Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Does Cancer make you Strong or is it just Life?

"You know, I used to think people with cancer were strong to be able to get though - day after day..... but I've learned that the days come and go, it's not about strength - there's just no other choice - it's real simple...... it's called life."  - * not looking for sympathy - just an observation from the 'inside'.

I put this status on my Facebook timeline a few days ago......Here are the thoughts I had behind that post......

You know, I think most people think that when you have cancer or another untreatable illness that it makes you strong. They say it takes strength to not give up, and strength to fight. They say it makes you want to be a better person - you know - like, spend more time with family, read more stories to the kids, hug more often, laugh a little louder, have a picnic, dance in the rain, make memories, etc.

For me, the reality is - I want to do all that stuff, but really - the cold hard truth is - I actually do less of those thing now that I have cancer than I did before I knew. I often feel like a failure, I'm exhausted, I'm short tempered with my kids, I have no energy left to smile and laugh with my husband or play with my kids, the mental part is killing me... I am not strong. I feel weaker now than I ever have.....most days I want to give up, throw in the towel, call it quits.

It takes everything I can muster up to 'act' normal, keep the house clean, run my biz, take the kids to school, take my son to therapy, do the laundry, dishes, cook supper and 'keep my cool'. All I ever really feel like doing is laying in the bed and crying...... I just really want to cry...... and you know what - no one knows this - not even my husband (he doesn't do well with the whole 'I have cancer issue'.)

But you know what? Everyday - I get up, get dressed, and comb my hair  - I just keep going.... put on some make up - add a few pieces of jewelry ......my oldest daughter will say 'Mom, you look good this morning!" To everyone, I look fine. I smile. I say I'm fine, - but to me, I'm dying inside..... I'm crying - all alone curled up in my bed - but no one knows -  because it's amazing what a smile can hide!

In conclusion, I am blessed with some good FB friends who offered their prayers on my behalf and for that I am grateful. I was also reminded of a verse in 2 Corinthians 12:10 that says "for when I am weak, then am I strong..." reminding me that it's okay to Lean on the One true source of strength (God). The following is a reply I received on that status:

"I believe it IS strength. Strength to not give up, Strength to believe that your Higher Power can be called upon and believed in, Strength to fight, Strength to never give up, Strength to continue to love, Strength to forgive, and Strength to put on a brave face and just say... it's just life."

So does cancer make you strong? Or is it just a part of life?

 In the end....   The days do come and go -  and when we feel weak and exhausted - when there's just no other choice - we have the strength to believe in God - the strength not to give up - when we have no strength - it takes strength to put on a brave face and say... it's just life - because, we have no other choice - this is our life!  


P.S. I hesitate to discuss my cancer, as I am not looking for sympathy - but have found that sometimes, I get relief by 'talking' about it here on my blog - it helps to 'get it out'. Please don't ask personal questions..... You can read more here.


Thursday, October 24, 2013

Book Review: The Courage to Receive

Rating: 2 Stars
I have been holding off on reading this book because I wanted to give it my full attention, as I am a HUGE Jen Fong fan. I have found the content of Jen's Social Media Blog and Facebook page to be so useful, so I was very excited to read this book!
With that said, however, I was somewhat disappointed in reading The Courage to Receive.

The book touches on the points everyone experiences in loss, disappointment, and struggle. We've all experienced setbacks to one degree or another and can all learn from them. The book is clearly written, easy to read and short enough (too short) that you don't lose attention or can't find the key points.

While the strategies she presents for getting out of your bad attitude after failure are spot on. And, the compassion and wisdom with which she presents are great, I didn’t feel that I learned anything new or life changing to help me out of a bad situation. Everything that she stated – is already common knowledge.

I’d highly recommend that you visit Jen’s Social Media Blog for some great content!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Shaklee Performance vs. Gatorade - All Natural Hydration

Shaklee Performance VS. Gatorade

So what do I bring to the pool or water park to keep little bodies hydrated and up on their energy so they don't crash before closing time? Hmmm -Is it the popular sports drinks like Gatorade and Pedialite?

 Nope!   ……..It's Shaklee Performance (orange or lemon lime flavored powder you add to your own water).
I challenge you to compare it with your favorite sports drink! You will notice a difference when you drink Performance.

Shaklee Performance is a powdered hydration product from the sports nutrition line of Shaklee products. Shaklee Performance® is clinically proven to hydrate better than water. Plus, Performance has more electrolytes and provides more energy than the leading hydration drink. The proprietary OPTI-LYTE™ electrolyte blend plus the unique mix of carbohydrates delivers instant and sustained energy and supports optimal hydration.

What that means is that you feel hydrated immediately after drinking it. And it gives you the endurance you need to keep the energy flowing while you are working out, competing, running, swimming......or even just gardening or doing yard work on a hot day. (My husband drinks this while baling hay on hot summer days.)

Performance was developed for the Daedalus project...the first human powdered flight across the Aegean Sea. Performance was the only product the pilot had with him during the flight...Here is the story

While my clients, children or myself won't be flying over any seas...we love Performance. It has the hydration aspect but more importantly it doesn't have....artificial ingredients...no colors or dyes that will stain your lips or tongue. It has a better mix of electrolytes than the other leading brands of sports drinks...so it doesn't t leave you more thirsty than before.
Shaklee Performance contains three types of carbohydrates for energy and stamina (both simple and complex carbohydrates), glucose polymer, fructose, and glucose.
-It contains a balance of electrolytes to prevent dehydration; calcium, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, chloride, magnesium ions (electrolytes are mineral ions which can be lost through perspiration or excessive loose stools).
-It comes in two all-natural flavors: Lemon-Lime or Orange.
-It contains no fat, no cholesterol, no preservatives or artificial sweeteners.

Maximizing endurance:
Shaklee Performance helped maintain athletes* blood glucose levels for muscle energy and fluid levels for proper hydration. After more than three hours of vigorous cycling in the laboratory, during which time the cyclists consumed either Shaklee Performance or water, the speed was turned up even higher. At this sprint pace, Shaklee Performance drinkers endured for 33 minutes, while the water-only group lasted just two minutes!

In another test Cyclists rode stationary bicycles at 70% VO2 max for two to three hours. Shaklee Performance, other carbohydrate-electrolyte prototypes, and water were given to the athletes at the rate of one liter per hour. Shaklee Performance maintained blood glucose levels significantly higher than water throughout the test period, while maintaining plasma volume equal to that of water. Shaklee Performance also maintained a higher plasma osmolality than water, helping balance thirst with fluid needs and supporting the osmotic drive to drink. Shaklee performance was also the best-tolerated of all the carbohydrate-electrolyte prototypes.
Here is a chart of the results of a study done with Performance and blood glucose levels. You can see that the blood glucose levels were higher after 1-2 hrs. of working out than just water alone. Blood glucose levels...translate to more energy and endurance.

I found that when I started using Shaklee Performance - while I ran, it did not slosh around in my stomach, it absorbed right away. I didn't get that nauseous feeling that I used to get when I drank Gatorade on long runs.

My favorite way to enjoy Performance is by mixing a serving of Lemon lime Performance with our Shaklee 180 Pomegranate energy tea and ice...mix it up on a water bottle and enjoy.... great energy along with the hydration.

Others like to enjoy it in the form if a Popsicle. Hot day, soccer game, swim meet, running race....pack a Popsicle and enjoy the natural hydration and not all the sugar.  

Or try a slushy: use 2 huge scoops of Orange Juice Concentrate, 3 scoops of performance, 1 cup ice, up to 2 cups water... blend in blender till slush.

One more cool fact... this is an amazing product was used as a model for AstroAde to help NASA astronauts during reentry to prevent kidney damage! "Shaklee produced and continues to provide space shuttle crews a unique customized re hydration beverage coined 'AstroAde'."

If you want to try it, it comes in a 19 serving size container. Or if you are like me...lots of kids who are athletes and are active yourself....you will buy the value size/ team PAC. Enough to make 5 gallons of the drink, while you save $.

Contact me for more info: www.srkindred.myshaklee.com


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