Thursday, August 28, 2014

Beaten, Robbed, and Left For Dead - Donations For My Dad

I am still trying to wrap my head around the reasoning behind why anyone, no matter how desperate they are, would do such a cruel, heartless, and senseless violent assault against someone, especially my dad who would go out of his way to help a complete stranger. 

As the last couple weeks have unfolded, I trust in the fact that God is an all knowing God. 

My Dad was brutally beat with an ax handle, robbed, and left for dead on Aug. 25th, at his small engine repair shop in Greenville, Ohio. He was Care flighted to Miami Valley in Dayton with bleeding on the brain, 2 deep lacerations in his head, multiple fractures to the left side of his face, the bones around his left eye were broken, a broken cheekbone and his jaw broken in two places. He underwent a 6 hour surgery and will have his jaw wired shut for 6 to 8 weeks and will have to be on a liquid diet during that time. (Dr's. say it may take up to a year to get feeling back in his jaw/chin). He will be facing many medical expenses from hospital bills, surgery, care flight, ICU, Emergency room, hospital stay, as well as medications and upcoming doctor visits. It may be awhile before he is able to be out in his shop working his daily job to provide income.   

  We know that he is loved by the Darke County Community and his long time customers and ask that those who want to help would consider donating toward his upcoming expenses. Please follow this link to donate:  

Any donations received will go directly to Mr. Frick (my Dad) in the form of a check. 
- Thank you for caring.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Monagramed Book Letter

Home decor doesn't have to cost much. There are many DIY projects that you can do to make your home look great! I wanted to make a letter using the initial of our last name "K"!

Materials needed for project:
- Letters (you can find these at hobby stores)
- Old Song Book.
- Hot Glue Gun
- Hot Glue
- Scissors

1. Like every good craft project, gather all of your materials. 

2. Begin by tearing out pages of an old song book. 

3. After your pages are torn out of the book, use your scissors to cut the margins and page numbers off the paper. You mainly want just words or music notes showing.

4. Roll your paper. You can either roll them tight or loose, depending on 

your preference. Try to roll them approx. the same size. -I know, easier said than done!

5. As you finish rolling your paper strip, grab your hot glue gun and put a small amount of glue onto the remaining edge of your paper strip. 

6. Continue rolling your strip in order to adhere the glue strip onto the paper. 

7. Lay your paper roll on the letter and either estimate where to cut it or use a pencil to mark where to cut it. (The letter 'K' has an angle so it was a little difficult to get the rolls cut perfect.)

8. Hot Glue your paper roll onto your letter.

9. Continue until your letter is covered entirely with paper rolls. 

10. Enjoy your Book Letter and have fun deciding where to stand it. 

I am still trying to decide if I want to put my letter on my bookcase, or place it on the mantle.... 


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