Monday, August 26, 2013

Shaklee 180 - Lose Weight, Not Muscle

Shaklee 180™ is the newest, most comprehensive weight-loss program - designed to help you lose the right kind of weight—fat, not muscle.

The secret to Shaklee 180™ products is leucine—an amino acid that signals your body to retain muscle, so you lose the right kind of weight. On conventional diets you lose muscle along with the fat. Shaklee 180™ is designed so that nearly every pound you shed is fat. That’s right, almost all fat! Since your metabolism is powered by your muscles mass, when you retain muscle your metabolism stays stronger which can help you keep off that hard fought weight loss.

The quality of the Shaklee 180 smoothies and bars is the best out there. We are talking wholesome, natural, low glycemic, no artificial flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives, gluten free and non-GMO ingredients.

The Shaklee 180 program comes with a lot of built in support – something that is important for success. You will get a Free lifetime Shaklee membership ($19.95 value), Free access to the Shaklee library, Free mobile app to track progress on the go, Free access to daily workouts, Free recipes, advice, meal plans, tips, the chance to earn prizes and...... Get Your Products for FREE*!

I have lost 25# in 3 months with the Shaklee 180 Lean and Healthy Kit
The smoothee's keep me feeling full and energized, and I snack on the meal/snack bars and snack crisp's when I get the munchies.
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Many have had phenomenal results with Shaklee 180 - 
(I’m talking life-changing results here!!)

Here's a video that explains Shaklee 180 alittle bit:

You can also call the following number for some 180 weight-loss info: Dial 1-925-924-3180

What are you waiting for? Join me and lets get healthier together!

It's as easy as:
1. Join with a Shaklee 180 Turnaround ™ or Lean & Healthy Kit. Or, start your own Shaklee business by becoming a Specialist with a Shaklee 180 Gold PAK.
2. Sign up to have your Shaklee 180 kits shipped automatically for the first three months.
3. Get three friends to join you and do the same.
4. Get your Shaklee 180 Kit FREE the following month!!! (for every month three friends have a kit on autoship - yours (of equal or lesser value) will be FREE the next month!)

Here is the link to all Shaklee 180 Products - Become a member ($19.95) and save 15% off anything you order for lifetime.



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