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Shaklee Basic H for Agriculture Use

Agriculture Use of Shaklee Basic H Classic
Nature has put everything in your soil that is necessary to grow abundant healthy plants. The most economic way to manage your soil is to add an igniter to the soil and thus begin inner action never before possible. This is where Basic H classic, a Shaklee product, comes in. Basic H is not a plant food as such, but helps get action in the soil that builds soil health. Basic H can improve water infiltration, or penetration, up to 300%. Many farmers who uses Basic H have experienced how Basic H makes “water wetter than wet.” Holding water at the root level longer will help your plants in drought or extreme conditions.

Advantages of Using Basic H as a Soil Conditioner
 Increases water penetration
 Reduces some forms of water repellency
 Reduces rain run-off and loss by evaporation
Aids in eliminating standing water
 Promotes uniform water penetration

Advantages of Using Basic H as a Surfactant
 Cuts the cost of spraying with same effectiveness
Use less chemicals - residue killing
 No burn down - no retarding growth
 Makes water wetter making herbicide "hotter" - more potent
Helps plants absorb nutrients better increasing growth
 Reduce herbicide use by 1/4 to 1/2 recommended mix

Advantages of Using Basic H as a Wetting Agent
- makes water 300X wetter
Increases water penetration and absorption at root level
Used with herbicide, cuts (emulsifies) the wax on leaves and absorbs better
Improves the condition of the soil - more mellow and easier to work
 Keeps tanks, hoses, nozzles clean with less wear
 Cuts the protective coating on insects
 Effective on alkaline and acidic soils due to its neutral pH

Advantages of Using Basic H as a Seed Treatment -
1-2 cups per bushel
 Greater root development
 Faster emergence due to improved germination
 Seeds absorb proper nutrition better

There are hundreds of uses of Basic H – you can view some here:
or click on the following link to read how we use classic basic h to worm our farm animals:
You can purchase Shaklee Basic H Classic in 5 gallon or 30 gallon drums at our website here:
The Classic Basic H is different than Basic H2 - Here is some info on that:
Shaklee Basic H was the original formula, now known as Classic Basic H. Over the years, customers and Shaklee Distributors have found many different uses for Basic H that is not consistent with the labeling of the product. Shaklee Basic H was meant to be used as a non-toxic household cleaner. It was soon discovered that the original Basic H was purchased for many other uses! Farmers and ranchers use it as a great way to control horse flies, worm cattle, control crop pests and many other uses. Classic Basic H turned out to be a great all natural alternative to farmers. The home gardener started to realize that Basic H helped with greener grass, healthier plants, sunburn, mosquito control, ant killer, car wash and so much more!  (Shaklee does not endorse these uses because testing was not done in regards to uses other than cleaning and household uses).
Several years ago Shaklee wanted to get the "Green Seal" of approval for Shaklee Basic H and they had to reformulate it. This is when Shaklee Basic H2 was born. Shaklee Basic H2 is more concentrated, if that is even possible, and it is mainly used for cleaning purposes. Some people have used Basic H2 for a fly spray, mosquito spray and some of the other uses discovered for the Original Classic Basic H. If you are a farmer, rancher or use Basic H for purposes not listed on the label it is highly recommended that you use the Classic Basic H. Basic H and Basic H2 are very similar and work equally well for its labeled purposes.


  1. You have a great website!! Very informative and easy to read!! Thanks for all the information.
    Marilynn Solley

  2. Mrs. Kindred,
    Can you tell me the amount of water mixed with cc's of Basic H for goats?
    We use small 3-5 gallon buckets to water our goats.
    Is Classic Basic H still available?

    1. Tim,
      I apologize for not answering sooner.... I just now saw this...
      As far as how much water to add with the cc's of Basic H Classic, some people just add it to a 1-3 gallon bucket. Others will put it in a large syringe with the water and put it down the goats throat. I personally like the bucket method best and use a 3 gall. bucket with my goats. Yes, Basic H Classic is still available - but you can only purchase it is 5 gal. or 30 gal. I know that is alot to buy at one time - some folks find neighbors/farmers or friends to split it with. And it still works as a great household cleaner too!

      Hope this helps....

  3. Dose anyone sell the basic H in Sask?

    1. Hi Kevin. I'm not sure what you mean by Sask. But you can visit our website at to order, or you can call Shaklee at 1-925-924-2000 and tell them where you are and place your order directly through them. Please give the ID# XF05420 to place you under. If you have more questions, please use the contact form on our website at and we'll try to help you out. Thanks for stopping by!

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