We are in the middle of prime summer time!  Yep, people are out swimming, children (& some eager adults) playing on the slip n slide, folks are going on road trips.  Let's face it summer is the time to get outside!  ONE of those lovely outdoor tasks we seem to do more often is washing our own car.  Saving money, getting a little tan (not too much, wear that sunscreen!), and squirting your doggies OR significant other with the hose is reason enough to wash your own car!

However, when you wash your vehicle, please do it the GREEN way.  Here are some very simple tips for doing just that:

-Grab a bucket instead of the hose. The average car wash done at home uses up to 110 gallons of clean drinking water.  If you use a bucket instead you can save at least 80 gallons! Also, just washing the car less frequently or using an outdoor rainwater tank is a great SIMPLE alternative.

-Wash your car on the lawn!  The waste water can contain oil, degreaser's, residue, etc.. IF you're using Green products this will help tremendously but you will still want to prevent the water run off as much as possible, which will eventually go into rivers, streams, lakes and the ocean.  The lawn will be able to contain and help prevent them from reaching these water sources.

-If you must go to a commercial car-wash, examine to see if they treat their waste water before they dispose it.  A lot of new companies recycle and reuse the water, so supporting them is a great thing, but please check.  They are all around the same price.  You, the environment, your car, and the ocean are better off supporting an Environmentally friendly Commercial car wash company.

-Use Basic-H2!  Just awarded longest lasting concentrate cleaner by Yahoo Shopping.  Mere teaspoonfuls of Shaklee Get Clean Basic H2 power gallons and gallons of home-mixed cleaner.  It comes with instructions for creating three different strengths (for glass, general cleaning, and grease cutting).  Washing a vehicle – 1/2 tsp. per gallon of water.  Wash small area at a time and rinse.  You’ll love the shine!

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