Sunday, December 11, 2011

My Shaklee Office -From Start to Finish

Our back porch has been a place where things clutter - only usable in the spring and fall and even then, there were always insects and spiders.... it was too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter.

This year, we finally decided to take the plunge and remodel.... the goal was simple:
"Too make it usable year round with putting the least amount of money into it!"
So, Here are before pics:

And - here it goes...... we tore it all out - only the concrete floor and roof would be left!

Rebuilding the walls - inside and out

ready for windows and drywall.......

painting -

putting up the wood planks

After four weeks of hard work..... The finished room!

Please let me insert here - I have the very best hard working hubby possible - he did everything by himself and it looks great!

the main desk and door to outside - our goal is to put in a patio and sidewalk as this will be the Shaklee office entrance.....

the Shaklee area

The school area

I love having the extra room -

Christmas at the Kindred's

At our house - we like to keep Christmas simple, relaxing, cozy and fun!

Welcome....... please step on inside....


I have a milkjug at the entrences to the house and shop - I love the look and change out the ribbon and plants every season!

I love our fireplace - we use it for all our heat. Every year at Christmas and Easter, we take our family pic by it.

(All the picture frames are second hand, which I cover in twigs from the trees)

Our tree - I don't like cluttered, so we mostly do lights, and tinsel with just a few bulbs and a handful of orniments -

I hang christmas cards and photos on the back of the cupboards in the dinning room - when I was a kid, my mom would hang them on the doorways - I know to some, it may seem sloppy, but I like walking by and seeing family and friends for the month of Dec.!

the garland and lights on the kiten banister match/wrap around to the ones on the fireplace mantle -

The kids make gingerbread (grahm cracker) houses every year -

Christmas music is a given, no matter what the age!

cookies and candies are made......

If there is snow - playing outside is always fun......

Thanks for stopping by -
Merry Christmas..... keep it simple!!!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Newsletter 2011

Around Christmas time, I usually try to send out family pictures and write a letter about that years happenings - well this year, I couldn't seem to get 'in the mood' to write.... that is until I saw this on Pinterest

(For a FREE template download like the one above, please visit My 3 Monsters blog)

Although, I did not use the template- I started playing around. Here is what I came up with and I love it.... it is short and to the point!


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