Thursday, December 29, 2016

The Best of 2016

This year there were 48 blog posts at SRKindredSpirits....  There were a lot of different topics.... Things to say on a job interview, Recipes, Visiting Louisville KY, Getting rid of cookbook clutter, Book reviews, Bookcase redo, Why I don't sell, Making an orb, Crochet Christmas tree skirt, Understanding a INTJ, Adoption, DYT experiment, My first speeding ticket, What Instagram really tells you, How to review a product company, Family quality time, A free health quiz, and much more.

Here's the top 10 posts of 2016:

We had our first giveaway here on SRKindredSpirits and it was a success! The Happiness Dare is a highly recommended book!

Once you try these, you'll be hooked! Easy and yummy... you can't go wrong with these cream cheese roll ups!

I wrote this post after reading the definition of the word 'family', it will give you a little insight to my life.

Getting rid of the swimming pool was personal favorite and the relief we felt after the pool was gone was major! You have to click through and read the attached article.... it makes for a great laugh!

I think everyone could use a bit of a slow down in this thing we call life. Have you ever stopped and thought about all the errands you run or the many places you go?

Something so simple, but yet, so often, people don't take the time to do these ten simple things. It does make a difference!

Isn't it funny how most people always want more? From those of us who have been blessed with more.... all it takes to make you happy is enough!

What things are you great at? I really lay my heart out there on this post....

A fan favorite. This post has gotten the most talked about over on Facebook!

And lastly.... this post was the most popular all the way around. How qualified am I really?

What are some things you'd like to see on this blog in the next year? Leave a comment and let me know!

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Happy New Year! 
Here's to a great 2017!

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas Wishes

May the melody and spirit of Christmas fill your home with joy and peace. May your Christmas be decorated with cheer and filled with love. During this season of giving, take time to slow down and enjoy the simple things. In this happiest of seasons, may you find many reasons to celebrate. 
We would like to extend a big thank you to all our customers, followers, and friends for your support during 2016 and wish you much happiness today, this Christmas, and throughout the New Year!
The Kindred Family

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Unlock Your Dream Book Review

The back cover of this book states:

"We all dream. The capacity for dreaming and pursuing those dreams is a gift given to every individual. But many people cannot even begin to describe their dreams, much less figure out how to bring them to fruition in the face of frustrating obstacles, distractions, and setbacks."

"In Unlock Your Dream Philip Wagner will inspire you to engage in life’s greatest quest: discovering and reaching God’s purpose and dreams for your life. You’ll be empowered, equipped, and freed to give life to your dreams and to live with joy and expectation for an adventurous future."

In complete honesty, I never finished reading this book. It wasn't all bad... Chapter 3 actually had some really good stuff.... such as trusting God and realizing that as we mature, dreams may need to be renovated, edited, and refined. Dreams change.

I especially liked the following quote:

"God never asks us to give up something that is greater than His dream for us!"

However, after Chapter 5, I lost interest. For over a month, I took the book with me, moving it from my nightstand, to the sofa table, picking it up, and sitting it down. That happens sometimes.....

I'm not saying it is a bad book, it just wasn't good for me. I'll add it to the book shelf and see if it will catch hubby's interest....

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher through Blogging for Books, book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Understanding Architect (INTJ, -A/-T) Personality

Ever wonder how to understand yourself? What is your personality? Why is it that you do the things you do?

The last few years I have studied different types of people. It's easier to read others than myself, but I have gradually come to terms with who I am.

According to 16 personalities, I am an Architect (INTJ, -A/-T) which means that I am an:
 Introvert, iNtuitive, Thinking, Judging and I am both Assertive (-A) and Turbulent (-T) at the same time.

 I am self-assured, even-tempered, refuse to worry too much and do not push myself too hard when it comes to achieving goals.
 But am also self-conscious and sensitive to stress. I experience a wide range of emotions and tend to be perfectionistic and eager to improve. I spend time thinking about the direction in which my life is going. Life is very stressful for me.

 It is very rare to be me.... only .8% of people who are woman are (INTJ, -A/-T)! This test explains so many things about me.... how I can be a starry-eyed idealist and the bitterest of cynics, a seemingly impossible conflict all at the same time!

Architects are defined by their tendency to move through life as though it were a giant chess board, pieces constantly shifting with consideration and intelligence, always assessing new tactics, strategies and contingency plans, constantly outmaneuvering their peers in order to maintain control of a situation while maximizing their freedom to move about.

Architects do what they think is right, and sometimes that comes across as cold – it’s important to know that Architects don’t make these decisions lightly. They spend a tremendous amount of time and energy trying to understand why and how things go wrong.

We can be ArrogantJudgmentalOverly analyticalWe loathe highly structured environments – Blindly following precedents and rules without understanding them is distasteful to Architects, and they disdain even more authority figures who blindly uphold those laws and rules without understanding their intent. We can be Clueless in romance

Politeness Is Artificial Good Humor. Architects may go so far as to see many social conventions as downright stupid. Architects do not want to bother reading anyone they think isn’t on their level. Architects tend to have set opinions about what works, what doesn’t, what they’re looking for, and what they’re not. These discriminating tastes can come across as arrogant, but Architects would simply argue that it’s a basic filtering mechanism that allows them to direct their attentions where they will do the most good.

Architects tend to prefer to work alone, or at most in small groups, where they can maximize their creativity and focus without repeated interruptions and questions.

So, what's your personality? 
Take the quiz and leave a comment telling us your type!

Some of my favorite quizes are:

-here's a fun little experiment my oldest daughter and I tried!
- you can find the book review here!
 - get recommendations and health tips that fits your health goals, needs and budget.

Friday, December 9, 2016

Good, But Not Great

You know there's a lot of things that I'm good at, but not any one thing that I'm really great at....

Back in 2012, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that is cancerous - for which there is no cure. Since then, I often find myself thinking about the meaning of my life..... 

"What do I love, and what would I like to accomplish in my life......?"

That's a hard question.... 

I love to sing... and would love to sing lead or background in a band. But how in the world do you get discovered.... I actually auditioned for a small group in 2015, and was given the gig, but they were located a few hours away and I would have been away from my kids and hubby 3-4 days a week.... I just can't do that right now, my family is too important. 

I love plants and nature. I love making flower arrangements. (I have even though of opening my own florist shop...), but we live in the boonies and I would hate the tied down feeling of running a store with set hours.... I guess I'll keep fresh flowers on my table and make an arrangement here and there for a friend or party, as I'm asked.

I love to travel and enjoy long distant driving/traveling. I love looking at the different scenery. Staying in hotels don't even bother me - It's an adventure!

I love photography, especially of plants and nature. I have also taken graduation pictures and portraits. 

I love to eat good food. I can cook (pretty good, I might add...). I can garden and preserve food...... but I do that to feed my family, it's not a task I love to do, but it does give me satisfaction in caring for my kids and hubby... kinda like folding laundry, cleaning the house, washing dishes, and grocery shopping.

I have baked and decorated quite a few cakes in the last 20 yrs. You can see some of them here, and here, and here!

I enjoy some crafts, landscaping and home interior design. It is all something I enjoy doing in my spare time... in moderation. I do enjoy putting my ideas to life, but not so much that I'd want to do it on a daily basis. And not really for other people.... too me, decorating is a personal taste kind of thing.

I can play piano and harmonica, but I'm not very good.

I have written well over 500 poems and have gotten some poetry published.... although I don't enjoy English/language, the words used to come easy.... I always thought I'd publish my very own book of poetry, but after looking through my poems, many of them were written about my personal life and thoughts.... who in the would would be interested in that?!?!

I write this blog.... its okay. Although it would definitely be better if people would actually read, comment, and share it! It's not something that I really enjoy, just a way for me to put my thoughts out there.... I guess my thoughts aren't really important to most people!

I own my own biz and while I love the awesome products and I love helping people, but I don't enjoy sales all that much! I do get satisfaction from helping to provide for my family with my own home business.

I can run a hobby farm... raising chickens, milking goats, bailing hay.... I've done it all.

I'm a momma to 3 beautiful kids, and while I love them more than words can say, I don't find being a mom an enjoyment. 

I am an introvert. I enjoy being alone, but I also enjoy a little attention now and then....

I love spending time at home on our little piece of heaven! My home is my happy place - a place that I can shut the outside world out and just be me. 

I volunteer as a Crisis Counselor at a local pregnancy center.... something I do to give back.

 I love antiques and abandoned places. I have quite a few antiques and since we practice a cozy minimalist approach to life - we try to keep life simple, limit the things we bring into our home, and not to keep things we don't love or need.

In the past, I have....

  • Been a bank teller which I did enjoy..... although working in a restricted place with set hours would be extremely hard for me to do day in and day out. I enjoy the freedom of setting my own hours with my home business.
  • Worked at a cemetery. It was peaceful and relaxing.... funerals make you ponder life.
  • Been a secretary.
  • Baked bread in a bakery.
  • Planted and harvested crops at a produce farm.
  • Worked as a hostess in a restaurant.
  • Drove a truck hauling 63 ft. wedge trailers - driving truck was something I did with my ex-husband. Our monthly load was to Long Island, New York.... driving through the Bronx was always a trip, but overall, I loved it!
  • Worked at a greenhouse. I loved the smell of the greenhouse, the warmth of the sun, the beautiful flowers... my love for floral arrangements and plants is from a direct result of that job.
  • Taught at a Christian school, and while I loved the staff, teaching was a job out of necessity, not something I loved, but rather something to pay the bills.
... all good jobs, but not really what I want to do with my life.

Why is it some people in life have a calling... they know exactly what they want to do. Others have something that they really excel at.... they are so good at what they do, it just comes natural....

Why is it that I'm good at a lot of things, but not good enough at one thing to make it work???

I've never been very consistent in my life.... I guess you could say being married to the same man for 10+ years is an accomplishment in my life.... but that's probably got more to do with him being the most wonderful, loving, romantic and respectable man in the world, than it has to do with me accomplishing anything! 

I'm not sure that I'll ever figure out, what the meaning of my life is.... or what I want to be "when I grow up".... ha ha!!!

I just know that, I want to be, and do, more than what I am now....

I think my ideal life would be to travel, sing, and photograph my family and nature.... now if I could only make that a reality with a big hunkin' paycheck to go along with that.... any ideas?

*did I mention I love simple things... drama stresses me out.... simple is good always

Monday, December 5, 2016

Crochet Pattern for Christmas Tree Skirt


(1) 16 oz Yarn (color of your choice)
*You can use different colors of yarn. I wanted mine to match my Christmas stockings so I made it all soft white.

Crochet Hook (I used size H)
*You can use any type of yarn or any size hook.... (The smaller the hook, the tighter the stitches. The bigger the hook, the more yarn you will need.)

Glossery: (ch = chain, sc = single crochet, dc = double crochet, st = stitch)



Row 1: Ch 22, dc in fourth ch from hook, dc in each ch across, turn.

Row 2: Ch 3 (counts as first dc), 2 dc in each st across to last st, dc in last st, turn. 

Row 3: Ch 3, dc in each st across, turn.

Row 4: Ch 3, 2 dc in each st across to last st, dc in last st, turn. 

Row 5 - 6: Ch 3, dc in each st across, turn.

Row 7: Ch 3, 2 dc in next st, (dc in next st, 2 dc in next st) across, turn. 

Row 8 - 10: Ch 3, dc in each st across, turn.

Row 11: Ch 3, (2 dc in next st, dc in next st) across, turn. 

Row 12 - 14: Ch 3, dc in each st across, turn.

Row 15: Ch 3, 2 dc in next st, (dc in next st, 2 dc in next st) across, turn 

Row 16: Ch 3, dc in each st across, turn. 

Row 17: Sc in first st, (skip next st, 5 dc in next st, skip next st, sc in next st) across. Fasten off.

Please note: This is for a 4 ft. tall tree. If you wish to make a skirt for a full size tree you would repeat rows 12 - 15 two or three times before adding Row 16 and 17. You would also use more yarn for a larger tree skirt.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Read and Share Look, I'm Reading! Bible Storybook Review

The day this book came, I sat down with my 6 yr. old daughter Adilayia, to read this book together. She enjoyed it. By replacing key words with graphics, the child can fill in the story by looking at the picture which represents the missing word. I used to love these books when I was a kid! 

Some of the short stories are: Beginning, Flood, Abraham’s Family, Moses, the Promised Land, Ruth and Naomi, David, God’s People Made Slaves, Esther, and Jonah in the Old Testament and Jesus is Born, John the Baptist, Jesus’s Life, Jesus’s Death and Resurrection, the Holy Spirit Comes, Saul Becomes Paul, Peter, and the Best is Yet to Come.

The cartoon like drawings are simple and fun- but some of the people images v.s words were kind of confusing to explain to a 6 yr old. but overall, I think this book is a great addition to our home school library for my son and daughter who are learning to read.

To comply with regulations by the FTC, Book Look Bloggers has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

No Apology

"Never apologize for how you choose to take care of yourself!"

I needed this reminder.....
 In this season of my life, I often need to sleep more, rely on convince food, stay close to home, have help with dishes, cooking, cleaning, and laundry....

I can't do for others like I used too....

I cook and bake less, I give less, I focus on me and my family more. I need rest and a peaceful environment.

And for all that... I will not apologize. I do not have to explain. I am taking care of me. 

No apology needed.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Thankful For Us

Today is Sunday.... the weekend before thanksgiving. My family's all home - it's the first time in 17 weeks that hubby did not have to work the weekend.

The smell of warm coffee cake baking in the oven, sounds of Christmas music coming from the stereo, the warmth of the fire in our big stone fireplace....the Christmas lights twinkling on the mantle.... I look around... I love this time of year... and I love spending time with my family.

I look at my love... he smiles back, the fact that he works hard to give me this great life is not lost on me. I snuggle a little closer and lay my head on his chest. The two youngest are so excited as they pull Christmas decorations out of boxes.... today we will decorate our Christmas tree.... the teen puts down her phone and joins in on the fun..... the holidays are here!

Later, the in-laws will stop by to visit, and we'll watch movies, and have some hot chocolate.... but right now, the living room is a mess with Christmas decorations everywhere.... and I wouldn't trade this for the world! This is my family, my home, my start to the holiday season..... this is my life..... and it's perfect!

I've never been a fan of Christmas before thanksgiving. I love Thanksgiving. To me, putting the tree up is the start to the holiday season... it brings me peace, and helps me realize just how very blessed I am!

So, from my family to yours..... Happy Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 19, 2016


Today is National Adoption Day.... and although I am blessed with three kids of my own, I have always wanted to adopt a child and give them love, family, and a place to call home.

There over 450,000 kids are in the foster care system. And over 100,000 kids are approved and waiting for family's to adopt them in the USA. The average wait is over 3 yrs. It has been estimated, that there are over 350,000 churches in the USA. If only one family in each church across America would adopt a kid out of the foster care system, could you imagine the difference that would make - not just on an individual level, but as for America as a whole!?!?!

Research shows that Christians are the first people to speak out about abortion being wrong, but they are also the last ones to step up and adopt America's foster kids. I find it interesting to know that American families will spend thousands of dollars and wait for years just so they can adopt an infant, when there are so many kids that are ready and waiting (with very little cost) right at our fingertips. The average kid in foster care who is waiting to be adopted is 7- 9 yrs. old. Here's a link to some of the kids waiting for homes .... 

"There are no unwanted children. Just unfound families." 
- National Adoption Center

Over 23,000 children age out of foster care every year without finding a permanent family. This is tragic. Only 2% of children who age out of foster care will go on to get a college education, and 80% of the prison population comprises adults who were in the foster care system at some point on their childhood.

What a difference it would make in the world if those kids could have someone to care for them, teach them right from wrong, and give them a family to love them, and a place to call home.

People often think that adopting older kids can be harder because they often come with emotional scars and baggage. But here's the thing... with lots of love, time, and patience - they will thrive! To me, those are the kids who need a good home the most.

I know what you're thinking.... if adoption is so important to me, why haven't I adopted any kids myself? After all, don't be a hypocrite right? Well, you have a good point! I do feel very strongly about adoption, but at this time, my husband does not. And I feel that it is my place as his wife, to respect his wishes... I will pray, as God knows best and leave it up to Him. In the mean time, I will continue to speak up for these kids.....

"There is an instinct in a woman to love most her own child - and an instinct to make any child who needs her love, her own." 
-Robert Braul

Friday, November 11, 2016

Lessons from Gran Torino

We recently watched Gran Tornio (the movie). I know a few people who say it's an extremely bad movie to watch.... I disagree. I actually thought it was really good.... in fact we watched it as a family - yes, that means my 15, 9, and 6 yr. old watched it with the hubby and I. Please let me explain my reasoning.

 Let me start by saying that the movie has a whole lot of bad language, which I usually don't care for. But that's how much of the world today is, and while I certainly think they could have left out a lot of the profanity, it actually works in this movie in its context. 

I was struck by the fact that the Mr. Walt Kowalski's own kids and grand kids were only interested in what they could get from him. They thought he was a burden.... never truly loving him. (I saw that happen In my Grandpa's life.... everyone wanted a piece of him, but few truly cared about him.) The older I get, the more I realize that more and more families and people in today's world are like that. Everyone wants what they can get for themselves, not caring about the other person. It's sad, but it's true.

I love that Mr. Walt Kowalski learned to love his neighbors, they were his family. They were who he cared for, so much so, that he sacrificed his life to save them. And that's what struck me most in this movie, is that Mr. Walt Kowalski, would sacrifice his own life to save the two people he most loved. That's what true family is about.... putting each other first. There is beauty in selflessness.   

I also liked how  Mr. Walt Kowalski put things in order.... before  he died. While I'm not catholic, I do believe 1 John 1:9, which says;  "If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness."

Overall, I think the movie is a real life lesson in racism, overcoming hate, and selfishness, to hope, generosity, and love. In the end, Mr. Walt Kowalski changed for the better, and gave someone hope in a world filled with sin.

I like this quote from Sheila Gorge about it:
The Gran Torino Movie is "such an interesting portrayal of the problems in many immigrant communities with gangs, the lack of male role models, and the lack of hope. If we were to understand these things, I think we could do more to help. It would move us to empathy, as it moved Clint Eastwood’s character. But more importantly, it shows a real-life evolution of someone from a gutter mentality to a selfless mentality, because God touched them."
 "I would rather watch a movie with some swearing that presents a biblical worldview that inspires and causes one’s heart to sing than a “clean” movie that does not present a biblical worldview."

For more insights on Profanity vs. Biblical World View in Movies, read Sheila's blog here.

Monday, November 7, 2016

All The Pretty Little Things Book Review

All The Pretty Little Things
By: Edie Wadsworth
5 Stars

I read this complete book in one day! I was drawn to it like I haven't been drawn to a book in quite awhile, and so will you!

    Get ready to go on a journey.... one of sadness, drunkenness, broken relationships, fire, poverty, and abandonment. But also a journey of finding hope, love, grace, forgiveness, and wholeness.....

 To all those who feel fatherless, you have a Father God that loves you.... (and deep down your birth father probably loves you too -even if he really doesn't know how to show it.) You are worth a Father's love!

All the Pretty Little Things takes you on a journey of how one woman finds emotional healing.... Are you in need of emotional healing? Spiritual healing? What about physical healing? Our bodies were designed to work well with all three aspects. If one is lacking, you will suffer. (Take our FREE Healthprint Quiz to help find physical healing.... and to get tips and personal recommendations based on your answers.)

The story in this book is the same as many kids live in the world today. It is sad. But the hope that shines through brings so much gladness. Leave a comment and tell us one thing you are doing to reach out to the fatherless around you today.

You can purchase the book here.

To comply with regulations by the FTC, Tyndale Blog Network has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

The Curated Closet Book Review

The Curated Closet
By: Anuschka Rees
3 Stars

I am a visual person when it comes to learning! So, while reading 'the curated closet', I loved the suggestion on creating a 'My Style' Pinterest Board. After looking at my style board, it helped me see a pattern.

I like above the knee length denim straight skirts, bodycon skirts, denim and leather jackets, brown boots, strappy sandals, cardigans, and chunky jewelry, to name a few. I am a Type 3/secondary Type 2 in Dressing Your Truth - so you'll find lots of Type 3 colors in my style board.

I think the most important thing to remember when building your curated closet is that you personalize it to you. Don't try to be someone else's style look alike!

Overall, I thought this book had a lot of good useful ideas, the only downside is that the photos were not vivid or engaging, and overall dull and boring - but that may just be my Type 3 personality showing!

I am not doing a closet overhaul right now as I am losing weight, so I will be keeping this book on my bookshelf to use in curating my own closet at a later date, as I get closer to my weight goal....

If you are interested in putting together your own perfect personal style - you would find this book to be a very useful tool. You can purchase the book here.

Visit my style board on Pinterest and let me know what pattern or trends stand out to you. I'd love your feedback!

To comply with regulations by the FTC, Blogging For Books Network has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Speeding Ticket Questions

 I'm 33 yrs old and I got my first speeding ticket today.

I was driving through Carmel, IN.... on my way to my first consultation with my new surgeon. I've never driven though Carmel before, and every street I took had a detour that routed you to another street that had a detour, that routed you to another street that had a detour..... so after my 3rd detour reroute in a strange, busy city, I was started to worry that I'd be late - even though I left a half hour early....

 Anyway, the speed limit was 40 (last I saw) we were on a 4 lane street and there were cars all around me. I was in the right lane. There was a guy behind me honking his horn for me to go faster (I was going about 47...) anyway, the guy passes me on the left and as soon as he does, there are police lights behind me. The officer said I was doing 50 and sure enough, the speed limit had just changed to 30 and in the confusion, I didn't see it.... so yes, I admit I was speeding, but I do have a couple questions:

#1: Why did I get pulled over and not the idiot who was honking his horn and passed me that was going faster than me?

#2: Why did I get a ticket instead of a warning? My driving record is spotless and has been for years! (I thought you always got a warning first.)

#3: Why is it that my speeding ticket fine is $35.00, but I have to pay an extra $133 in court costs? (This makes no sense, I am not going to court.)

The worst thing about this whole situation is that I received a speeding ticket and I didn't even get the thrill of knowing I was speeding. I mean, if I've got to have 4 points on my licence and pay $169.00 (plus $7 to pay it online).... I wish I could of had the satisfaction of knowing I was speeding.... that's the bad girl inside trying to get out.... instead, I was nervous about a strange city, with people honking at me, lots of roundabouts, having 3 detours, and worried about my appointment with the surgeon at a new hospital!

Anyway, I did manage to get to my appointment in time. The hospital is beautiful, and my new surgeon and her team is great! But, from now on, I'll stick to staying on the interstate when I drive down there.... and leave the crazy city streets of Carmel, with their many detours, for the local folks....

Yes, I'm 33 and I got my first speeding ticket!

What about you? Have you ever gotten a ticket? If so, for what? How old were you?

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Finding Enough

Fourteen years ago, I was a single mom. I made $12,000 a year, and lived paycheck to paycheck. It wasn't much, but it paid the bills. I provided for my daughter and I. Life was good. We were happy.

A couple years later, I married this great guy. He was every thing I didn't know I wanted. He lived in another state. Owned his own home. Had a good job. Was a man of good values. He loved God. He loved me. Loved my daughter. Asked me to marry him. I said yes. Life was good. We were happy.

Over the next few years, we worked hard making our little piece of land into our dream home. Had a two more kids. Hubby continued to have a good job. We bought toys, but never living out of our means. Life was good. We were happy.... most of the time.... Every now and then - we felt something was wrong, but could never figure out what, so life went on.

Last year we paid off the house/farm, bought a new car, bought a new tractor, and we were thankful, but we realized that although life was still good..... we were no longer happy!

  Here we were, with everything we ever wanted, but we weren't happy.

We started reading more books, changing our perspective on money and life. We got rid of lots of stuff.... it gave us freedom. We turned 4 large flowerbeds back into yard, made our garden more manageable. We sold our pool, sold some of hubby's toys. With everything that points in the direction of less, life is good, and we are finding happy.

The mustang is for sale, we downsized the pasture, and put more land into hay. We are currently looking to buy a more manageable/less maintenance home.  Hubby is cutting back on hours at work, we are making a plan to be retired in 15 years.... we will be in our late forties. We are spending more time with our family, doing things we love. We are still in the process of making our life simple and meaningful. Life is good. We are finding happy again...

You see, we finally realized this:

“If you live for having it all, what you have is never enough.” 
- Vicki Robin

So to wrap this all up....

 Find enough.... and you will be happy!

Friday, October 14, 2016

Quality Family Time in the Seasons of Life

Our oldest daughter got her first real job this summer, which has made us realize that our season of life is once again changing! Don't get me wrong - I'm happy that she has a job, that she is growing up, learning new experiences, and becoming a responsible member of the community....


But at the same time, I realize that life is going to be different. She isn't always around. We have to check not only my husbands work schedule, but also her work schedule before we plan things. 

So, we have been trying to fit in more quality family time....

Simple things like target practice....

Going to museums....

Having more campfires and making s'mores....

Taking walks and bike rides/visiting the cemetery....

This year our family did the local Walk for Life fundraiser....

Playing games....

 Watching movies and eating popcorn....

Going on small trips

Nothing fancy or extravagant.... just trying to spend more quality time with each other - making memories. As the season's of life seam to hurry by faster and faster with time! What's your favorite way to spend quality family time? 


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