Monday, October 31, 2011

Easy Apple Cobbler

Every fall - we get apples from Michigan, picked fresh off the tree's - at a very nice price I might add. My sister and husband make quite a few trips up there and always come back with bushels of apples, pears, sweet cherries, plums, peaches, grapes, and other fruit. On their last load they brought back 600+ bushel of apples!

I always buy both Gala and Golden Delicious apples each year. The Gala are mainly saved for eating - these are about 6 weeks old now, and still keeping great in the garage.

The yellow Golden Delicious is what I make my applesauce, apple butter, apple pie filling and apple cobblers with - they are sweet enough you only need to add a very little amount of sugar!

OK, so now for the quickest apple cobbler - here we go -

You need two round pie crust's - I buy them at Aldi, as I do not like the mess that making homemade pie crust's make - They come in a box of 2 and are around $1.79 per box.

Place a pie crust in the bottom of a 9" pie pan and then cut and slice fresh apples into it.
I make sure that the apples are heaping - then sprinkle cinnamon, white sugar and brown sugar on top.

Place second pie crust on top- seal edge, sprinkle with water and sprinkle granulated sugar on the top - Place in oven and bake at 350* until crust is browned and apples are cooked through.

Serve warm with ice cream or milk.

These freeze great! I always try to put quite a few in the freezer - they come in handy for when you need a warm desert on a cold night or if you want to bless a friend.

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  1. Sounds yummy and simple. I'll have to try this sometime.

    -Visiting from Proverbs 31 Thursdays Link-Up-


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