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Friday, February 16, 2018

Trade Your Cares for Calm Book Review

Trade Your Cares for Calm
By: Max Lucado

I loved this little book! The size, the design, the words.... it did not disappoint!

If you’re trembling on a tightrope of fear and worry, get ready for the best trade ever: your cares for God’s calm.

What if faith, not fear, could be your default reaction to circumstances? Imagine being able to walk away from worry, conquer the need to control, get rid of guilt, and end if-only thinking.

That’s God’s offer. He wants to exchange your burdens for an abundance of mercy, gratitude, and trust. To replace striving and stress with a faith-filled life in which you’ll see God’s goodness, feel calm in chaos, and find peace through prayer.

Author Max Lucado understands what it’s like to feel overwhelmed by anxiety. Through unforgettable stories and biblical wisdom, he offers powerful tools and scripture to help you manage your fears and worries and give our cares and anxiety to God.

Disclosure: I received this book free from the publisher through a book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

Monday, January 22, 2018

How To Make Your Bedroom A Beautiful Haven of Rest...

Here's our bedroom before we started decluttering.... I never thought of us as being packrats or having a cluttered home until we started going through our house room by room and getting rid of stuff....

Here's some ideas to help you unclutter your bedroom and make it a beautiful, relaxing space.

Closets - clean them out! Get rid of all the clothes, shoes, purses, and anything else you don't use reguarly or items that you have more than enough.

Get rid of all the fake plants, they only collect dust.

Wall decor - less is more! For example: In our room we have four wall decor items. One is a picure fame with a wedding photo, an old window frame from my Grandpa that I decorated, an old windmill blade and my jewelry holder which I made. We do have a mirror hanging on the back of the of the bedroom door.

Decor items, shelves, display cabinets - get rid of at least 75% of the stuff in your room. If you get rid of the extra and just keep a few items you love, those few items will be much more meaningful to you. I love finding antique items to use in my decor.... this oil can came from my dad's shop when I was a kid.

Fresh flowers are a great way to add to your decor... And I got this little type 3/type 2 elephant at a yard sale a few years ago.... I love this little elephant because it reminds me of myself.... all crazy, unpredictable, adventurous, and unique!

Paint the walls, the doors, and the trim. Get new hardware for the doors. Painting is the cheapest way to update a room. Find a color that you like or that looks good in your home. For example: I'm not really a huge fan of purple but this purple hue goes perfectly with our interior gray walls throughout our house, and I find it cool and calming in our bedroom - especially compared to the previous pink coral/salmon colored walls.

Hubby painting.... 

Dressers - get rid of any extra dressers you have. You only need one dresser for two people.

Dresser before... the attached mirror makes it look dated and the items make it look cluttered.

Below is the same exact dresser with the same decor plus one extra piece.... notice how much cleaner and clutter free it looks?

Ps. My husband and I share this one dresser.

This is the true actual color of the walls in our bedroom.

Curtains - open them up! Take down the ugly, old, dusty ones and clean them or buy new, clean, fresh curtains. Place curtain rods 1/2 way between the ceiling and the window trim (usually 6-8" above the window) - it makes your room look more open and your windows larger.

Make sure you have a nice comfy place to sit, talk, and relax. (Chair from Ikea). 

While on the subject keep your room clean and your bed made. We keep our bedroom as a getaway for the hubby and I.

Get rid of all the stuffy pillows, dated bed skirts, and old blankets. I used to have 7 throw pillows in my bedroom - while I will always love throw pillows, 2 or 3 is now my max.

Under your bed is not for storage.... if you have storage under your bed - you have too much stuff!

It amazes me just how much junk we used to stuff into our bedroom. We had collectible cars, tractors, magazines, sewing stuff, old picture frames, too big clothes, too small clothes, childhood toys, old cell phones, fake plants, gift wrap, suitcases, etc.

Never again! I love having a calm, clean, relaxing bedroom!

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

The Closet Challenge

It's a brand new year, so how about starting it off right with a simple closet challenge.

It's common knowledge that with very few exceptions, it's likely that clothing you haven't worn in three to six months is clothing you will not wear again. It could be donated and used by someone who needs it.

Often, we have good intentions on getting rid of clothes that we don't wear, but very seldom do we follow through with the idea. There is usually something that keeps us from completing the task... we don't have time, someday we might fit into them, they remind us about a memory or special time in our past, we don't know where to start, we think we'll do it later..... etc.

If you find it hard to let go of clothing even when you never wear it, this is for You!

 Take all of your clothes that are on hangers and put them in the closet backward, so that the open end of each hanger now faces you.

Set a calendar reminder for three months from now. Then go back to your regular routine:

Every time you wear a piece and go to put it back, make sure the hanger faces the usual way (the opening facing away from you).

In three months, any hanger still facing the wrong way is holding an item you haven't worn, ready for the donation bag.

Here's my own personal closet - all ready for the challenge.

I also hang my clothes left to right. When I do laundry I put the clothes in their correct spot in the closet on the left side.... This way I can rotate my clothing and if something stays on the right side for over a month without me wearing it, I donate it.

Please note: I have kept my wedding dress, even though I do NOT wear it. I'm hoping to wear it one of these years on our Anniversary.

Also, use common sense.... don't throw out all your summer clothes, just because the next month or two is cold out. Do the challenge with your winter clothes now and go back and do the same with your summer clothes in a few months.

Monday, January 1, 2018

New Year Resolutions

Stop trying to be something your not!

This could be considered useful advise for just about anything.... but, today I'm talking about exercising.

This time of year you hear of people making New Year Resolutions and the top one for many people is to lose weight. Now I'm not saying weight loss or exercising is bad. What I'm saying is if you have to be something that's not true to who you are to achieve it.... it's simple not worth it!

I'm all for losing weight (You can see my getting healthy story here), exercising, eating healthy, becoming fit, being happy,and changing into the person who you want to be... just don't go about it the wrong way!

Let me explain what I mean....

I have always been short (5ft.). As a kid, I hated walking with my mom and sister, because they could walk circles around me... (short legs don't go fast). When I was 12, I was ran over with a produce wagon and have had many leg problems since. I have struggled with being overweight my whole life. I have owned and tried weight machines, treadmill, elliptical, swimming, and everything else. My doctor told me I should never do any exercising other than in water, as it is just too hard on my bad leg....

But here's the thing. I always let people talk me into trying to work out - outside of water, and it causes me to become something I'm not. I do NOT want to be a fitness guru.... working out makes me become angry, sore, tired, and an all around bad person to be with....

Now, if you genually enjoy having a workout routine and get a high from the burn, by all means go ahead and do so. Now through Jan 31, 2018 save $50 with a Shaklee 180 Starter Kit... it will put you on the fast track to becoming fit and healthy!

But for me - I get my high and enjoyment from taking walks, going on bike rides, and exploring with my family... that's how I'm getting in my exercise, and enjoying being me, and staying true to myself at the same time.

Here's to a happy, healthy, New Year and to having good new year resolutions!

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

A Snack Basket Blessing

Be A Blessing....

Often when someone is in the hospital we want to help, but rarely do we know what to do.... may I suggest a snack basket.

Ideas for a snack basket:
 Fresh fruit with a pairing knife
Plastic silverware, napkins, and paper plates
 sweets - candy, cupcakes, trail mix
salty - nuts, chips, crackers, popcorn, combos
meal/snack bars
 cheese sticks 
fruit snacks or died fruit
bottles of water or other drinks 
pudding cups, jello
 bread, miracle whip (packets), lunch meat, cheese and chips to make sandwiches

 My mom and my mother in law, both brought us in snacks and it made such a difference. Another thing is offer to stop and pick up a meal or a burger and fries, or shake. A pizza tastes better than hospital food any day.

We also appreciated an extra $10 or $20 that was gifted to use to use for food or things we needed while we were at the hospital.

 I was lucky that there was a hospital across the road that had a nice salad buffet, and I appreciated it when people offered to stay with our son, so that I could walk to the hospital across the street to make me a salad. I would usually go over once or twice a week and get a nice big salad to bring back to the room and have for two or three meals.

We were in the hospital for over 34 days, and I am so grateful for those who brought us snacks, food, gave money and came to visit.

If you want to bless someone who is going to be hospital bound for awhile, I strongly encourage a basket of snacks.... it really blessed us.

Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas from the Kindred's

2017 Year In Review:

January - Jekyll Island, Georgia vacation

February - finished painting interior trim and doors throughout the house.

March - Rhoda 1st. surgery

May - Faith high school graduation
         -wyatt surgery in hospital stay

June - Wyatt 2nd. surgery/ hospital stay

July - Wyatt home from the hospital and infusions at home for 3 weeks

August - Rhoda 2nd. surgery and 3rd. emergency surgery

September - visited College of the Ozarks and the St Louis Arch in Missouri

October - Hocking Hills Ohio trip

December - Blessed with a new Church family and friends.

Stephen - still working at the glass plant and stays busy keeping things looking good around our little farm.

Rhoda - busy with our Shaklee business, homeschooling, and being wife, and Mama.

~ Married 12.2 years ~
More in love now than ever! Rented a cabin in Hocking Hills, Ohio for our anniversary and enjoyed hiking the rim and gorge trails. We enjoyed the hot tub and the alone time was much needed after the year that we had. 

Faith - 16.6 years - graduated high school. Got tp dance at her 1st Civil War Ball. Filling out college applications. Started a new job at a Christian daycare center. Fills pur house with music/Plays the guitar, ukulele, piano, and paints, draws, and writes.

Wyatt - 10.9 years - got saved! Still struggles with learning difficulties. Had brain surgery and is recovering well - it was a scary year for him. He loves riding his bike and creating things with Legos. He is learning to play the ukulele.

Adilayia - 7.9 years - seemed to grow up fast this year. She loves animals and crafts, and is in 1st grade. She loves to sing and is always happy. Layia is learning to play the piano.

We are Thankful for God's protection for our family this year and for the gift of life. 

 - With love the Kindred's 

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Finding a Church

I am a christian.... but I haven't been to church regularly for over five years... and it's been over twelve years since I've had a church where I felt loved, needed, and a part of.

I used to help on buses, be a nursery worker, do bulletin boards, decorate the church, help with Ladies meetings and loved singing special music.

The reason is NOT for a lack of wanting or trying to find a good church.

On the contrary... we have visited a lot of churches over the years always hoping we'd find what we were looking for, but always coming up short.

My biggest issue with finding a church after what it believes and preaches, is that there are people there that want the same as me in life.

Some of my needs in no particular order:
(This may be a good time to point out I am conservative and like things rather old fashion.) 
  • Independent, Fundamental, KJV Baptist Church 
  • Home-schoolers - wanting to raise their kids for the Lord 
  • People dress up for church - dressing their best for the Lord 
  • Singing that glorifies God and everyone happy to participate in it. 
  • Sound bible preaching 
  • Youth and kids groups 
  • People using their bibles and living out Gods word in their daily life. 
  • A welcoming spirit 
  • An old fashion culture 
Ok, so - I know there's not a thing as a perfect church, but hubby met a guy a few weeks ago who seemed so genuine and real in everyday life that when he invited us to visit his church, we couldn't stop thinking about it.

We put it off for a couple Sundays... not sure about the thirty-five minute drive and dreading trying yet again another church that "probably" would be just like all the rest....

But, two weeks ago on a Sunday evening, we got up the courage to go and was very pleasantly surprised...

We got there 15 min. early, but the parking lot was full of cars. People greeted us nonstop. When the choir started singing - hubby and I both said "that's what a choir should sound like..." Everyone had their bibles open, taking notes and giving their undivided attention to the preaching.... Kids sitting quietly listening - no noise, toys, or candy wrappers. No one on their cell phone or tablets. No one eating or drinking in the auditorium. Good gospel music and everyone singing with gusto. Brothers and sisters lifting each other up - happy to be in God's house together - each working towards a common goal of seeing people saved and living a joyful life for the Lord....

It felt so good to be with good people worshiping a great God!

We went back again last sunday for both the morning and evening service and loved it! We were invited out for lunch with two families and really feel God's spirit living in the people.

I'm not sure if this is the church for us, but we will definitely be going back and praying that God will show us if this is where he wants us to serve and grow in Him.

And I'm looking forward to the Christmas Eve candlelight service, getting to know more people, and being involved with activities.

Good, Bible Believing, Conservative, Fundamental, KJV Churches still exist.... sometimes it takes a complete stranger sharing God's love to find it.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Cleaning Out Your Closet and What To Put Back In

When it comes to cleaning out your closet.... many people find that taking everything out is the easy part. It's knowing what to put back in that's a little more tough to figure out.

I recommend making four piles. Put each item of clothing on one of these piles.....

1. Throw out

2. Give away 

3. Repair 

4. Soul stirring  
- Take inventory then put in one of the above piles.
(see what you love about each of these items) 

Keep only clothing items that you love - not like

Stains, holes, doesn't fit well, wrong size, wrong color = toss it out

70% of your closet should be meat and potatoes = solid, working clothes.

30% of your closet should be icing and fluff = color, pattern, shine, and accessories. 

Make a list of gaps in your wardrobe so you know what to buy. 

Buy clothes for your life style and not for your fantasy world.

Buy one piece you love vs. 10 pieces that are okay. 

Buy less - buy better.
Make this your new motto. 

Identify your personal style - for example - I like soft, comfortable fabrics with alittle bit of structure. I like v-necks, and texture to my clothes. I like sleeveless, cap or short sleeves. I love paring a cardigan with my outfits. I want the comfort of a farmer with the put together look of a business professional. I like short skirts, low necks, and sandals. 

Invest in great hangers - they make your clothes hang better - quality over quantity. Or, if you don't want expensive hangers, at least keep your hangers all the same style and color. 

Hang hangers backward - when you wear an item hang it the correct way. After 3-6 months get rid of all clothes on backward facing hangers. 

Its a formula, not a prescription, adjust your closet to your individual lifestyle and keep what makes you feel great and look the best in!

The Curated Closet by Anuschka Rees is a great resource for building a wardrobe you love.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Old Friends....

"Spending time with old friends is good for the soul."

Old best friends are like magic. You may not see them for months or even years, yet when you meet, it seems like yesterday that you were having a good chat and drinking tea! 

Old friends remind you of parts of yourself that you might have forgotten about. Even if you have changed a lot since that time, you will be reminded of the path that it took to get you where you are. Those memories are treasures.

Old friends allow you to skip the small talk and go deep. There’s nothing like picking up right where you left off; that’s the beauty of connecting with an old friend. You can cover so much ground in such a short time because the foundation has been laid.

Old friends make you feel loved and secure. There is a depth of connection between old friends that wraps around you like a warm blanket. You feel known, and safe. Few words are needed, because they understand you– your heart, and how you process things. 

Old friends refresh you - not stress you! They are the ones you can be yourself with, and if your house is a mess or your food flops, they don't mind at all. Old friends are the ones you invite back again and genuinely enjoy it went they come! 

If you’ve ever had a really good friend (and if you have you are blessed) then you know what I’m talking about. True friendship is unique, and enduring.

So to all of you — call that old friend! Send her a text, write an email, book a flight, or plan a trip. Don’t put off connecting with your old friends! You need it more than you even realize!

My friend Suzie and I at my wedding in 2005 -it was taken at the end of a long day and the picture isn't the best, but it's the only photo I have of us together.
Thank you Suzie for being my friend. I love our talks and spending time together!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Three Ideas to Minimize

Today, I'd like to give you three Ideas to minimize stuff you don't need. Many people often think that getting rid of clutter is a long, hard process, but in fact it is simple.

1. Look around your home and see what items you would take with you in the event of a hurricane, flood, tornado etc... I bet there's not a super large amount that would make the cut.... I did this a few months ago and realized there's not a lot of stuff that means a lot to me. So, now you know what items you treasure.... 

2. Next add in the items that you need. For example sheets, towels, dishes, toilet brush, lawn mower, broom, toilet paper, clothes.... these are the items I'm talking about. Everyone knows you need these items, but most of us own way too many. For example two towels for each person and 2 sheet sets per bed are plenty. 

Dishes.... do you really need and use all that you have? For years I have collected a Chutney Corelle dish set, which I still use and love, but many items in my set I did not use - I only had them because they matched.... needless to say I got rid of some of my prized dishes and don't miss them at all.

Clothes.... I mean do you even like or wear half of them? I have gotten rid of lots of bags of clothes and I'm finding that the ones I have now, I actually like, wear, and feel great in them. Another added bonus is that I love opening my closet and admiring the extra space.

3. What things make you happy? Keep those things. I put decorations, curtains, live plants, throw pillows, picture albums, etc. into this category. While I have never liked or had a cluttered house, I do love a well decorated cozy home..... my decor makes me happy... No, I don't have a lot, but the items I do have are on display and I love the way my home looks, and the peace I feel every time I walk in  the door.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Kids Need Love

Watching love comes softly movies. I'm amazed at how the family's heritage not only passes down though the generations, but how the family dynamic changes. How family isn't always blood, and how you can always grow to love someone, given time. I love how the grandpa tells Belinda in Love's Unending Legacy that they are not there to replace any other grandparents, but that they believe that a child can never have too many people love them.

Here's the Love comes softly family tree:

Clark Davis  
 + Marti Clarridge 
             - Son Arnie Davis
      + Aaron Clarridge
             - Son Aaron Clarridge Davis
 + Ellen Barlow Davis 

             -  Daughter Missy Davis LaHaye Tyler
                                 + Willy LaHaye 
                                        - Adopted Son Jeff Huff LaHaye
                                        - Son Mattie LaHaye  
                                        - Daughter Kathy LaHaye
                                 + Zac Tyler
                                        - Adopted Son Jacob Marshell LaHaye Tyler
                                        - Adopted Daughter Belinda Marshell LaHaye Tyler 
                                                                        Drew Simpson
                                                                             - Adopted Daughter Lilian Simpson Owens                                                                          + Lee Owens
                                                                             - Expecting Baby Owens

In four generations of the same family, there are 50 bloodlines. (To put that in perspective there are only 9 bloodlines in a 4 generation family that has no 2nd marriages or adoptions.)

Life back then was hard. Burying your loved ones young, was a way of life that left widows, widowers, and orphan children.

Today, mixed family's are caused by divorce, drugs, alcohol, abuse, random sex with no commitment, and rape. But, I believe the same principles back then apply to life today. Family doesn't always mean blood... Family is who you choose it to be.

Kids need love, and people to care for them. It shouldn't matter who that person is..... in this world of hurt that we live in. Kids need all the love they can get. It's time to put our differences behind us and put the well being of our kids first.

Why is it that a lot of divorced parents try to keep the kids from seeing the non custody side of the family? You know, I used to be one of those people..... but, I've learned a lot the last 15 yrs. 

As a previously divorced mom, I wish now, that I'd have done things differently... I took grandparents, aunts and a biological dad away from my kid because I was afraid of the unknown, and because I thought my kid was better off with me. Don't get me wrong - I know she was/is better off with me - but looking back I deprived my kid of even more love - and for that I will always feel guilty.

I had full custody of my daughter. Her birth father never asked for visitation. Once he was out of our life, he remarried, than a year later, I remarried. I wanted to keep my little girl safe. I became over protective. I never again took her to see her birth fathers side of the family. I thought I was doing the right thing. WRONG! - Kids need all the love they can get.

Now, to be clear my ex husband's side of the family smokes, drinks, and don't fit in with how I choose to live my life. However, they are not bad people. You see my daughter could have grown up knowing a wonderful caring grandpa, a step grandma, and two fun aunts who would have loved and doted on her. Instead, I kept my daughter to myself. Never once thinking that I was destroying her chances at having more love in her life.

Is her life ruined? No. I remarried when my daughter was 4 yrs old. She has a wonderful dad who adopted her when she was five. She gained a set of grandparents and 5 great grandparents, lots of great aunts and uncles and other extended family. She is thriving. She is an artist, violinist, pianist, guitarist, and a gifted writer. I know that I did the best I could for her.... I just wish I could have opened my eyes to letting more people love her.

kids just need to be loved... it shouldn't matter who does the loving....

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Hocking Hills Anniversary Getaway 2017

Little did I know, back in January, when I booked our anniversary getaway trip, just how much we would need the quiet, peaceful, relaxation that a getaway brings.

With our oldest daughter graduating this spring, me having 3 surgeries this year, my son having emergency brain surgery and a 5 week hospital stay, another surgery and around the clock infusions at home, and a trip to take our oldest to visit a college in Missouri... needless to say, I was more than ready for an overnight getaway date with my man.... I think the last time we had an actual date away from home was in March... that's over 7 months ago. I don't think we've ever went that long in between dates, but it feels good to know that when life had a turn for the worse, our marriage was strong, even without alone time.

We booked our getaway with Getaway Cabins in Hocking hills Ohio and rented Cabin 36....

'Ever After' was a beautiful, clean, private, and romantic cabin.... however it is 8 miles away from Hocking Hills. The bed - although huge, was very uncomfortable, the neighbors dogs were barking all night, and there was some road/car noise, so needless to say we got NO sleep for the two nights we were there! But, we did have a fabulous time and want to go back with the kids in the near future!


Hocking Hills State Park is one of the best places to hike in Ohio. The park’s extensive trail system showcases a variety of landmarks, including rock formations, waterfalls, cliffs, and caves. We visited every site and walked both the gorge trails and the rim trails. The weather was gorgeous and the landscape was absolutely beautiful!

Ash Cave - Ash Cave offers two of the southernmost trails in Hocking Hills State Park. Lower Ash Cave travels about a quarter-mile alongside the Ash Cave Gorge. The Upper Ash Cave Trail, often referred to as the Ash Cave Rim, offers a more rugged climb. Ash Cave is Ohio's largest recessed cave. Erosion to the 700-foot horseshoe-shaped rock face has created a 100-foot-deep recess and, when conditions are right, a slender 90-foot-high waterfall.

Cedar Falls - Cedar Falls is another fabulous hike in Hocking Hills State Park. Laden with hemlock trees, this primitive area is known for its steep rock walls, grottos, and waterfalls. The water tumbles 50 feet down a sandstone wall on Queer Creek into a pool. A grist mill once stood atop the falls.

Ash Cave Fire Tower - Located in the Hocking Hills State Forest, Ash Cave Fire Tower was constructed in 1934. We climbed the 80’ tower.

Old Mans Cave - Old Man's Cave, is an easy hike of 10 minutes from the visitor center in the heart of the park. There are seven trails in the area. Some include tunnels and stairways through the rock, various waterfalls, rapids, and the large recess cave. There are quite a few stairs, and some steep drop-offs in places.The cave itself is 200 feet long with the look and feel of a rocky amphitheater. It is 50 feet high and the overhang is 75 feet deep.

The cave gets its name from hermit Richard Rowe, who lived in it in the late 1860s with two dogs. It sits in a half-mile-long hemlock-lined gorge with three waterfalls up to 40 feet tall and picturesque pools. It is a very cool place to explore on a hot summer afternoon. Attractions include Devil's Bathtub, Eagle Rock, Whale in the Wall, and the Sphinx Head.

Lower Falls

Upper Falls

Whispering Cave - Whispering Cave is the Hocking Hill’s newest attraction opening in 2017. The cave is about 300 feet wide; a drizzly waterfall pours from its rim, falling 105 feet to the floor below. The hike to Whispering Cave was more strenuous then most of the others (except for Cantwell Cliffs), but it was our favorite. 

Cockles Hollow - Conkle’s Hollow is a rugged, rocky gorge that’s considered one of the deepest in Ohio. It’s Lower Trail offers a paved, mile-long journey that’s dotted with enormous hemlocks, rock formations, cliffs, and a meandering stream. The Upper Trail is about 2.5 miles long and leads to a spectacular waterfall. It is a stunning sandstone gorge with sheer cliffs that rise 200 feet. It is as narrow as 70 feet in places and is reportedly the deepest canyon in Ohio.The best views are from the east side of the Rim Trail. There is an imposing 96-foot-high waterfall at the northern end of the canyon that is only visible from the Rim Trail. The trail on the west side is farther away from the main canyon but offers views into side canyons. It is cooler, wetter, and more shaded.

Rock House - Nestled deep in the woods, the Rock House Trail is memorable for hikers of all ages. This scenic quarter-mile route resembles a South American jungle in the summertime! Once at the Rock House, feel free to explore the cave’s gothic-like windows and enjoy spectacular views of the green valley below. a rocky room that is 200 feet long, 25 feet high, and up to 30 feet deep inside a brightly colored cliff. There are 120 steps along the quarter-mile hike. Rock House includes seven windowlike openings with a Gothic feel. The openings in the rock are halfway up the face of the 150-foot-tall cliff.

Indians once lived in Rock House. A 16-room resort hotel was built near the Rock House in 1835. You will see graffiti from the 19th century on some rocks. The trail at Rock House is a relatively short loop trail, but some of the grades to the natural cave and back are very steep.

Cantwell Cliffs - Cantwell Cliffs is arguably the most isolated section of Hocking Hills State Park. It features 150-foot-high cliffs, massive rock outcroppings, large recess caves, deep woods, and narrow passages between downed boulders and the cliff along its trails. The Fat Woman's Squeeze is one such passage. It is the most rugged section of Hocking Hills and its trails are the steepest. It was largely carved by Buck Run. The trail at Cantwell Cliffs is a 1 mile loop trail that goes first along the cliff rim and then down to the cliff base around and back up again. The trail is strenuous with sharp drop-offs in places. I would definitely recommend Cantwell Cliffs - I'm disappointed that most of my pictures I took here somehow were deleted - but it is absolutely beautiful and a really adventurous hike!

Overall, we really enjoyed our anniversary getaway, the scenic nature, and each other in Hocking Hills!

The Best of 2016


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