Monday, October 24, 2016

Speeding Ticket Questions

 I'm 33 yrs old and I got my first speeding ticket today.

I was driving through Carmel, IN.... on my way to my first consultation with my new surgeon. I've never driven though Carmel before, and every street I took had a detour that routed you to another street that had a detour, that routed you to another street that had a detour..... so after my 3rd detour reroute in a strange, busy city, I was started to worry that I'd be late - even though I left a half hour early....

 Anyway, the speed limit was 40 (last I saw) we were on a 4 lane street and there were cars all around me. I was in the right lane. There was a guy behind me honking his horn for me to go faster (I was going about 47...) anyway, the guy passes me on the left and as soon as he does, there are police lights behind me. The officer said I was doing 50 and sure enough, the speed limit had just changed to 30 and in the confusion, I didn't see it.... so yes, I admit I was speeding, but I do have a couple questions:

#1: Why did I get pulled over and not the idiot who was honking his horn and passed me that was going faster than me?

#2: Why did I get a ticket instead of a warning? My driving record is spotless and has been for years! (I thought you always got a warning first.)

#3: Why is it that my speeding ticket fine is $35.00, but I have to pay an extra $133 in court costs? (This makes no sense, I am not going to court.)

The worst thing about this whole situation is that I received a speeding ticket and I didn't even get the thrill of knowing I was speeding. I mean, if I've got to have 4 points on my licence and pay $169.00 (plus $7 to pay it online).... I wish I could of had the satisfaction of knowing I was speeding.... that's the bad girl inside trying to get out.... instead, I was nervous about a strange city, with people honking at me, lots of roundabouts, having 3 detours, and worried about my appointment with the surgeon at a new hospital!

Anyway, I did manage to get to my appointment in time. The hospital is beautiful, and my new surgeon and her team is great! But, from now on, I'll stick to staying on the interstate when I drive down there.... and leave the crazy city streets of Carmel, with their many detours, for the local folks....

Yes, I'm 33 and I got my first speeding ticket!

What about you? Have you ever gotten a ticket? If so, for what? How old were you?

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Finding Enough

Fourteen years ago, I was a single mom. I made $12,000 a year, and lived paycheck to paycheck. It wasn't much, but it paid the bills. I provided for my daughter and I. Life was good. We were happy.

A couple years later, I married this great guy. He was every thing I didn't know I wanted. He lived in another state. Owned his own home. Had a good job. Was a man of good values. He loved God. He loved me. Loved my daughter. Asked me to marry him. I said yes. Life was good. We were happy.

Over the next few years, we worked hard making our little piece of land into our dream home. Had a two more kids. Hubby continued to have a good job. We bought toys, but never living out of our means. Life was good. We were happy.... most of the time.... Every now and then - we felt something was wrong, but could never figure out what, so life went on.

Last year we paid off the house/farm, bought a new car, bought a new tractor, and we were thankful, but we realized that although life was still good..... we were no longer happy!

  Here we were, with everything we ever wanted, but we weren't happy.

We started reading more books, changing our perspective on money and life. We got rid of lots of stuff.... it gave us freedom. We turned 4 large flowerbeds back into yard, made our garden more manageable. We sold our pool, sold some of hubby's toys. With everything that points in the direction of less, life is good, and we are finding happy.

The mustang is for sale, we downsized the pasture, and put more land into hay. We are currently looking to buy a more manageable/less maintenance home.  Hubby is cutting back on hours at work, we are making a plan to be retired in 15 years.... we will be in our late forties. We are spending more time with our family, doing things we love. We are still in the process of making our life simple and meaningful. Life is good. We are finding happy again...

You see, we finally realized this:

“If you live for having it all, what you have is never enough.” 
- Vicki Robin

So to wrap this all up....

 Find enough.... and you will be happy!

Friday, October 14, 2016

Quality Family Time in the Seasons of Life

Our oldest daughter got her first real job this summer, which has made us realize that our season of life is once again changing! Don't get me wrong - I'm happy that she has a job, that she is growing up, learning new experiences, and becoming a responsible member of the community....


But at the same time, I realize that life is going to be different. She isn't always around. We have to check not only my husbands work schedule, but also her work schedule before we plan things. 

So, we have been trying to fit in more quality family time....

Simple things like target practice....

Going to museums....

Having more campfires and making s'mores....

Taking walks and bike rides/visiting the cemetery....

This year our family did the local Walk for Life fundraiser....

Playing games....

 Watching movies and eating popcorn....

Going on small trips

Nothing fancy or extravagant.... just trying to spend more quality time with each other - making memories. As the season's of life seam to hurry by faster and faster with time! What's your favorite way to spend quality family time? 

Thursday, October 6, 2016

What Instagram really tells you....

I am becoming fascinated with just how much an Instagram account can tell you about an individual.... for example....

On my Instagram #srkindred - it's about my home, hobby farm, decor, living simple, good food, and my hubby, and kids pretty much sum up my life - with a little bit of my home business and blog mixed in...

#rachclarri is a fitness master! She knows how to kill a workout and is all about helping people reach their fitness goal - join her fitness challenge and live a better life... Her life is about fitness, and family!

#ZDesignAtHome is all about design tips, home decor & stylish finds for your home!

So, what about you? Are you on Instagram? 
If so, what does your pictures say about you?

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Getting Healthy - Part 1

It's no secret that I have struggled with my weight most of my life. I remember after getting my 8/9 yr old pictures taken - I was handing them out to my friends and I remember feeling ashamed that I was 'fat'. It was the first time I realized that I didn't have a waist... of course it didn't help that my best friend Carla, was beautiful, thin, and all the guys liked her!

As a teen, I wasn't huge, but I wore a size 10/12 (the same as my aunt) all through my teens. I weighed around 125#. The time I weighed the least was when I was 17 years old and two months pregnant with baby #1, (morning sickness and plain poverty does that to you) I weighed 110# and fit into a size 6. *Note: I am 5ft. 1in. tall.

After baby #1 was born, I kept gaining weight until I was at 160# (size 14) despite the fact that I walked everywhere I went and ate very little. Three years later, I was seeing a dietitian and was back down to 129# and a size 10.

I gradually started gaining the weight back and after baby #2 was born seven years later, I was 195#. I remember thinking how in the world do I keep gaining so much weight while I'm nursing and lugging around a 30# baby who ate all day long! (He was a big guy!) My medical doctor decided to intervene and a year later I was down to 170# and a size 16 - just in time for my little brothers wedding (I'm the blonde in the black dress in front)!

I kept the weight off until I was pregnant with baby #3 who put me up to 206# two years later.
I was beginning to see a pattern..... these babies were making me fat! .....hey, I gotta blame it on someone, right?!?!?!

Over the next six years, I tried:

  • The Curves Complete Program for 6 months (I was exercising 3 times a week, was on a meal plan, and I lost 10#).
  • My medical doctor put me on prescription diet pills, which made me go crazy and depressed.
  • It Works Wraps (stay far away - it does NOT work and caused a horrible rash and they do not refund you or try to make things right). 
  • Multiple over the counter weight loss supplements such as, Caldoxin, Green Tea Extract, Vinegar capsules, Ali, etc. (none worked, not even a little).
  • Shaklee 180 for 3 months and lost 25#, and kept it off for one year. (Shaklee actually did work for me, but after 3 months, I got tired of taking a protein shake everyday.... I am so not a long term commitment kind of person.... so I stopped.
After trying 'everything' but nothing really helping long term, my weight reached the highest it's ever been. I was 240# and a size 18/20 shirts and 22/24 skirts/pants!

Family Vacation Jekyll Island, GA 2017

I was feeling miserable - life is not easy when doing a normal task like washing dishes; or tying your shoes makes you get out of breath.

Here's the funny thing.... I always knew I was overweight, the last few years I even thought I may be obese, but I tried to hide it behind a smile, new clothes, some make up and jewelry. Besides, I take high quality whole food supplements, and am quite healthy according to my blood work. I haven't been sick in years.

One day I decided to figure up my BMI and I was shocked with the results! I decided to go see a dietitian. What stung was when she looked me in the eye and told me that I was morbidly obese. Not just morbidly obese, but Morbidly Obese Class 3I had a better chance of dying from being fat than any other one thing!

It all had to change.... not just for awhile, but for good..... my lifestyle, what I eat, how I exercise, what I think - It had to change and it had to change once and for all......

To be continued....

Getting Healthy - Part 3


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