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Friday, May 11, 2018

My Gallery Wall

Our house has an open concept layout and while I love it.... I miss having more wall space. 

About 7 years ago, I came across the idea of having a gallery wall - and wanted to try it.... 

I like the idea of showcasing things that are important to our family and things that tell a stoy about our life.

So, after some trial and error, below is a picture of my first gallery wall - 

My first gallery wall had a little bit of everything in it..... the only thing I bought was the fake scull with horns. (I actually thought it would be bigger, but I guess it works fine for a piece of decor.)

The oxen yoke was my Grandpas.

 My Hubby made the 'Kindred' sign in his woodshop.

The cast Iron wheel came from my Dad.

1092 is our house number.

 The licence plate is an old Indiana 1988 truck plate that was here when we bought the place.

There is a picture of Hubby and the kids in the Badlands, SD and a picture of me with the kids on Mothers Day a few years back.

The saw was a .50 cent thrift sale buy.

 The small picture is a drawing of my Grandpas old red bank barn where I played many times as a kid.

The wooden frame has my all time favorite picture of the kids, back in 2010 when our youngest was born.

On the light stand, is my husband's Grandpa Blankenship's cigar box.

The sunset picture was painted by my oldest daughter - she is a great artist!

I loved my gallery wall, but after a few years I was ready for something new....

My second gallery wall is a statement to minimalism.... it seems to be lacking color, but at the same time I like the simplicity of it.

The oxen yoke is from my Grandpa.

A chain saw chain reminding me of my dad's small engine repair shop and playing with them when I was a kid.

My all time favorite picture of the kids.

Our house number.

A wall plant holder with a plant that I absolutely love.
Plant holder purchased from succulentsforhati

I love my new gallery wall.... and when the time comes, that I'm wanting something new, I'll change it out again to make it into something I love.
What about you? Do you have a gallery wall? If so, link a picture and tell us about it in the comments.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Ugly, Sagging, Sofa Makeover

Our first sofa set we had for 7 years (We actually still have the original love seat, now 11 yrs old in my office.) but 3 years ago we bought a new furniture set.... but after only 3 years our newest set was shot. Actually it was shot after 2 years, it just took us another year to finally do something about it. It was awful to sit on... it felt like you had lumps in your butt and I was embarrassed to have company over.

Let me insert here that the hubby and I have always liked the idea of buying a cheap sofa set, use it for 5-7 years and get a new set.... because we have kids who make messes and I like to change my decor and get tired of the same items of furniture. So, that is and has been our plan.

We were rather disappointed that after only 3 years we'd have to buy new sofas, but I started researching sofa's online. However, after all the researching, we were worried that we'd sink another $2500 in sofas, only to have them not hold up as well. We really didn't want to go through that again, so I decided to try something else.

First, hubby took the fabric off the bottom of the sofas and pulled the springs tight and put in new wood to reinforce the frame and used screws.... here the whole thing was held together by staples.... 

Second, we took the covers off of the cushions and cut the foam. The springs inside were all twisted... (which when we bought theses sofa's I remember the salesman used the springs as a selling point, saying that the sofa wouldn't breakdown because of them).... ya right, that was a joke!

Anyway, the foam its self was still in decent shape, so we measured the inside and ordered Lux Foam- High Quality from Foam Factory. *Note - I really wanted the firmest I could get... however, if I did it again I would just get the Lux- Regular, as our seats are on the extra firm side. But overall, I'm happy with the way they are now.

We put the new foam inside the old foam and put the cover back on. Instant Success! The cushions looked great!

Next, I ordered 10lb. box of Poly-Fil from and re stuffed the back of the sofa's. The cushions on the back of our sofa do not come off, but they do have the zipper enclosures underneath. I just unzipped the cushions and stuffed. This is easier said then done.... your body is in an awkward position and I have short arms, but the finished product is well worth it. 

And here's the finished sofa after the make over.... no more sagging, or springs poking my butt.... now I just need to find some new throw pillows for spring!

Quite the difference, don't you think?!

Monday, March 5, 2018

DIY Photo Transfer to Wood

I have always wanted to try to transfer a photo to wood, so I figured what better photo to use than my all time favorite picture of my kiddos. It was fun and surprisingly easy to do. It is also a cheep way to add a unique look to your decor.

To begin with, know that you can not use an image that comes from your ink jet printer at home. The ink will smear and you’ll be disappointed. Know that you also can not use an actual photo print as they have a plastic/vinyl coating and the image will not transfer.

You must use a photocopied image. I went to my local Staples to use the copier - just take the actual photo and copy it on plan white paper - you can either use color or black and white. (It cost me around $2.55 for a 16 x 20 black and white copy.)

Supplies needed to transfer a photo to wood: 
Unfinished Wood - sanded smooth (I bought a 24 x 24" sanded board at Menards for around $5.00 and had my hubby cut it down to the size) 
Photocopied Image
Liquitex Professional Matte Gel (medium gel) 
Mod Podge 

Step 1: Apply a generous amount of the Gel Medium to the image. You need a thick layer.

Step 2: Press the image, photo side down, onto the wood panel. Rub firmly to smooth out the image and remove air bubbles. Make sure to put it on straight. Let it dry completely. (Overnight drying is recommended.)

Step 3: Use a damp cloth or sponge to wet one section of the paper at a time. Begin rubbing gently to remove the paper and expose the transferred image below. Remove the top layer first, let it dry slightly, and then repeat the process as needed to remove the fuzzy paper that was left behind. (I found the fist layer of paper came off better while wet, with a sponge. However, for the last fuzzy paper, I found it came off better if it was a bit more dry and I used my fingers to rub it off.)

Step 4: Once you are satisfied with the image, sand the edges lightly. Seal the photo to the wood by brushing on a layer of Mod Podge.

Step 5: Let dry completely.

What makes this process different from decoupage is that it looks as if the image is part of the piece, not glued on top of it. If you decide to try this, I'd love to see photo's of your finished project! Have fun!

Note: This is the first time I have done this.... you can see some mistakes in my finished product, but overall, I liked the way it came out.

Monday, January 22, 2018

How To Make Your Bedroom A Beautiful Haven of Rest...

Here's our bedroom before we started decluttering.... I never thought of us as being packrats or having a cluttered home until we started going through our house room by room and getting rid of stuff....

Here's some ideas to help you unclutter your bedroom and make it a beautiful, relaxing space.

Closets - clean them out! Get rid of all the clothes, shoes, purses, and anything else you don't use reguarly or items that you have more than enough.

Get rid of all the fake plants, they only collect dust.

Wall decor - less is more! For example: In our room we have four wall decor items. One is a picure fame with a wedding photo, an old window frame from my Grandpa that I decorated, an old windmill blade and my jewelry holder which I made. We do have a mirror hanging on the back of the of the bedroom door.

Decor items, shelves, display cabinets - get rid of at least 75% of the stuff in your room. If you get rid of the extra and just keep a few items you love, those few items will be much more meaningful to you. I love finding antique items to use in my decor.... this oil can came from my dad's shop when I was a kid.

Fresh flowers are a great way to add to your decor... And I got this little type 3/type 2 elephant at a yard sale a few years ago.... I love this little elephant because it reminds me of myself.... all crazy, unpredictable, adventurous, and unique!

Paint the walls, the doors, and the trim. Get new hardware for the doors. Painting is the cheapest way to update a room. Find a color that you like or that looks good in your home. For example: I'm not really a huge fan of purple but this purple hue goes perfectly with our interior gray walls throughout our house, and I find it cool and calming in our bedroom - especially compared to the previous pink coral/salmon colored walls.

Hubby painting.... 

Dressers - get rid of any extra dressers you have. You only need one dresser for two people.

Dresser before... the attached mirror makes it look dated and the items make it look cluttered.

Below is the same exact dresser with the same decor plus one extra piece.... notice how much cleaner and clutter free it looks?

Ps. My husband and I share this one dresser.

This is the true actual color of the walls in our bedroom.

Curtains - open them up! Take down the ugly, old, dusty ones and clean them or buy new, clean, fresh curtains. Place curtain rods 1/2 way between the ceiling and the window trim (usually 6-8" above the window) - it makes your room look more open and your windows larger.

Make sure you have a nice comfy place to sit, talk, and relax. (Chair from Ikea). 

While on the subject keep your room clean and your bed made. We keep our bedroom as a getaway for the hubby and I.

Get rid of all the stuffy pillows, dated bed skirts, and old blankets. I used to have 7 throw pillows in my bedroom - while I will always love throw pillows, 2 or 3 is now my max.

Under your bed is not for storage.... if you have storage under your bed - you have too much stuff!

It amazes me just how much junk we used to stuff into our bedroom. We had collectible cars, tractors, magazines, sewing stuff, old picture frames, too big clothes, too small clothes, childhood toys, old cell phones, fake plants, gift wrap, suitcases, etc.

Never again! I love having a calm, clean, relaxing bedroom!

Monday, October 30, 2017

A Well-Crafted Home Book Review

A Well-Crafted Home: Inspiration and 60 Projects for Personalizing Your Space

 By: Janet Crowther 

Being a crafter (and a somewhat of a good one) I am very disappointed in this book. 
There is nothing classy in this book that I would want to have in my home. I like my home to look like Joanna Gaines decorated it, not put together by odds and ends a teen could make.

Sorry, but there are better ideas available on Pinterest. Don't waste your money on this book.

I received this book in exchange of an honest review.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Beauty In Simplicity

~ "there is beauty in simplicity" ~

Look for the beautiful in the simple things.... in daily life, routine, and the unpleasant tasks. Beauty is everywhere and more often than not, it is in the simple things. 

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Bridal Shower Lingerie and Paint Party

My sister Marla found her man!!! Don't they make a cute couple?!?!

Photo credit: Alicia Magnus

I wanted to have a small intimate lingerie bridal shower for my sister. Since she lives in Montana, we don't get to see her often. The guest list was small, just mom, sisters, sister in laws, and her two oldest nieces (4 ppl could not make it). I didn't want to have the normal 'how well do you know the bride' games, so this is what I came up with instead...

The theme was "In His Time"....

"Take Time to Date"
When guests first arrived... They could write down date ideas on wide pop cycles sticks and place them in the "Date Jar".

"Take Time to Play"
We started the evening by playing games.
The first, involved each guest, and the bride to be making a veil out of toilet paper. They had 5 min. and we're judged at the end. 

Next involved a bottle of sparkling grape juice and a garter. Each guest took turns trying to toss the garter on the bottle. The bride got to keep the garter (and if she wasn't flying back to Montana with limited luggage space, I would have also given her the bottle.)

Next was a fun "Panty Poem"
I read the poem as someone held up each pair of panties and then gave them to the bride.

Opening gifts came next.... 
PS. plastic wrap is always appropriate at a lingerie shower...

"A Time to Eat"
I decorated the table with gold dollies, rings, rose petals, pearls, a clock (which was gifted to the bride), flowers, and a sign that said: "God makes all things beautiful in His time".

The food was simple...
Taco salad (which I forgot to put tomatoes in it!)
Cornmeal rolls
Wedding punch

"A Time to Listen"
We all filled out advice prompt cards and the bride read them out loud, while we guessed who wrote each one.

"A Time to Create"
I wanted an activity we could do together, so that we could talk and have a good time.... so, we all painted a canvas. I purchased canvas, brushes, acrylic paints, and sponges. Then set cups of water, a spray bottle of water, paper plates, and paper towels around the table.

We printed off a picture to use as a reference and we all started painting.

 It was relaxing and so much fun!!! It was so cool to see how each person's painting reflected their own personality...

Overall, I think the party turned out great and was exactly what I had anticipated.

How about you? What do you do to make a bridal shower/party special? Tell me in the comments...

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Planning a Graduation Party

Our beautiful daughter, Faith graduated from High School this Spring - so I wanted to have a graduation party to recognize that accomplishment... only problem was, trying to keep it simple, and not spend too much.... here's what I came up with....

Our theme was blue (her school colors), gold, silver, black, and white with pink peonies for a touch of elegance.


The Guest Table - 
We had guests sign a JENGA block with a message. Picture frames hung on the wall. A Vase of flowers, a card box, and a basket for the JENGA blocks on the table. We also had a quiz about the graduate for guests to fill out. You can see the quiz here.

The Gift Table was pretty simple - it was the top of a garage cupboard... I glammed it up with a sign and flowers...

We had her diploma, more pictures and some of her artist work (paintings and drawings) showcased in a bookcase.

Faith Through The Years - On one of the garage walls, I posted 8x10 pictures of our graduate from a baby to her senior year. I used gold stars to write her age on. And used cutout lettering above.

Another section of the wall had a picture of the graduate, along with an Inspirational Speech printed out. You can read the speech here. (This was my hubby's contribution!)

The Food Table was decorated in blue and white table clothes with gold doilies. We hung gold, white and blue table clothes from the ceiling to hide more garage stuff. We hung paper lanterns, paper fans, and blue paper swirls above the tables. 

Our Menu was simple....
We had a Cheddar Cheese ball, Dried Beef Cheese ball and crackers, Mixed Fruit, Assorted candy, and Vanilla and Chocolate cupcakes. I also made a layered cake to use as a center piece.... we sprayed the cakes with gold color mist. I used clear plastic serving dishes from the Dollar Tree.

For drinks we had fresh garden mint tea, chocolate and regular milk, and bottles of water. I purchased the milk cartons from the public school and bought 'Class of 2017' labels for the water bottles.

The one thing that my daughter wanted most, was a Photo Booth/Selfie Station. I bought a room divider, hung a sign, and set a basket of props on a chair beside it! For props, we had a mustache, bow tie, masks, boa, top hat, sun hat, sunglasses, necklaces, leis, #DONE, and a chalkboard sign. I bought skewers and hot glued the masks, mustache, and bow tie myself.


The tables were covered in blue table clothes with confetti. We bought a helium tank and had balloons around the garage in several places and tied to a pole by our lane and at the walk in door. 

Overall, I thought the party turned out pretty much how I imagined it to be.... the only regrets I have is that I wish we would have had more people show up (out of the 90 invites, we only had 40 guests). And I wish that I would have taken more and better pictures....

Most of our party decorations were purchased at Party City.


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