great for middle school kids that know how to read.... My mom always had these for traveling when I was a kid! We have a few different sets. I bought mine at our local Rural King store. 

4. Water Wow Books - My two youngest kids (ages 6 & 9) loved these! They are no mess and reusable, which I love and water to fill the pens is so easy to come by on a trip! 

5. Figurines - I bought each of the kids some Figurines to play with ( I thought these were cute since our trip this year was to the ocean!) Any figurines would work, as long as it's something you kids are into. 

6. Sponge Ball Shooters - My kids also love playing with these Sponge Ball Shooters - they are perfect in the car, as the foam balls are attached to a string! 

7. Silly Neon Rubbery Monsters and Plastic Magic Springs and Sticky Hands make for fun car toys also. I got these for Our trip out west and the kids liked them. 

8. Glow Necklaces and Bracelets and Finger Lights are fun to have if you are going to be traveling at night. I forgot these for our last trip and wished I'd have had them. 

9. Books - I let each kid pick out a couple favorite books to look at on the trip. 

10. Notebook and Pen or Activity Book and Crayons. Each of the kids had their own notebook and pen to draw with. If your kids won't keep the pen on the paper when using it - this may not be for you. Older kids could keep a journal of the trip if they wanted to.

11. Stuffed Animal - everyone is allowed to take their favorite stuffed animal, although my youngest is the only one that takes a stuffed animal with her now. 

12. Stick Bots - I bought a stick bot for each of the kids. They are pretty cool in general, but the teen especially enjoyed playing with hers using the stick bot app. 

13. Pillows and Blanket - Each kid takes their own bed pillow or a neck pillow (depending on how much room we have) and a small fuzzy blanket. We love the small lap blankets and use them all the time here at home. It makes tired kids feel cozy and helps them to sleep. 

14. Music and Audio Books - We love Sirius XM and have it in our home and our car! No more commercials and no more flipping channels. It's well worth a subscription if you are taking a long road trip! I also check out audio books on CD at our library for the kids to listen to stories. We like Laura Ingalls Wilder Series and Magic Tree house

15. Electronic Game - If your kid has a tablet or DS, a new game for their device will keep them busy - just remember to take a car charger with you. (We have a rule that if we are driving long hours on the interstate, they may play on their games, but if we are sight seeing - the games have to be shut off) - I want them to experience the trip as much as possible! 

  • I usually open all the toys from any packaging and put them in a container for the trip. We have a SUV, so the two youngest have the container between them on the seat and the teen keeps her stuff in a book bag with her in the back seat. 
Other things to do on a trip is to stop and let the kids get out and run around a bit. Take a jump rope, sidewalk chalk, or a ball for them to kick around at the rest stop. Stop for an ice cream cone! 

Always keep a water bottle for each child beside them. I also always put together a basket of snacks for the trip and keep it within reach while we are driving! (See my list of snacks here.) 

Most of all, remember that kids are just that, kids! Traveling wears them out and sometimes you need to give them extra grace on a road trip! Make sure you are making memories!

*Note. I generally don't recommend Dollar Tree toys, because they are cheap and often don't hold up well - but for trips, they have worked out great for our family - the kids are excited to get new toys and I love that it's not costing me an arm and a leg!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Snack Ideas for Long Road Trips

When we are traveling - I like to take our snacks with us. It cuts down on stops and on the cost of buying snacks at convenience stores or gas stations. I try to pack a mixture of sweet, salty, crunchy, chewy, healthy and not so healthy snacks..... I want snacks that are easy and that don't make a huge mess! I try to get snacks that my kids don't have on a regular basis - it gives them something to look forward too and makes the trip more fun! Here we go!

Nuts - honey roasted peanuts, cashews, and roasted and salted almonds are our family favorites!

Fruit Snacks or Fruit Roll Ups

Shaklee Snack Bars - choose from crunchy peanut butter, cherry and almond, chocolate and coconut, or toffee and chocolate crunch.

Snack Crisps - my personal favorite is the barbecue flavored ones.

Beef Jerky

Trail Mix

Raisins - little individual boxes work great!

Starburst Minis - my kids love these and there are no paper wrappers to deal with!

Green Matcha or Pomegranate Energizing Tea (just mix with a bottle of cold water, shake, and enjoy for a great pick me up!

Combos - I like to mix the cheddar and pizza combos together before the trip.

Dried Fruit - Apricots, Banana Chips, Pineapple, Papaya, Kiwi - it's all good!


Energy Chews - a great pick me up for the driver - 

Cheez-its or Goldfish Crackers for the kids

Animal Crackers


Popcorn - sometimes I pop it at home and put into an airtight container. Sometimes I buy the Puffy popcorn. And sometimes, I just take microwave popcorn for a snack after we get to the hotel!

Soda/pop - we usually take a few 16 oz. bottles and split it between us all.

Mini Choc. Chip Cookies - you can get these for $1 at the family dollar store.


Skittles or any candy that you or your family enjoys.

Small individual boxes of assorted Dry Cereal - you can use dry as a snack or use for breakfast at the hotel.

Chex Mix

Little Debbies - swiss rolls, zebra cakes, or oatmeal cream cookies - these are a treat as we very rarely buy them.

Snacks that are better in  a cooler:

Protein Balls - this is a healthy snack you can't go wrong with!

Pudding Cups - I stick with the vanilla, as it is less messy than chocolate!

Cheese Sticks

Frozen Grapes

Yogurt cups or Squeeze Tubes

Juice (try to stick with clear juices that won't stain bad) or Milk boxes/bottles

Always take extra Water Bottles - we love our Shaklee Get Clean Water here at home, but on trips, it's nice to have recyclable water bottles within easy reach that you can toss! If you have room, a small cooler of ice is great also.

Lunch Idea's: If you are wanting to reduce the cost of eating out on a trip - pack a cooler with chicken, egg or ham salad, or lunch meat, cheese, lettuce, and miracle whip. Add a loaf of bread (or round Ritz crackers), a bag of chips, and paper plates and fix your lunches to eat at a picnic table at a rest stop or park.

For Breakfast - keep the cost low by:
1. Mixing up a protein shake or a meal shake for the kids. It's quick, easy, nutritious and keeps tummies full! 
2. We usually always have one morning where we get donuts and milk for breakfast. It's become a family tradition!
3. Buy milk to pour over dry cereal - (don't forget paper bowls and spoons). 
4. My sister always packs an electric skillet and turner and takes eggs to cook her family for breakfast in the hotel room. I personally don't want to cook while traveling so I skip that, but it is a great idea!

I always put these clips in my snack box - they come in handy for open bags. (I also use these at home - they are my favorite bag clips!)

Other things to include are plastic cups (they can be used to drink out of, or as individual containers for snacks), and plastic spoons.

Remember to take wet wipes for wiping sticky hands and a small box of Kleenex. In our SUV - both can fit perfect in the glove box within easy reach.

I also try to include a couple gallon and quart zip-lock bags, plastic grocery bags, trash bag and a hand towel - those things have come in handy multiple times!

Note: We always take our vitamins with us! It helps keep us healthy and feeling good, so that we can enjoy our trip to the fullest!

You can see a list of great ideas for keeping kids occupied on long car trips here!

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Taking Care Of Me - Relaxing

This year, I am choosing to take care of me......

and that means I've been enjoying some time in the sun.....

walks on the beach...

watching the kids (and the hubby) play...

laying at the pool...

walking under the moss covered oak trees...

exploring the island...

seeing the beautiful views from our hotel balcony...

listening to the waves crash...

playing in the sand...

watching the sun rise over the ocean...

finding sand dollars and shells...

watching the tide come and go...

enjoying the warm breeze...

spending time with my family...

and simply enjoying life..... 

...... I think I could get used to this......

Take your shape in a whole new direction with Shaklee!


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