Saturday, December 22, 2012

Merry Christmas From Our Home to Yours......

This time of year is perfect for snuggling, drinking hot chocolate, listening to christmas music, reading books, playing games, building memories, spending time with family, and staying close to the fireplace!
We want to thank you all for your love and support of our Shaklee business. Please feel free to share our products with others and become our facebook friend!
“For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.” -Isaiah 9:6
This Christmas Season, we are trying to reduce stress, live
 simply and reflect on what is truly important!
   May God bless you this Christmas and throughout the coming New Year!
-The Kindred's

Friday, December 21, 2012

Shaklee Products- Do They Live Up To The Hype?


Shaklee specialize in natural nutritional and health products. Their product range includes weight management, household cleaners and personal health. Shaklee’s goal is to make people and the planet healthier, and they do this by using only the safest, most natural and effective ingredients in their products. Shaklee has set the bar high. Can Shaklee live up to the hype?!

Shaklee Products- How Do They Perform?

Shaklee have invested a lot of their money and resources into proving their products are effective and perform as described. Shaklee have invested more than $250 million in clinical testing, research and development, and their products have been examined in over 100 scientific journals. It appears industry experts are backing Shaklee and believe in their products. According to a recent survey conducted in conjunction with the U.C. Berkeley School of Public Health, consumers who used Shaklee supplements had significantly better health than those who used rival brands.

It seems that Shaklee do indeed outperform their rivals in terms of consumer health. In actual cleaning products, it has been noted that Shaklee products perform just as well or even better than their rival brands. It would appear that Shaklee do live up to their hype.

Shaklee Products- Are They Really That Green?

Shaklee have built themselves on the grounds of using natural products and being environmentally friendly. They are the first company in the world to be certified Climate Neutral™ by completely offsetting their CO2 emissions.
A big selling point and advantage Shaklee have over their rivals is that they steer clear of harsh, abrasive chemicals, sticking to natural ingredients. They only source their ingredients from sustainable sources. When natural or naturally derived ingredients are not available, Shaklee must use scientifically formulated alternatives. These are subject to strict tests to ensure they bioavailability, purity and potency- i.e. to ensure they are as green as can be. Unlike other natural companies, Shaklee are upfront and honest with all of their ingredients and processes. Some natural companies do not reveal their entire ingredients lists, and so their credibilty is somewhat doubted. Shaklee do not have this issue- there is little doubt to their standing as a natural company.

Shaklee live up to their reputation of being environmentally friendly. Their products are concentrated where possible, reducing the amount of water, packaging and energy used per unit, and ensure their packaging is recyclable where possible. Shaklee have won several awards for their commitment to improving the environment, such as the 2007 Global Green USA’s Organizational Design Award and the 2008 Stevie Award for Best Corporate Environmental Responsibility Program.
Do Shaklee products live up to their environmentally friendly hype? Absolutely.

Shaklee Products- Are They Good Value For Money?

Shaklee Basic H2 has received praise across the board. The organic cleaning concentrate means that the same product can be used to for various cleaning duties by simply altering the product-water ratio. Basic H2 can be used to clean windows, limescale, ovens, grease, etc, eradicating the need to buy several different products, saving you money. Shaklee tells how 12oz of Basic H2 can make the equivalent of 728 bottles of Windex. In this instance, it is clear that Shaklee is great value for money, and again, have lived up to their hype.

To read the full article please follow this link:

Shaklee also has a 100% satisfaction guarentee - you can follow this link to check out Shaklee's great products!


Monday, November 26, 2012

The Gift of Health

Keep in mind this Christmas shopping season... YOU, the customer, are our everything! Spending $100 at Walmart or another retail or department store during the holidays won't make a difference to anyone; but spending $100 through a home business owner for Christmas means our business can continue, it provides for our families, helps us meet our personal goals, and helps us continue to do what we love without using harsh sales techniques. The big stores will not care about you the way we will because unfortunately, you don't mean that much to them. You mean the world to me!!!

Shaklee - Give the gift of health to your loved ones that will last throughout the new year and will continue to change their lives and their future!
They will thank you!

Below are some great Shaklee Gift Idea's:
Essential Nutrition Protein
Vitalizer & Protein - feel better in 30 days or your money back - guaranteed! - Get a FREE Shaklee lifetime membership with the purchase of Vitalizer – includes 15% off all future orders.

Vivix Cellular Anti-Aging Tonic -(is 10x's more powerful than Resveratrol) in its pretty white box, put it in side a beautiful wine glass or wine decanter.
Cinch Snack or Meal bars to stuff stockings or give with bike gloves, yoga mat, hiking trail or bike route maps, or in a new lunch bag or school backpack.
Cinch Energy Tea sticks tied with a pretty bow and put inside a mug or teacup or with a tea cozy.

Basic H2 Wipes and Basic H2 (has 1001 uses -click here to read more) 16 oz bottle inside a bucket and a sponge filled with car/boat magazines. Click here to read a review from The Modest Mom

Enfuselle Nutrition Therapy Skin Care System collection with a lighted makeup mirror

Enfuselle Lip Treatment with a bow on it to give away to co-workers, pastor, teachers or mail carrier

Stress Relief Complex (click here to read how this got rid of my daily headaches and migraines) and Herbal Blend Multi-Purpose Cream with some nice slippers, designer socks to soothe tired feet year round. - I also rub it on my temples after a long tiring day!

Enfuselle Moisturizing Shower Gel, Ultra Moisturizing Shea Butter Cream and a bath sponge in a pretty shower caddy or with a set of monogrammed towels

Shakleekids Incredivites and Mighty Smarts along with books, games, or a world globe

Joint & Muscle Pain Cream with a microwaveable comfort pillow - works GREAT!
Get Clean Fresh Laundry concentrate (a 32 oz. bottle lasts my family of five for five....yes, I said 5 months! - super concentrated formula!) and Soft Fabric Concentrate with a set of towels in a laundry basket

Get Clean Water Pitcher for the person you know that carries around a bottle of water all day long –

Shaklee Sports Nutrition Drink, along with a sports bottle, football, soccer ball, gardening tools, ball cap, or with a music card to purchase music for the MP3 as they walk or run or with a jump rope or exercise video for someone making a New Year’s resolution
Scour Off Paste, or dish soap - great for the cook in your life - no more bad smelling chemicals that leave your nose hairs burnt and hands dry - it'll leave your kitchen (and bath) sparking clean!Click here to read a review from The Prairie Homestead.

ProSante Hair Care System with hair brush and other hair accessories or over-night bag (works great - no more tangles in daughter's hair!)

Shaklee SPF 30 with a sun hat, ball cap, sunglasses, beach towel… for one traveling or living in warm climates
Shakleebaby Gentle Wash, Soothing Lotion, or Diaper Cream - pair with bath toys, a baby book, cloth diapers or stuffed animal!

New Concept® Organic Dentifrice - Spearmint or Wintergreen - all natural toothpaste - add a toothbrush and it makes a great stocking stuffer for anyone!

Hand wash Concentrate - Soft, silky, and all Natural with pump - a little goes a long way - you will love this - doesn't dry out your hands!
Get Clean Kit or Mini Kits - Laundry, Kitchen or Household - great for anyone - young or old! All Natural, super concentrated cleaners - free your home from toxic chemicals!

Give them a lifetime Shaklee membership with no purchase obligation ever!

GIFT CERTIFICATE, AMOUNT OF YOUR CHOICE… PRICELESS!!! call me 765-283-4643 and I’ll send them to you!

Give a gift that makes a difference this year - not just for those you love, but also for all the small independent home business' - We will thank-you!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Five Very Good Reasons Why Christians Should Vote

I personally have friends and family who go to a church where members believe that it is against God's will to vote. I have heard of times when concerned that a corrupt politician would win an election, church members gathered for an all-night prayer vigil. In the morning, however, they refused to vote and the good candidate lost. Didn’t those church members do the right thing? After all, isn't politics a dirty business? Christians are citizens of heaven, not of earth… right?

~ WRONG! ~

There are at least five very good reasons why Christians should vote according to Author Jeffrey L. Myers, from his book Vital Truth: Christian Citizenship
1. God has granted us authority. - All authority belongs to God, but He has put human beings on the earth as caretakers. What is our task? According to Jesus in Matthew 28:18-20, we are to go out and make disciples of all nations, teaching them to obey God in every area of life. This includes politics. We must disciple people to make godly decisions about government, and promote the efforts of those who are already doing so.

2. Christian values contribute positively to society. - The Bible’s solutions make sense. It is Christian involvement in government through the ages that gave us hospitals, civil liberties, abolition of slavery, modern science, the elevation of women, regard for human life, great works of art and literature, a workable system of justice, education for common people, the free-enterprise system, and much, much more.
3. When we see the good that results from applying God's principles, and the horror that results from rejecting them, doesn't it seem cruel and irresponsible to keep Jesus teachings about truth, love and compassion to ourselves? - At very least, we should vote to keep OUT of office those who attempt to oppose God's authority.
4. Obedience to authority demands good citizenship. -  The Apostle Paul in Romans chapter 13 clearly states that we must obey governmental leaders because all authority comes from God. Here's the catch: in America, the people are the leaders! Here, at least, we express our obedience to God by exercising our rights and privileges as citizens. That means voting.
5. Good citizenship sets an example for generations to come. - Those who apply God's principles to government pave the way for generations of blessing.

"If you don’t vote, you have lost your right to complain. And may I further add, that when you tell your children and grandchildren about how at one time America was a Christian Nation, please be sure to tell them that because of people like yourself, who chose not to vote – You chose to not pass on the blessing to them. You my friend, are part of America’s downfall."

Friday, October 26, 2012

What's in Your Antiperspirant?


 'Parabens' are present in almost 100% of breast cancer tumors.
 I am ECSTATIC that Shaklee provides paraben-free antiperspirant that works & works so well - I'm shocked, truth be told. It is that good. Woman everywhere need to switch to this paraben-free antiperspirant, in hopes of avoiding breast cancer. Listen. Our DAUGHTERS need to be using this antiperspirant!
 Why in the world, when parabens are found in almost all breast cancer, would we even take the risk?
 I choose to do everything I can do on my part, such as removing parabens from my deodorant, as a precautionary measure. Please consider doing the same not only for yourself, but your female family members, as well.
 Remember, if you don't like it, Shaklee has a 100% money back guarantee.
Desert Wind® Roll-on Antiperspirant - Size: 2 fl. oz. $6.10 for members ($7.15 non-members) Order here!
Gentle, long-lasting protection against wetness and odors is the hallmark of this fresh-scented roll-on. Its non-sting formula contains soothing allantoin for a smooth, comfortable feeling.This product, my friends, is amazing

Also available: Shaklee Essentials Antiperspirant Cream. It is $12.10 for members ($14.25 non-members).

And if you think it's expensive, think again!  It takes just a small amount, so this 4 oz. jar will last a very, very long time! It is a cream, so you just tab & spread it under your arm - it has a very mild, lovely scent, but the scent dissipates almost immediately. It applies white, but instantly turns clear. It's not wet, it's not even noticeable! It's wonderful. Order here! .

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Cool Simple Science Experiment

Cool Simple Science Experiment ...... do with the kids

What you need:
small bowl or lid for each kid
toothpick for each kid
food coloring
pour just enough milk into the lid to cover the bottom
then add two or three drops of food coloring around the sides (see picture below)
Next, put dish soap on the end of a tooth pick (I use Shaklee dish wash concentrate- it is all natural, safe, nontoxic, and super concentrated!)
 insert the toothpick with soap side down into the middle of the milk.
 Hold the toothpick still and watch it swirl
Even the two year old thought it was pretty cool!

We dumped ours out and done it a few times - the kids had so much fun choosing different color combinations.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Shaklee Basic H for Agriculture Use

Agriculture Use of Shaklee Basic H Classic
Nature has put everything in your soil that is necessary to grow abundant healthy plants. The most economic way to manage your soil is to add an igniter to the soil and thus begin inner action never before possible. This is where Basic H classic, a Shaklee product, comes in. Basic H is not a plant food as such, but helps get action in the soil that builds soil health. Basic H can improve water infiltration, or penetration, up to 300%. Many farmers who uses Basic H have experienced how Basic H makes “water wetter than wet.” Holding water at the root level longer will help your plants in drought or extreme conditions.

Advantages of Using Basic H as a Soil Conditioner
 Increases water penetration
 Reduces some forms of water repellency
 Reduces rain run-off and loss by evaporation
Aids in eliminating standing water
 Promotes uniform water penetration

Advantages of Using Basic H as a Surfactant
 Cuts the cost of spraying with same effectiveness
Use less chemicals - residue killing
 No burn down - no retarding growth
 Makes water wetter making herbicide "hotter" - more potent
Helps plants absorb nutrients better increasing growth
 Reduce herbicide use by 1/4 to 1/2 recommended mix

Advantages of Using Basic H as a Wetting Agent
- makes water 300X wetter
Increases water penetration and absorption at root level
Used with herbicide, cuts (emulsifies) the wax on leaves and absorbs better
Improves the condition of the soil - more mellow and easier to work
 Keeps tanks, hoses, nozzles clean with less wear
 Cuts the protective coating on insects
 Effective on alkaline and acidic soils due to its neutral pH

Advantages of Using Basic H as a Seed Treatment -
1-2 cups per bushel
 Greater root development
 Faster emergence due to improved germination
 Seeds absorb proper nutrition better

There are hundreds of uses of Basic H – you can view some here:
or click on the following link to read how we use classic basic h to worm our farm animals:
You can purchase Shaklee Basic H Classic in 5 gallon or 30 gallon drums at our website here:
The Classic Basic H is different than Basic H2 - Here is some info on that:
Shaklee Basic H was the original formula, now known as Classic Basic H. Over the years, customers and Shaklee Distributors have found many different uses for Basic H that is not consistent with the labeling of the product. Shaklee Basic H was meant to be used as a non-toxic household cleaner. It was soon discovered that the original Basic H was purchased for many other uses! Farmers and ranchers use it as a great way to control horse flies, worm cattle, control crop pests and many other uses. Classic Basic H turned out to be a great all natural alternative to farmers. The home gardener started to realize that Basic H helped with greener grass, healthier plants, sunburn, mosquito control, ant killer, car wash and so much more!  (Shaklee does not endorse these uses because testing was not done in regards to uses other than cleaning and household uses).
Several years ago Shaklee wanted to get the "Green Seal" of approval for Shaklee Basic H and they had to reformulate it. This is when Shaklee Basic H2 was born. Shaklee Basic H2 is more concentrated, if that is even possible, and it is mainly used for cleaning purposes. Some people have used Basic H2 for a fly spray, mosquito spray and some of the other uses discovered for the Original Classic Basic H. If you are a farmer, rancher or use Basic H for purposes not listed on the label it is highly recommended that you use the Classic Basic H. Basic H and Basic H2 are very similar and work equally well for its labeled purposes.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Book Review: God Loves Broken People by Sheila Wash

God Loves Broken People by Sheila Walsh
Rating: 2 Stars

I thought I'd really love this book. A GREAT title, and a much needed message in a world that is hurting. The problem is that the content failed to deliver. I was hoping for a message that would inspire, encourage, and lift up my heart. I had a hard time making myself read the book. It's not that it's a bad book, just too chaotic and much too difficult for me personally, to follow. I got bored very easily and would put it down for weeks. I'd pick it back up to try to read again and the same thing would happen.

I too, was GREATLY OFFENDED by the Chapter titled, "FIERCE LOVE AND HALLOWEEN GRACE." This was an INAPPROPRIATE comparison made between God's grace and Halloween! The author states, "I call this kind of grace 'Halloween grace,' because it wears an unanticipated costume. (Halloween Costumes) don't 'necessarily give any clue to the sort of kid on the inside. Grace can be like that too.'" "But in each case His grace wears a slightly different costume."

I’m sorry to say that over all, this book wasn’t what I expected from Sheila Walsh and I simply did not care for it, nor would I recommend it.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher through the BookSneeze®.com [...] book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255 [...] : "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising."

Friday, August 24, 2012

TUGBOAT: My Voyage Out Of Obesity Book Reveiw

TUGBOAT: My Voyage Out Of Obesity
by: Cheryl Long

I recently won this ebook through Treasures From A Shoebox giveaway, and to be honest, I was more curious than interested. You see, I already take Shaklee supplements (the best all-natural supplements on the market in my opinion) and have noticed a major difference in my health (my skin disease, headaches, leg pain from being ran over) -  all 100% better!

 However there is one major problem I still can't seem to get a handle on when it comes to nutrition..... and that is my weight. While I have never been thin, I have been healthy, but that's been about 7 yrs ago.
I love to bake (I've got chocolate No Bake cookies cooling on the kitchen counter as I write this) and cook big country style meals for my family. With taking care of our little hobby farm, milking goats, gardening, canning, caring for my family of five, a special needs child, and running my home business, I always manage to put my health on the back burner, by making bad eating choices, no portion self control and by not exercising.
 Now, please let me insert here that Shaklee has an amazing Weight loss program and it WORKS! So, you may ask if it really does work, why am I not using it? The truth..... while I love the program and the snack and meal bars, I have a strong distaste for the shakes. 

While reading Chery Longs book, Tugboat: My Voyage Out Of Obesity, the thought struck me.... why not try this method to gain control of my weight?
 I love that Cheryl shares her personal journal with the readers. She tells everything, up front and honest. I like all the live juice recipe's, tips, Q&A section and encouragement. 
This book is very easy to read, short and complete. Cheryl shows the reader that they can follow what she has done and get healthy results. Not only does she share her results, she also shares the results of  her husband and three of her daughters - what worked and what didn't.
Cheryl long is living proof that it is possible to radically change your life in just 60 days! Her enthusiasm is contagious. I can't wait to try some of the recipes and to get my weight under control.
I am a firm believer in that, God gave us the right nutrients to sustain us and heal our bodies, whether it be with natural fruits and vegetables or by using all-natural food supplements.  It is up to us as individuals to put the best nutrition into our bodies.

Just a note: I do agree that buying organic fruits and vegetable's can get expensive. I wash all my fruits and vegetables with Shaklee's Basic H2. It is all natural and super concentrated - just one or two drops in a sink full of water will remove all the pesticides from your food.

''He who has health, has hope. And he who has hope, has everything.”'s to getting healthy!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Spring Iris.....

  The older I get - the more I love all the different colors of Iris, so i thought I'd share a few of my favorite with you.......


Busy Being Blue - looks really purple in this pic -

Fire Bride

Classic Bordeaux

Oh Jamaica

Glazed Gold

Color Tart

Spice Lord

Royal Blue Batik (purple)

Red at Night

Chasing Rainbows - my personal favorite!
still haven't figured out what this ones called!
I've got a few more - still waiting on them to bloom though.... Do you have iris? What colors are your favorite?

You can find info on growing Iris here.

One of my favorite places to buy Iris plants are Pleasants Valley Iris Farm - If you like them on facebook - you can enter to win a Free Iris each week - I was a winner last year!

Friday, April 20, 2012

What's lurking under your kitchen sink?

Mine used to be full of hazardous chemicals.......

Here is what I cleaned with in the past -

Dangers under my sink included phenols, cresol, lye, hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, petroleum distillates, ammonia, sodium hydroxide, butyl cellosolve, phosphoric acid, formaldehyde, morpholine, phthalates and much more. Educate yourself about what you bring into your home at
But Now I clean with Shaklee.......

Here is what I clean with now: (kitchen, bathroom, disinfect, laundry and all other cleaning needs included!) Note: the three spray bottles behind the Basic H2 bottle on the right hand side is all Basic H2 -just mixed differently for different cleaning jobs!
Did you see that!!!!
I went from 24 (toxic) items to 6 (safe) items!
That's a BIG difference!
Shaklee  believes health isn't just about what you put into your body, but what's around you. That's why they bring you a full line of natural and nontoxic cleaning choices that are Safe for you, Your home, and Your Planet® called Get Clean®.
  • No harmful fumes or hazardous chemicals.
  • Outperforms 20 national leading brands.
  • You would spend $3400 for ready to use cleaners to get the same amount of clean found in the Get Clean Starter Kit!*
  • Features Basic H2® Organic Super Cleaning Concentrate - just 1/4 tsp. makes 16oz. of all-purpose cleaner for only 3 cents.
  • And when you purchase the Get Clean Starter Kit you also make a positive impact on the planet:
  • Keep 108 pounds of packaging waste from landfills.
  • Eliminate 248 pounds of greenhouse gas.
* Based on comparing number of uses as set forth on product labels of conventional, ready-to-use cleaners.

 Do your spring cleaning the safe, healthy, non-toxic way with a Shaklee Get Clean Kit 

The Get Clean Starter Kit contains:
  • Basic H2® Organic Super Cleaning Concentrate, 16 oz. (1)
  • Germ Off Disinfecting Wipes, 35 Wipes (1)
  • Nature Bright® Laundry Booster and Stain Remover, 32 oz. (1)
  • Dish Wash Concentrate, 16 oz. (1)
  • Dish Washer Automatic Concentrate, 32 oz. (1)
  • Fresh Laundry Concentrate HE Compatible, Regular Scent 32 oz. (Liquid) (1)
  • Soft Fabric Dryer Sheets, 80 sheets (1)
  • Dish Washer Automatic Concentrate Dispenser (empty) (1)
  • Nature Bright® Dispenser (empty) (1)
Including all the accessories you need to get really clean:
  • Organizer Caddy (1)
  • Spray Bottles (3)
    • Windows and Mirrors
    • All-Purpose
    • Degreasing
  • Dropper Pipette (1)
  • 1/4 oz. Dispenser Pump for 32 oz. Bottle (1)
  • Laundry Measuring cup (1)
  • Dual Measuring Spoon (1)
  • Cleaning Accessories (4)
    • Super Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
    • Super Microfiber Window Cloth
    • Super Microfiber Dish Sponge
    • Miracle Scrubber Pad

Shaklee's Get Clean products are all natural, they are Always Safe, Always Green and Always Work!
And.... they are super concentrated and super powerful!
 Get a lifetime Shaklee membership and save 15% off on all orders, all the time, plus special bonus offers and even more savings, (along with 10% off select products when added to autoship) as well as access to Shaklee Member Center! And as always you also have Shaklee's unconditional money back guarantee! 


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