Friday, June 15, 2018

Redkey Indiana

Redkey is a cute little town nestled at the crossroads of Highway 1 and Indiana State Road 67 in Jay County, Indiana. 

The area was originally known as the Wade Settlement, after the family of Josiah Wade, who settled there in 1836. His son William Harrison Wade platted a village there in 1854, which he called Mt. Vernon. James Redkey platted his addition in 1856, but when application was made for a government post office, the name Mt. Vernon was already taken, so the name of Redkey was chosen. Redkey was incorporated in 1883. Redkey, Indiana, was situated in the largest natural gas field in the world at the time. 

The Redkey Volunteer Fire Department is in a beautiful 113 year old building.

The Key Palace Theater first received national attention in the 1950s, Noble, a Muncie native, brought in numerous blues artists over the years, making the Key Palace Theater a major destination for fans of blues music. The theater closed down after Noble’s death, but has since reopened.

Once Redkey’s claim to fame, Shambarger’s world-famous restaurant is but a memory!

Famous in the 1960's and 70's, Shambarger's originally opened in the 1920s.

 It cost $65.15 per person (not including gratuity). The meal consisted of 13 courses and took 7 hours to eat. The meal started at 6:00 pm and they cut the “mile-high” strawberry pie (it was 15″ tall) at midnight.

 Reservations had to be booked at least a year in advance. The place would comfortably seat about 50, but they would pack in 100 people every Friday and Saturday night.  People came to Redkey in buses and motor homes to eat at Shambargers. Celebrities and politicians came as well. 

 Everything in the building was antique, from the furnishings to the dishes you ate from. And everything had a price tag on it. You could buy your plate and take it home for a souvenir.

 The restaurant was only a few feet from the railroad track and every night at the same time, a train came by like clockwork. Everybody would run outside and put pennies on the track for a keepsake. 

Redkey served as a stopping point along the Columbus, Chicago, and Indiana Central Railroad in the decades after the Civil War. However, with the discovery of natural gas in the 1880s, the community exploded both in terms of population, industry, and businesses. The town grew from approximately 386 residents in 1880 to over 2,200 in 1900!

Today, the little village of Redkey still maintains a local tradition with bars, restaurants, and  several antique shops .

The architecture in Reddkey is significant. The historic district includes many different structures, that feature Italianate, Romanesque Revival, and Classical Revival architectural styles.

The old signs and advertisements from Gold Medal Flour to Mail Pouch Tobacco adorn the sides of buildings, making a walk through Redkey a journey back in time.

 From antique shopping, to pizza, history, and festivals – Redkey is a perfect way to spend a weekend afternoon!

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

A Letter To My Daughters...

You are worth more.

 Don't worry about your looks, you are more beautiful than you will ever know.

 You are smart. 

You are worthy of love.

Smell the roses.

 Look for the good in people, but don't trust anyone. 

People will throw stones. Don't be bitter. Those aren't your people.

Remember to smile.

 Laugh often. 

Do what you love. 

 Never forget where you came from.

 Life's a dance - just go with the rhythm. 

 You are not perfect, be okay with that.

 I am proud of you.

Keep God first.

 Surround yourself with people that love you. 

 Be happy.

 Write your own story. 

Step out of the box. 

 Find your own kind of joy.

 You are important. 


 Take a walk - it can cure anything.

 Take care of your body.

Get a good night's sleep. 

 Find your own kind of healthy.

Drink water.

Find your own style -fads are not important. 

Be courageous.

 Go on an adventure. 

Walk barefoot, it keeps you grounded.

 Take a deep breath.

 Take time to just be.

 Love yourself the way you are. 


Try something new.


 Take a bath.

 Wear perfume. 

Dress up. 

Run in the rain. 

Keep things simple.

 Let go of things. 

You are talented. 

Don't worry about the future.


See the beauty in nature.

 Take advice from your elders - they are more wise than you think.

 Drive with your windows down, and let the wind blow through your hair. 

Speak with confidence.

 Read a book.

 Listen to music. 

Eat dessert.

 Be classy.

Be modest. 

Always let the man open your doors.

 Go to church. 

 Reflect on God's goodness. 

Be grateful. 

Live with less.

 Say no.

 Sometimes all you need is a good cry. 

Earn respect.

Watch a sunset. 

 Stand up for what you believe in. 

Live, don't just exist. 


 Hold your memories close. 

Know who you are. 

Feel the warmth of the sun on your face. 

Play in the snow. 

Walk on the beach and feel the sand between your toes. 

Make your own way.

Find a man who will respect you - If you find someone who respects and loves you as much as your dad does me, fall in love with him; hold on to him and love him with your whole heart -he's worth it.

 Be kind to your brother; he needs you more than you know. 

Keep old traditions.

Make new traditions. 

A good attitude goes a long way. 

Be responsible.

 Stay humble.

 Try again. 

You are enough.

Always remember...... your mama loves you.

If all else fails, call your mama.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

42 Seconds Book Review

I love this little book. 

In researching the Gospels and rereading Jesus conversations, Carl Medearis concluded that Jesus’ conversations had an average length of only 42 seconds. These short discussions showed the impact Jesus’ words had on the many hearts he touched.

God does not ask for Christians to be polished public speakers before spreading His gospel. What God does require of us is that we faithfully witness His truth to others in whatever circumstance we find ourselves in. 

This book concisely teaches the reader how to interact with others in a loving and kind way. Sections include: Be Kind, Be Present, Be Brave, and Be Jesus. Topics addressed include: Do Something Small, Breathe Deep, Say Something Crazy, and Do My Words Match My Actions.

The book is designed with short & to-the-point dialogue that does not overwhelm the reader.

I like how the author looks at conversations in somewhat of a different light than we might normally expect. 

Sharing Jeasus is simple if you walk with Jeasus and a seemingly insignificant conversation with someone, just might have eternal significance. 

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher through the book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Why We Don't Answer The Phone

I have always hated talking on the phone. And it has nothing whatsoever to do with the person at the other end, I just find it a horrible tool for communicating with. 

I have many auto immune diseases and a rare cancer which are all caused by stress. A few years back, my doctor advised me to delete my personal fb friends and to not answer the phone to help reduce stress. I tried his advise and it helps, so here's the thing... I don't answer the phone anymore for anyone unless it's my hubby or my kids.

If you are calling for my business, leave a detailed voicemail and I will call you back at my convenience. If someone is dying or its an emergency, call my hubby's number. If you want me, send a text or email. If you do leave a voicemail, but don't say what you need, I will not return the call. It's just not that important.

Communication is a wonderful thing when done right. But I think the whole phone calling fiasco is not a good way to communicate.

So, here's some reasons why some of us (and why I personally) choose not to answer the phone.

Phone Calls Are Presumptuous 
When someone calls you, they're assuming two things:

1. They're needs are more important than your needs

2. You have the time and don't mind being interrupted

On many occasions one or both of these might be true. But more often than not, the caller comes off as being selfish - even a little insulting - to the person being called. If it's so important, just shoot me a text. Text messages are virtually guaranteed to be read within a few minutes, and they create a lot more flexibility for everyone.

Phone Calls Are Time Consuming
Do you know how much time people spend on howdy-do's everyday? The average person spends over 8 minutes a day just talking about the weather. Add in what the kids have been up to, what you're going to be doing this weekend, or whatever else, and you've just spent ten minutes talking about nothing.

We don't want to answer your phone calls, because there's no telling if doing so will take ten seconds, twenty minutes, or longer.

Phone Calls Are Inefficient
When you use social media, texting, and emails, you tell people what you think/need/want, or you give an update. That's it. If there's any follow up that needs to happen, it will be handled accordingly.

All of these messages take less than a minute to compose and send off. Phone calls, on the other hand, will nearly always take at least several minutes. Why spend several minutes on something when you can do it in a few seconds?

Phone Calls Are Annoying
How many times have you seen someone calling you and gone "Ugh" or "Who is this?" If we're being honest, phone calls are annoying! Most often, the initial reaction to a call will almost always be negative.

Phone Calls Are Stressful
One call isn't a big deal, but the shear number of phone calls that a lot of people get every day is enough to drown someone! Phone calls can be a large stressor day-to-day (-especially to someone with health issues like myself.) Every time that phone rings - at work or at home. You have no control over your day, or your life for that matter. People would rather text or email because they can do it entirely on their own time, and remove that mountain of stress in the process.

Phone Calls Are Unnecessary
You call someone to communicate quickly, right? There are literally hundreds of other ways and apps through which you can communicate quickly - and do it faster. How many ways do we need to do the same thing?

Other than being able to say more than is needed, there aren't many advantages to phone calls.

Phone Calls Aren't Private
How many times have you been on a call and had to either whisper, move to a different room, or ask the person to hang up and text you because you didn't want anyone listening to your conversation?

Nobody enjoys that kind of anxiety, of feeling like someone who shouldn't be involved is listening to every word you say. (I remember as a kid, my mom would always take the phone to her room and shut the door so we couldn', hear. I hated it and try to not do that with my kids.)

Or how many times are you in line at the grocery store and the lady in front of you talking about her job or how she getting her nails done, or what she's cooking for supper.... sorry, but I really don't care and I definitely don't want to hear all the personal details of your life. That's just rude.

Phone Calls Aren't Personal
If you want to reach your friends, you text. To schedule a meeting with an acquaintance, you email. If you're a salesman trying to hit his numbers, you call. 
Simple as that.

Phone Calls Are Controlling Our Freedom
When someone calls you, it disrupts whatever you're working on. Phone calls take control away from you and give it to the person calling. If you accept the call, you are accepting the caller's control over you and your schedule. 

So when we don't answer your call, it's not because we are trying to be rude. It's because we want to keep things under their control, and make the most out of our day.

Long story short.... Phone Calls Are Disruptive
At no point in your day is taking a phone call not disruptive to whatever else you're working on. Phone calls are rude, intrusive, awkward, unnatural, interruptive, distracting, disruptive, and completely throw off your groove. 

Text beats that. I rarely answer my phone, often forget to check voicemail, and can take a shockingly long time to return phone calls.

The telephone has a very rude tendency to interrupt people. When I was growing up, the rule was, Don’t call anyone after 10 p.m. Now the rule is, Don’t call anyone. Ever.

Don't call me. I won't call you.

Monday, May 21, 2018


I realized something last night.

I was doing my usual over thinking, when I couldn't sleep and the thought of "If I died what are the things (keepsakes) that I would want my kids to keep - Something special to remind them of me."

Here is my list:

 My wedding ring set

My gold diamond heart necklace (the first gift my hubby gave me when we were dating)

My antique picture and frame (a replica of my G'ma Stumps)

My keepsake photo albums (full of memories that tell our life story)

My Bible

My Poetry Books and writings

What I realized was that out of all my belongings - there is actually very little that I would consider my most favorite keepsakes. Grant it, I would hope that my daughters might want some jewelry, a few dishes, my G'pa Fricks rocking chair, my G'ma's hurricane lamp, my vanity, some of my antiques, dishes, decor, etc. to also remember me by.

Let me insert here, that I love my home and it's contents. I try to decorate with only things I love, so I am certain that whatever my kids choose to keep, it will be something I loved, and it will remind them of me.

One benefit of getting rid of clutter is that you realize, that you love everything thats left in your home. There is nothing left that you do not love or is useful.

All in all, I hope that when that time comes, my kids will pick out a few keepsakes that have a special memory to them. I don't want them to feel obligated to keep items and things that they don't want, and or that will add clutter to their lives.

Besides, a keepsake is for the memories - I hope they will always love and remember me and maybe smile when they look at a keepsake.

What about You? What is a keepsake you want to pass down to your kids? Leave a note in the comments.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

The One Thing Standing IN Your Way For A Clutter-Free Home

I think the main reason most people get hung up when it comes to decluttering their homes is because of storage. Many people try to keep too much of the same kinds of things, so they will buy extra hutches, drawers, totes, baskets, etc., to hold all their stuff - they have no limit to the amount of stuff they choose to keep....

 Let me explain. 

 If you have an office, you have paper clutter. Most people have at least one filing cabinet and a desk, but still have too much paper. So, they will buy another filing cabinet and in a few years, still have too much paper clutter....

The same thing with our closets and dressers. We all usually have one of each. We fill them full and overflowing. Then we have clothes in baskets, sitting on chairs, lying on the floor, and our drawers and shelves are running over.... most of us go buy storage containers... we fill them with seasonal clothes, or too big, or too small clothes, or clothes that we used to love, but are out of style, etc. And in the end, we still have too many clothes.

The same can be said about dishes.... We have kitchen cupboards full of dishes. we buy a china hutch to keep our nice dishes in. We keep plastic cups from ball games, dishes that Great Aunt Bertha gave to you, dishes that were gifts, old dishes, ugly dishes, and dishes that are too good to use because we don't want them to get broken. Some people start putting dishes in other closets and cupboards, and some people go out and buy another china hutch to store their dishes in.

The same could be said about every other area of stuff in our homes and lives....


There is a solution....

We all know that every item needs to have a home. But do you know that each home is a boundary itself?

Lets take the paper clutter in the office. The home for the paper and office supplies is the desk and the one filing cabinet. No more. So when you go through your papers, you keep the most important papers and put them in their home. When the desk and filing cabinet is full - the rest gets tossed. It's that simple. The home for that item is full. There is no more room. The desk and filing cabinet is the boundary. 

With the clothes in the closet, the dresser and closet is the clothes home and the boundary. Start by saving your most favorite clothes and when the dresser and closet is full. You have reached the limit. Donate the rest. Don't second guess yourself, you already have your most favorite clothes in their home. Be ruthless. You're clothes have a home and the home is full. 

Before we started decluttering our life, I had a large closet and a large dresser full of clothes, I had three storage containers under the bed, and two extra large totes full of clothes in my closet. I also had the entire shelf in my closet full of clothes. I always had clothes on the floor of my closet and laying on my bedroom chair.... I simply had TOO MANY CLOTHES!

 I now share a dresser with my husband, which I have one drawer of clothes. I do not have any clothes in totes, none. I do not have clothes on my closet shelf. And I no longer have clothes laying on the closet floor, or hung over the bedroom chair. My clothes have a home and stay within the boundaries of that home and that is freeing to me. My closet and bedroom stay clean, I wear and love all the clothes I have, and there is no more clothes clutter.

Now, to the dishes.... do you have Twenty Seven Special Dishes?  Take all your dishes out of the cupboards and china hutch and any where else that you keep them. Get rid of all the plastic, mismatched dishes. Decide that your cupboards (and maybe a china hutch) will be your boundary. Start by keeping the dishes that you use and love. I personally have to have my dishes stack nicely too - odds and ends get donated. Get rid of the ugly everyday dishes and keep the dishes that make you happy. Get rid of all the fancy china that you never use. Let go of Great Aunt Bertha's dishes that you are holding onto out of guilt. Donate it all. When the cupboards are full - the boundaries have been met... everything else goes.

Pick one drawer, one box, one dresser, one desk, etc. - make it fit. Start by keeping what you love the most... when the drawer is full, the rest gets donated. It really is that simple!
You don’t have to do it perfectly for it to be better.

Friday, May 11, 2018

My Gallery Wall

Our house has an open concept layout and while I love it.... I miss having more wall space. 

About 7 years ago, I came across the idea of having a gallery wall - and wanted to try it.... 

I like the idea of showcasing things that are important to our family and things that tell a stoy about our life.

So, after some trial and error, below is a picture of my first gallery wall - 

My first gallery wall had a little bit of everything in it..... the only thing I bought was the fake scull with horns. (I actually thought it would be bigger, but I guess it works fine for a piece of decor.)

The oxen yoke was my Grandpas.

 My Hubby made the 'Kindred' sign in his woodshop.

The cast Iron wheel came from my Dad.

1092 is our house number.

 The licence plate is an old Indiana 1988 truck plate that was here when we bought the place.

There is a picture of Hubby and the kids in the Badlands, SD and a picture of me with the kids on Mothers Day a few years back.

The saw was a .50 cent thrift sale buy.

 The small picture is a drawing of my Grandpas old red bank barn where I played many times as a kid.

The wooden frame has my all time favorite picture of the kids, back in 2010 when our youngest was born.

On the light stand, is my husband's Grandpa Blankenship's cigar box.

The sunset picture was painted by my oldest daughter - she is a great artist!

I loved my gallery wall, but after a few years I was ready for something new....

My second gallery wall is a statement to minimalism.... it seems to be lacking color, but at the same time I like the simplicity of it.

The oxen yoke is from my Grandpa.

A chain saw chain reminding me of my dad's small engine repair shop and playing with them when I was a kid.

My all time favorite picture of the kids.

Our house number.

A wall plant holder with a plant that I absolutely love.
Plant holder purchased from succulentsforhati

I love my new gallery wall.... and when the time comes, that I'm wanting something new, I'll change it out again to make it into something I love.
What about you? Do you have a gallery wall? If so, link a picture and tell us about it in the comments.

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