Tuesday, January 27, 2015


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Monday, January 12, 2015

Living Simply with Joy

 It's a brand new year.... 2015!

Last year, I had some health issues (my cancer/stress) kept me from doing what I enjoy - gardening, working in my flowerbeds, writing poetry, blogging, expanding my business, spending time with family and 'just living'. I spent a few weeks in bed, was depressed and life lost all joy. 

 I don't know whats in store for 2015, but this year, I am choosing to enjoy life, living simply and having joy....

I'm gonna try to enjoy the simple things in life. Get rid of clutter, spend time with my hubby and kids (after all, they are what matters most to me), learn to say no, and enjoy this life that I have been blessed with.

Want to live life simply? Not sure where to start? Here's some ideas:
Call someone. Book a plane ticket. Send a package. Write in a journal. Read books. Sit on a porch swing. Listen to some music. Say 'no'. Bake a treat for a neighbor. Be a friend. Help someone. Send a card. Reduce clutter. Take a vacation. Write a letter. Give from your heart. Simplify. Wear a smile. Take a walk. And just maybe, if we live life simply, and choose joy, ....just maybe, we will enjoy simply living!
We still have lots going on in life.... homeschooling, our son's therapy appts, my ongoing health issues and stress, living on a small country farm, remodeling/house addition, volunteer coaching at the local pregnancy center, CEO of our Shaklee biz, etc, but so far I'm finding that when I keep things simple...and choose joy.....  this thing called life, goes better! 

Here's to living simply and simply living!


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