Thursday, September 25, 2014

Even More Cakes - by SRKindred

Monster Truck Birthday Cake
 (the cake was cameo colored inside)

Have a Beautiful Day Cake

Christmas Gingerbread House Cake

Stephen's 36th Birthday 
(I paid for him to fly a plane for his birthday gift....)

 Birthday Neon Colored Cake

Case Tractor Cake

Hubby's 35th Birthday Campfire Cake complete with hard-tact candy flames, a battery operated flicker candle, Pirouette wafer logs, and roasted marsh mellows! - This was a fun cake to make!

Candy cake

40th Anniversary Cake with floral center piece

60th Birthday Butter Pecan Cake

Fireworks Cake

4th of July Cake

60th Anniversary Cake with Peony Floral Center Piece 

 60th Anniversary Sheet Cake

Baby Welcome Cake
 (complete with baby shoes)

Chocolate Designs Birthday Cake

Teen Birthday Cake

80th Birthday Cake

Raspberry torte Cake

Reese's Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake

Angle Wedding Cake

Dump Truck Birthday Cake

Puppy Dog Cake

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Beaten Robbed And Left For Dead - A Letter To The Judge

The man responsible for beating and leaving my dad to die goes to trial next month....
Only myself and my sister in law will be at the trial. My family is trusting God that justice will be served, but I felt compelled to make sure the judge knew how the mans actions have effected our whole family..... here is my letter to the judge.   
Dear Sir,                                                                             
I am writing on behalf of my dad, Mr. Glen Frick who was the victim of aggravated robbery, felonious assault, and in my opinion - attempted murder, that accured on Aug. 25, 2014.
The defendant, Mr. Peace committed a senseless, horrible crime against an innocent man. This crime was not something that was done in the spur of the moment, but rather it was thought out and premeditated. Mr. Peace knew exactly what he was doing. Not only did Mr. Peace hit my dad over the head to knock him out and take his wallet, he then continually beat him unmercifully over and over and left him there, lying in his blood, for dead.
If a customer had not found my dad when he did…. my Dad would have died, and this would be a murder trial.
My dad was care flighted to Dayton. He had bleeding on the brain, his jaw broke in two places, his left eye injured, his cheekbone shattered, the three bones around his left eye were broken, and 2 deep lacerations on his head (which were stapled shut). My dad had a 5- 6 hr. surgery to put metal plates around his eye, repair his cheekbone, and jaw, which was wired shut for 6 weeks. During those six weeks, my dad was on a liquid diet (all the while Mr. Peace was able to eat/chew his food – three meals a day.) My dad now has no feeling in his gum/chin and has lost 20 lbs. as a result.
The plates that were put into my dad’s jaw still restrict him from opening his mouth and chewing food. Doctors have told us that my dad will most likely have multiple surgeries ahead of him. This crime against my dad has worn him down physically and mentally. I watched my dad go from a strong man, to someone who looks old and tires easily. Since this has happened, he often gets out of breath. This crime has taken years off of my Father’s life and for that Mr. Peace is directly responsible.
Not only has this crime affected my dad, it has also affected the rest of our family. My mom is now afraid every time that a customer she doesn’t recognize comes to the shop. She will no longer go outside after dark. She is restless at night, waking up at each little sound, afraid that someone may be up to no good.
In the first two weeks after this crime, my son (age 7) who idolizes his Grandpa Frick was so traumatized by the way his Grandpa’s injuries looked, that he was scared to go near him. He (my son) wanted to know why a ‘bad man’ would hurt Grandpa and if that man (Mr. Peace) will hurt Grandpa again.
My Dad is a good and moral man, an asset to the community. He is well liked by his customers and is known for his willingness to help others without accepting anything in return. He certainly did not deserve this.
I know your job is not easy – but I beg of you, to please take into consideration the fact that this act of violence against my dad was completely unprovoked. Mr. Peace brutally beat my dad within an inch of his life, all for a few bucks.
Beyond the mental and physical trauma, that my dad has and will continue to endure, there is also the financial impact that may be felt for years to come. Although Crime Victims Compensation will help with his medical bills (up to $50,000), we do not know how many future complications, surgeries, and medical bills my dad will continually have as a result of this brutal attack.
What Mr. Peace done was wrong. When looking at Mr. Peace’s public court and jail records, it is very apparent that he has been given many chances to do better. In Darke County alone, he has had over 34 charges against him since Nov. 2004. Letting Mr. Peace off with a lower sentence would be an injustice to our family and the community. It would show others who chose to disobey the law that there is no consequence or punishment for their wrong actions and the crimes they commit. It is time Mr. Peace is held accountable for his actions and specifically for this crime which he chose to commit.
Please Sir, if Mr. Peace had severely beaten one of your loved ones and left them to die…. please consider what you would have the courts do in that case.
Thank you for taking the time to read my letter and for serving the Darke County community.
A daughter of the victim

 Update: 09/28/14 - An update on my Dad was published in the paper today. You can read it here

Update: 10/31/2014 - The man responsible for beating my dad was sentenced to 10 years in prison.


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