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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

A Letter To My Husband

To my husband... I love you. 

You make me smile. 

You are my lover. 

My best friend. 

Keeper of my heart. 

Father to my children.

You know all my secrets. 

You see the worst of me. 

You are the man I've always wanted, and all I never knew I needed. 

You are in my daydreams.

You make me happy.

Being your wife is the best decision I have ever made.

 You are who I choose to spend the rest of my life with. 

The one I want to walk beside me. 

The one holding my hand. 

The one I see in my memories. 

 You are my partner. 

You are my protector. 

Being in your arms is my most favorite place to be.

I always feel safe in your arms. 

 You are my reason for living. 

You make me want to be a better person. 

You put up with my crazy.

You always have my back.

 You are my favorite. 

I love that you still open the door for me.

You are handsome.

 You are sexy.

 I love the way you make love to me.

You always find time to complete my honey to do list. 

I thank God everyday for you.

 You and me - we were made for each other. 

You are my calm in this crazy world we live in.

You are grounded.

 I long for your touch when you're not with me. 

You make me proud. 

You are mine - make no mistake about it.

We have a beautiful life together you and me. 

I want to grow old with you. 

To travel the world with you. 

To go on an adventure with you.

 I want to call you Grandpa someday. 

 You are my love.

My Man.

 My everything.

 I will always love you. 

- your wife,

Friday, June 15, 2018

Come walk through my garden with me....

 The last few years we have been downsizing... making our property more manageable, having less upkeep, getting rid of clutter and things we don't need, changing our property and our life to fit our new desires and lifestyle that we want to live... to have more time to travel, and enjoy life without a never ending to-do-list... we still have a long way to go, but even though our wants have changed over the years, I still love our property and the peace and solitude it gives me... we call it our 'little bit of heaven on earth! ... and I'm blessed to call it home!

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

A Letter To My Daughters...

You are worth more.

 Don't worry about your looks, you are more beautiful than you will ever know.

 You are smart. 

You are worthy of love.

Smell the roses.

 Look for the good in people, but don't trust anyone. 

People will throw stones. Don't be bitter. Those aren't your people.

Remember to smile.

 Laugh often. 

Do what you love. 

 Never forget where you came from.

 Life's a dance - just go with the rhythm. 

 You are not perfect, be okay with that.

 I am proud of you.

Keep God first.

 Surround yourself with people that love you. 

 Be happy.

 Write your own story. 

Step out of the box. 

 Find your own kind of joy.

 You are important. 


 Take a walk - it can cure anything.

 Take care of your body.

Get a good night's sleep. 

 Find your own kind of healthy.

Drink water.

Find your own style -fads are not important. 

Be courageous.

 Go on an adventure. 

Walk barefoot, it keeps you grounded.

 Take a deep breath.

 Take time to just be.

 Love yourself the way you are. 


Try something new.


 Take a bath.

 Wear perfume. 

Dress up. 

Run in the rain. 

Keep things simple.

 Let go of things. 

You are talented. 

Don't worry about the future.


See the beauty in nature.

 Take advice from your elders - they are more wise than you think.

 Drive with your windows down, and let the wind blow through your hair. 

Speak with confidence.

 Read a book.

 Listen to music. 

Eat dessert.

 Be classy.

Be modest. 

Always let the man open your doors.

 Go to church. 

 Reflect on God's goodness. 

Be grateful. 

Live with less.

 Say no.

 Sometimes all you need is a good cry. 

Earn respect.

Watch a sunset. 

 Stand up for what you believe in. 

Live, don't just exist. 


 Hold your memories close. 

Know who you are. 

Feel the warmth of the sun on your face. 

Play in the snow. 

Walk on the beach and feel the sand between your toes. 

Make your own way.

Find a man who will respect you - If you find someone who respects and loves you as much as your dad does me, fall in love with him; hold on to him and love him with your whole heart -he's worth it.

 Be kind to your brother; he needs you more than you know. 

Keep old traditions.

Make new traditions. 

A good attitude goes a long way. 

Be responsible.

 Stay humble.

 Try again. 

You are enough.

Always remember...... your mama loves you.

If all else fails, call your mama.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Why We Don't Answer The Phone

I have always hated talking on the phone. And it has nothing whatsoever to do with the person at the other end, I just find it a horrible tool for communicating with. 

I have many auto immune diseases and a rare cancer which are all caused by stress. A few years back, my doctor advised me to delete my personal fb friends and to not answer the phone to help reduce stress. I tried his advise and it helps, so here's the thing... I don't answer the phone anymore for anyone unless it's my hubby or my kids.

If you are calling for my business, leave a detailed voicemail and I will call you back at my convenience. If someone is dying or its an emergency, call my hubby's number. If you want me, send a text or email. If you do leave a voicemail, but don't say what you need, I will not return the call. It's just not that important.

Communication is a wonderful thing when done right. But I think the whole phone calling fiasco is not a good way to communicate.

So, here's some reasons why some of us (and why I personally) choose not to answer the phone.

Phone Calls Are Presumptuous 
When someone calls you, they're assuming two things:

1. They're needs are more important than your needs

2. You have the time and don't mind being interrupted

On many occasions one or both of these might be true. But more often than not, the caller comes off as being selfish - even a little insulting - to the person being called. If it's so important, just shoot me a text. Text messages are virtually guaranteed to be read within a few minutes, and they create a lot more flexibility for everyone.

Phone Calls Are Time Consuming
Do you know how much time people spend on howdy-do's everyday? The average person spends over 8 minutes a day just talking about the weather. Add in what the kids have been up to, what you're going to be doing this weekend, or whatever else, and you've just spent ten minutes talking about nothing.

We don't want to answer your phone calls, because there's no telling if doing so will take ten seconds, twenty minutes, or longer.

Phone Calls Are Inefficient
When you use social media, texting, and emails, you tell people what you think/need/want, or you give an update. That's it. If there's any follow up that needs to happen, it will be handled accordingly.

All of these messages take less than a minute to compose and send off. Phone calls, on the other hand, will nearly always take at least several minutes. Why spend several minutes on something when you can do it in a few seconds?

Phone Calls Are Annoying
How many times have you seen someone calling you and gone "Ugh" or "Who is this?" If we're being honest, phone calls are annoying! Most often, the initial reaction to a call will almost always be negative.

Phone Calls Are Stressful
One call isn't a big deal, but the shear number of phone calls that a lot of people get every day is enough to drown someone! Phone calls can be a large stressor day-to-day (-especially to someone with health issues like myself.) Every time that phone rings - at work or at home. You have no control over your day, or your life for that matter. People would rather text or email because they can do it entirely on their own time, and remove that mountain of stress in the process.

Phone Calls Are Unnecessary
You call someone to communicate quickly, right? There are literally hundreds of other ways and apps through which you can communicate quickly - and do it faster. How many ways do we need to do the same thing?

Other than being able to say more than is needed, there aren't many advantages to phone calls.

Phone Calls Aren't Private
How many times have you been on a call and had to either whisper, move to a different room, or ask the person to hang up and text you because you didn't want anyone listening to your conversation?

Nobody enjoys that kind of anxiety, of feeling like someone who shouldn't be involved is listening to every word you say. (I remember as a kid, my mom would always take the phone to her room and shut the door so we couldn', hear. I hated it and try to not do that with my kids.)

Or how many times are you in line at the grocery store and the lady in front of you talking about her job or how she getting her nails done, or what she's cooking for supper.... sorry, but I really don't care and I definitely don't want to hear all the personal details of your life. That's just rude.

Phone Calls Aren't Personal
If you want to reach your friends, you text. To schedule a meeting with an acquaintance, you email. If you're a salesman trying to hit his numbers, you call. 
Simple as that.

Phone Calls Are Controlling Our Freedom
When someone calls you, it disrupts whatever you're working on. Phone calls take control away from you and give it to the person calling. If you accept the call, you are accepting the caller's control over you and your schedule. 

So when we don't answer your call, it's not because we are trying to be rude. It's because we want to keep things under their control, and make the most out of our day.

Long story short.... Phone Calls Are Disruptive
At no point in your day is taking a phone call not disruptive to whatever else you're working on. Phone calls are rude, intrusive, awkward, unnatural, interruptive, distracting, disruptive, and completely throw off your groove. 

Text beats that. I rarely answer my phone, often forget to check voicemail, and can take a shockingly long time to return phone calls.

The telephone has a very rude tendency to interrupt people. When I was growing up, the rule was, Don’t call anyone after 10 p.m. Now the rule is, Don’t call anyone. Ever.

Don't call me. I won't call you.

Friday, May 11, 2018

My Gallery Wall

Our house has an open concept layout and while I love it.... I miss having more wall space. 

About 7 years ago, I came across the idea of having a gallery wall - and wanted to try it.... 

I like the idea of showcasing things that are important to our family and things that tell a stoy about our life.

So, after some trial and error, below is a picture of my first gallery wall - 

My first gallery wall had a little bit of everything in it..... the only thing I bought was the fake scull with horns. (I actually thought it would be bigger, but I guess it works fine for a piece of decor.)

The oxen yoke was my Grandpas.

 My Hubby made the 'Kindred' sign in his woodshop.

The cast Iron wheel came from my Dad.

1092 is our house number.

 The licence plate is an old Indiana 1988 truck plate that was here when we bought the place.

There is a picture of Hubby and the kids in the Badlands, SD and a picture of me with the kids on Mothers Day a few years back.

The saw was a .50 cent thrift sale buy.

 The small picture is a drawing of my Grandpas old red bank barn where I played many times as a kid.

The wooden frame has my all time favorite picture of the kids, back in 2010 when our youngest was born.

On the light stand, is my husband's Grandpa Blankenship's cigar box.

The sunset picture was painted by my oldest daughter - she is a great artist!

I loved my gallery wall, but after a few years I was ready for something new....

My second gallery wall is a statement to minimalism.... it seems to be lacking color, but at the same time I like the simplicity of it.

The oxen yoke is from my Grandpa.

A chain saw chain reminding me of my dad's small engine repair shop and playing with them when I was a kid.

My all time favorite picture of the kids.

Our house number.

A wall plant holder with a plant that I absolutely love.
Plant holder purchased from succulentsforhati

I love my new gallery wall.... and when the time comes, that I'm wanting something new, I'll change it out again to make it into something I love.
What about you? Do you have a gallery wall? If so, link a picture and tell us about it in the comments.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Ugly, Sagging, Sofa Makeover

Our first sofa set we had for 7 years (We actually still have the original love seat, now 11 yrs old in my office.) but 3 years ago we bought a new furniture set.... but after only 3 years our newest set was shot. Actually it was shot after 2 years, it just took us another year to finally do something about it. It was awful to sit on... it felt like you had lumps in your butt and I was embarrassed to have company over.

Let me insert here that the hubby and I have always liked the idea of buying a cheap sofa set, use it for 5-7 years and get a new set.... because we have kids who make messes and I like to change my decor and get tired of the same items of furniture. So, that is and has been our plan.

We were rather disappointed that after only 3 years we'd have to buy new sofas, but I started researching sofa's online. However, after all the researching, we were worried that we'd sink another $2500 in sofas, only to have them not hold up as well. We really didn't want to go through that again, so I decided to try something else.

First, hubby took the fabric off the bottom of the sofas and pulled the springs tight and put in new wood to reinforce the frame and used screws.... here the whole thing was held together by staples.... 

Second, we took the covers off of the cushions and cut the foam. The springs inside were all twisted... (which when we bought theses sofa's I remember the salesman used the springs as a selling point, saying that the sofa wouldn't breakdown because of them).... ya right, that was a joke!

Anyway, the foam its self was still in decent shape, so we measured the inside and ordered Lux Foam- High Quality from Foam Factory. *Note - I really wanted the firmest I could get... however, if I did it again I would just get the Lux- Regular, as our seats are on the extra firm side. But overall, I'm happy with the way they are now.

We put the new foam inside the old foam and put the cover back on. Instant Success! The cushions looked great!

Next, I ordered 10lb. box of Poly-Fil from and re stuffed the back of the sofa's. The cushions on the back of our sofa do not come off, but they do have the zipper enclosures underneath. I just unzipped the cushions and stuffed. This is easier said then done.... your body is in an awkward position and I have short arms, but the finished product is well worth it. 

And here's the finished sofa after the make over.... no more sagging, or springs poking my butt.... now I just need to find some new throw pillows for spring!

Quite the difference, don't you think?!

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Killdeer Facts

Today, while spending time outside, I took some great pictures of this Killdeer protecting her eggs.

Killdeer remind me of two things; Spring and my Grandpa Frick

When I hear the Killdeer, I know Spring is on its way... 

Every year, we have a pair of Killdeer make their nest in our drive. Our youngest daughter loves it. She gets out the bird book and looks them up, and tells everyone that they are her favorite bird.

Killdeer remind me of my Grandpa Frick. I remember him taking me to his field and showing me their nests. He could also make an exact replica of the killdeer sound.


So, here's some Killdeer facts...

Killdeer have brown upper parts, white underparts, and orange rumps. The eyes are dark with a bright red eye ring . In flight, the Killdeer's long, slender wings have conspicuous white wing stripes.

Killdeer live in open habitats such as fields, meadows, gravel bars, and mudflats.

Name "killdeer" refers to "kill-deer" calls which this species often produces. "Kill-deer" calls are especially frequent during the courtship. Killdeer was also known as "noisy plover" because of its loud, frequent shrills.

Killdeer can reach 8 to 11 inches in length and 2.6 to 4.5 ounces of weight.

Killdeer feed mainly on ground invertebrates such as earthworms, beetles, grasshoppers, and snails. They occasionally eat seeds and small vertebrates.

The Killdeer is our most common breeding shorebird.

Killdeer require a sandy or gravelly substrate for nesting near a wet or muddy area where they can forage.

Female Killdeer lay 4 to 6 eggs in the bare, shallow depression in the ground and then collects and accumulates pebbles, sticks, shells and various trash around the nest.

Both male and female participate in building the nest.

To guard against large hoofed animals like cows stepping on the eggs, the Killdeer fluffs itself up, displaying its tail over its head, and running at the beast to attempt to make it change its path.

Eggs hatch after 22 to 28 days. Chicks are covered with plumage and have one black bar on the breasts. They are able to walk and leave the nest shortly after hatching.

The Killdeer performs the broken-wing display to distract intruders away from nests and chicks.

Killdeer can survive around 10 years in the wild.

Killdeer are neither endangered nor threatened. However, they are protected under the U.S. Migratory Bird Act.

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Easter 2018

Happy Easter from the Kindreds....

Easter 2018

I have always loved our great big fireplace since the first day I laid eyes on it. We try to take a family picture in front of it every Easter and Christmas. Some years, we forget, but I thought I'd post our family pictures with all the kids from years past.... 

So, here's a trip down memory lane....

Easter 2017



Easter 2014

Easter 2013

Easter 2012

Easter 2011

Easter 2010

Thursday, March 8, 2018

How To Window Box Book Review

This is such a cute little book full of lots of information! I liked everything about it.... but then I like everything about plants and flowers, so I guess it' only right to like this book!

The author did a great job. There is lots of info on anything from personalizing your window box, adding grow lights, to pruning the plants and watering.

I liked all the different kind of examples given:  - the sand box
- the rain forest
- the herb garden
- the woodlands
- the salad bar
- the window bog
and more....

The pictures are beautiful. I loved that the title is stamped into the front of the book and that the cover pages look like this:

If you love flowers, plants, or gardening - you will love this little book!

Disclosure: I received this book free from the publisher through a book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

Monday, March 5, 2018

DIY Photo Transfer to Wood

I have always wanted to try to transfer a photo to wood, so I figured what better photo to use than my all time favorite picture of my kiddos. It was fun and surprisingly easy to do. It is also a cheep way to add a unique look to your decor.

To begin with, know that you can not use an image that comes from your ink jet printer at home. The ink will smear and you’ll be disappointed. Know that you also can not use an actual photo print as they have a plastic/vinyl coating and the image will not transfer.

You must use a photocopied image. I went to my local Staples to use the copier - just take the actual photo and copy it on plan white paper - you can either use color or black and white. (It cost me around $2.55 for a 16 x 20 black and white copy.)

Supplies needed to transfer a photo to wood: 
Unfinished Wood - sanded smooth (I bought a 24 x 24" sanded board at Menards for around $5.00 and had my hubby cut it down to the size) 
Photocopied Image
Liquitex Professional Matte Gel (medium gel) 
Mod Podge 

Step 1: Apply a generous amount of the Gel Medium to the image. You need a thick layer.

Step 2: Press the image, photo side down, onto the wood panel. Rub firmly to smooth out the image and remove air bubbles. Make sure to put it on straight. Let it dry completely. (Overnight drying is recommended.)

Step 3: Use a damp cloth or sponge to wet one section of the paper at a time. Begin rubbing gently to remove the paper and expose the transferred image below. Remove the top layer first, let it dry slightly, and then repeat the process as needed to remove the fuzzy paper that was left behind. (I found the fist layer of paper came off better while wet, with a sponge. However, for the last fuzzy paper, I found it came off better if it was a bit more dry and I used my fingers to rub it off.)

Step 4: Once you are satisfied with the image, sand the edges lightly. Seal the photo to the wood by brushing on a layer of Mod Podge.

Step 5: Let dry completely.

What makes this process different from decoupage is that it looks as if the image is part of the piece, not glued on top of it. If you decide to try this, I'd love to see photo's of your finished project! Have fun!

Note: This is the first time I have done this.... you can see some mistakes in my finished product, but overall, I liked the way it came out.

Monday, January 22, 2018

How To Make Your Bedroom A Beautiful Haven of Rest...

Here's our bedroom before we started decluttering.... I never thought of us as being packrats or having a cluttered home until we started going through our house room by room and getting rid of stuff....

Here's some ideas to help you unclutter your bedroom and make it a beautiful, relaxing space.

Closets - clean them out! Get rid of all the clothes, shoes, purses, and anything else you don't use reguarly or items that you have more than enough.

Get rid of all the fake plants, they only collect dust.

Wall decor - less is more! For example: In our room we have four wall decor items. One is a picure fame with a wedding photo, an old window frame from my Grandpa that I decorated, an old windmill blade and my jewelry holder which I made. We do have a mirror hanging on the back of the of the bedroom door.

Decor items, shelves, display cabinets - get rid of at least 75% of the stuff in your room. If you get rid of the extra and just keep a few items you love, those few items will be much more meaningful to you. I love finding antique items to use in my decor.... this oil can came from my dad's shop when I was a kid.

Fresh flowers are a great way to add to your decor... And I got this little type 3/type 2 elephant at a yard sale a few years ago.... I love this little elephant because it reminds me of myself.... all crazy, unpredictable, adventurous, and unique!

Paint the walls, the doors, and the trim. Get new hardware for the doors. Painting is the cheapest way to update a room. Find a color that you like or that looks good in your home. For example: I'm not really a huge fan of purple but this purple hue goes perfectly with our interior gray walls throughout our house, and I find it cool and calming in our bedroom - especially compared to the previous pink coral/salmon colored walls.

Hubby painting.... 

Dressers - get rid of any extra dressers you have. You only need one dresser for two people.

Dresser before... the attached mirror makes it look dated and the items make it look cluttered.

Below is the same exact dresser with the same decor plus one extra piece.... notice how much cleaner and clutter free it looks?

Ps. My husband and I share this one dresser.

This is the true actual color of the walls in our bedroom.

Curtains - open them up! Take down the ugly, old, dusty ones and clean them or buy new, clean, fresh curtains. Place curtain rods 1/2 way between the ceiling and the window trim (usually 6-8" above the window) - it makes your room look more open and your windows larger.

Make sure you have a nice comfy place to sit, talk, and relax. (Chair from Ikea). 

While on the subject keep your room clean and your bed made. We keep our bedroom as a getaway for the hubby and I.

Get rid of all the stuffy pillows, dated bed skirts, and old blankets. I used to have 7 throw pillows in my bedroom - while I will always love throw pillows, 2 or 3 is now my max.

Under your bed is not for storage.... if you have storage under your bed - you have too much stuff!

It amazes me just how much junk we used to stuff into our bedroom. We had collectible cars, tractors, magazines, sewing stuff, old picture frames, too big clothes, too small clothes, childhood toys, old cell phones, fake plants, gift wrap, suitcases, etc.

Never again! I love having a calm, clean, relaxing bedroom!

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

The Closet Challenge

It's a brand new year, so how about starting it off right with a simple closet challenge.

It's common knowledge that with very few exceptions, it's likely that clothing you haven't worn in three to six months is clothing you will not wear again. It could be donated and used by someone who needs it.

Often, we have good intentions on getting rid of clothes that we don't wear, but very seldom do we follow through with the idea. There is usually something that keeps us from completing the task... we don't have time, someday we might fit into them, they remind us about a memory or special time in our past, we don't know where to start, we think we'll do it later..... etc.

If you find it hard to let go of clothing even when you never wear it, this is for You!

 Take all of your clothes that are on hangers and put them in the closet backward, so that the open end of each hanger now faces you.

Set a calendar reminder for three months from now. Then go back to your regular routine:

Every time you wear a piece and go to put it back, make sure the hanger faces the usual way (the opening facing away from you).

In three months, any hanger still facing the wrong way is holding an item you haven't worn, ready for the donation bag.

Here's my own personal closet - all ready for the challenge.

I also hang my clothes left to right. When I do laundry I put the clothes in their correct spot in the closet on the left side.... This way I can rotate my clothing and if something stays on the right side for over a month without me wearing it, I donate it.

Please note: I have kept my wedding dress, even though I do NOT wear it. I'm hoping to wear it one of these years on our Anniversary.

Also, use common sense.... don't throw out all your summer clothes, just because the next month or two is cold out. Do the challenge with your winter clothes now and go back and do the same with your summer clothes in a few months.


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