Friday, March 30, 2012

Best Info I've Ever Read On Autism

"Traditional medicine treats autism, but does not create Wellness"

Healing Autism Naturally by Becky Cash is a must read for anyone who has a child on the spectrum or knows someone on the spectrum! It is literally, the best info I have ever read on the subject of autism or kids on the spectrum in general. You can purchase this book through Amazon here.

Becky shares not only her story of how she learned and managed her children's autism, but gives practical advice and great research on the topic. The book is very clearly organized and easy to read.

It is one of the few books that I can refer back to again and again as I need inspiration, education and direction on the subject of autism. The list of resources is amazing! It made me feel like I now know where to start in helping my child with eating, learning, and getting diagnosed.

I am also using Shaklee products to help my son (who has autism symptoms) and have already seen a big improvement - you can read more here.

You can also visit Becky's website ASDPerspectives for much more info - please mention that I sent you.

April 2nd is Autism Awarness Day - Make a difference for the faces of Autism!

Monday, March 26, 2012

The Best Granola Bars Ever

I love granola bars.... but I don't like the price tag when it comes to buying them and I've always thought they'd be too dificult to make. That is until my sister in law shared this recipe with me. I 'tweaked' it alittle from the original - but our whole family loves them and best of all, these granola bars are super easy to make!

Best Chewy Granola Bars

Mix together in a large mixing bowl and set aside:
2 c. rice crispies
4 c. oatmeal (I use quickoats)
2 c. grahm crackers (crushed)
2 c. cherrios
2 c. chex cereal
1/2 c. flax seed (optional)

Melt 1/4 c.butter and 1/4 c.oil in a 3qt. saucepan. Add 1 1/2 lb. marshmallows  (I use 2 1/2 - 10oz. bags) and stir till melted. Remove from heat and add 1/4 c. honey, and 1/2 c. peanut butter. Pour over cereal mix and stir immediately.
Gently press into two lightly greased pans (either 13x9 for thicker bars or 10x15 jelly roll/cookie sheet with sides for thinner bars)

Melt 1 bag semi sweet chocolate chips and 1 c. peanut butter and spread evenly over the top of both pans. I put mine in the fridge till the top is set up - then take them out and cut into bars. Store in an airtight container.

I'd love to hear your feedback if you make them.... and you're welcome to pin it on pinterest!

Friday, March 23, 2012

The Blue Birds

 I took the kids to Shawnee Prairie Preserve to build Blue Bird Houses this week. They had fun and now we are anxiously waiting to see the first blue birds move in!

Faith putting the roof on.

Wyatt loved making his birdhouse and was pretty happy with the finished result!


Bluebirds can be found across most of the United States. All bluebird species have stunning plumage with rich blue backs and rusty underparts, which make them desirable for a beautiful backyard. They readily eat large numbers of insects, moths and larvae and provide superior natural pest control. And, Their trilling, warbling song is another great reason to have them in your yard. 

It's actually pretty easy to attract bluebirds if you have the right conditions. Here's what you can do to increase your odds of attracting a pair of bluebirds to your yard. 

Bluebirds consume a wide variety of insects, particularly during the nesting season when hatchlings need abundant protein for adequate growth. Avoiding insecticide use is critical for giving these birds a healthy food source. Bluebirds will also eat a wide variety of berries, such as sumac, holly and elderberry, and adding these berry-producing shrubs to the yard will help create a bluebird-friendly landscape. Suet offered as crumbles or shreds can also be valuable for attracting bluebirds, particularly with insect or fruit blends.

Bluebirds require fresh, clean water for drinking and bathing, and a low, wide basin with 1-2 inches of water is ideal for these thrushes. Moving water with a bubbler or fountain will attract their attention more quickly with splashing noises and glittering sparkles. 

Bluebirds typically prefer mature, widely spaced trees, and they are less likely to visit a backyard with dense, thicket-like areas of foliage. Instead, preserve just a few mature trees and opt for low ground cover surrounding broad, open grassy areas to provide these ground-feeding birds security while foraging. Berry bushes that are a good food source are an excellent choice for plants that will do double-duty as both food and shelter.

Nesting Sites:
Bluebirds are cavity-nesting birds, and they regularly nest in wooden bird houses. Houses should ideally be placed 4-7 feet above the ground in open areas, with the entrance facing away from prevailing winds. Offering nesting materials such as pine needles and cotton scraps may attract bluebirds' attention to the houses. Monitor bluebird houses to discourage house sparrows and European starlings that may usurp the nesting spots and could harm bluebirds. Clean bird houses after each brood leaves to encourage additional nests.

Here's to hoping we have lots of Blue Birds move in this Spring!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Shaklee Prenatal Supplements

So there’s a lot of talk about prenatal vitamins these days….. here is a breakdown of what your body needs and some facts that you may or may not know:

Multivitamin (Vita Lea): The body needs a broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals for various functions and development. Shaklee’s multi (as well as all of their vitamins) are bioavailable (meaning the body can get to the nutrients and use them) and will be absorbed. The scientist, doctor, and nutritionist team that develops Shaklee vitamins have tested which nutrients should be paired together to optimize absorption in the body. A poorly manufactured vitamin does not take this into consideration.

Omega 3′s: Important for brain development and hormone balancing. Shaklee’s OmegaGuard is the world’s finest fish oil supplement. It’s triple molecular distillation and purification process is unique to Shaklee. Shaklee does millions of dollars of research and 340 quality control test on every individual ingredient before a product is released each time. This results in an ultra-pure pharmaceutical-grade supplement. Plus, OmegaGuard provides a full spectrum of seven natural omega-3 fatty acids. See more info here.

Protein is HUGE for the early stages (and throughout) because the baby is just developing and those cells come from somewhere. Protein will also help keep hormone levels even and help ward of nausea. It also makes you feel more full than less nutrient dense carbs. For energy, Shaklee has added five essential B vitamins, calcium and soy isoflavones to this protein mix. It is non-genetically modified, gluten-, lactose- and cholesterol-free and contains no artificial flavors, sweeteners, colors or preservatives. The Energizing Soy Protein is offered in Creamy Cocoa and Natural Vanilla flavors. It delivers hours of sustained energy, with the highest quality plant based protein available. This low-fat, non-GMO biologically complete protein contains 14 g of all nine essential amino acids. These amino acids are important because your body is unable to make them and must get them from food in order to build and repair itself. If your body does not get the essential amino acids it will begin to take protein from itself, which leads to a breakdown in muscle and other tissues. Protein is an essential building block for health, critical for muscle retention, tissue repair, healthy blood formation, immunity, and proper body function.

Vitamin B Complex (that has all 12 Bs in the PERFECT ratio that they are found in nature; not taking one B and overloading on it. i.e B12, or B6. Anytime B occurs in nature it is with all 12 and in perfect ratio.): This is crucial for many development things but folic acid is necessary to prevent spina bifida. Also can help with uterine cramps so taken in large doses right before and during labor can help ease the pain of contractions.

Calcium/Magnesium (Called Osteomatrix) Aids in building strong bones, but the Protein is just as, if not more, crucial than Calcium. Bones are primarily made up of water and amino acids, not calcium like most people think. Calcium is also huge for acid reflux as the baby gets bigger and pushes your stomach up higher to your esophagus. Within 5 minutes, chewable cal/mag (or about 10-15 for the regular OsteoMatrix) will soothe the worst case. Calcium, like B, can also help with uterine cramps so taken in large doses right before and during labor can help ease the pain of contractions.

All the nutrients needed to meet the U.S. RDA for pregnant and lactating women are available in existing Shaklee supplements. Meal Shakes, Cinch Shakes or Bars could be added as convenient snacks (not meal replacements) to make sure the extra calories needed during pregnancy are packed with good health and nutrition.

– some people prefer the Vitalizer w/ Iron in place of the Vita Lea as it has Vita-Lea (Multivitamin with Iron), B Complex + C complex (all the B vitamins and Vitamin C), Caroto-E-Omega (all the Omega's and EPA/DHA), and the Optiflora Probiotic all in a daily strip.

"Why do I take Shaklee vitamins? From a pharmacist's view you have to look at the clinical research that is done by Shaklee. Mrs. Lindley and I are writing a book on prenatal nutrition -- not quite complete -- and we requested clinical studies from the makers of prenatal vitamins and NO major company (except Shaklee) could provide us with any studies! Also, as you know, the Shaklee vitamins are natural as opposed to the synthetic prenatal vitamins available in drug stores. The makers of those prenatal vitamins stress the amount of folic acid in them, which is 1 mg. Because they have 1 mg of folic acid they have to be on

prescription because folic acid can mask pernicious anemia, but if you look at the prenatal vitamins they have very few of the other vitamins and most leave out biotin completely. It is funny that you ask me this question because a few weeks ago I had a nurse call in for some prenatal vitamins and I asked her what was the best prenatal vitamin and she said, "I don't know." So I asked her how did they determine what brand of vitamin to give to the patients and she said, "Whatever they can tolerate". There are so many reasons why I take Shaklee over the vitamins I could get from pharmaceutical companies. I don’t have time to explain all, but the main reason is because the Shaklee vitamins produce results!" – Mr. Lindley /pharmacist

Some facts to consider:
Myth: Taking prenatal vitamins will be adequate no matter what your diet is like.

Reality: This is false because the goal of prenatal vitamins is to supplement your diet not to replace it. In fact, prenatal vitamins work better when you are eating a healthy diet that includes a variety of foods. There are also known deficiencies in prenatal vitamins, for example calcium. The levels of calcium in the average prenatal vitamin is 250 mg. A pregnant woman needs about 1,200 - 1,500 mg of calcium daily to help her and the baby adequately grow.

Example: Leading Brand Prenatal Vitamin Contents:

Folic acid 400 micrograms (mcg)

Calcium 250 mg

Iron 30 mg

Magnesium 320 mg

Vitamin A 800 mcg (8,000 I.U.)

B6 2.2 mcg

Vitamin C 65 mg

Vitamin D 10 mcg

Vitamin E 10 mcg

Zinc 15 mg

--SHAKLEE VITA-LEA (see complete label here - click on tab that says label)

~ Contains all essential 12 vitamins and 7 minerals in proper balance;

~ Contains 27 whole vegetable sources which are readily absorbed by the body;

~ Contains no chemicals,

~ No Herbicides;

~ No Pesticides;

~ No sugar;

~ No artificial colors, flavors or additives of any kind;

--CONTAINS phytochemicals & Tand the live enzymes not found in synthetic vitamins~ Contains 100% of the RDA of Biotin.

Myth: All prenatal vitamins are alike.

Reality: Again false because recent studies showed that out of 9 prescriptions vitamins only 3 actually released the amount of folate that they claimed to contain. This means that even though they really contained the folate, the body didn't absorb it.

Myth: Prescription vitamins are better than non-prescription vitamins.

Reality: Nope. Not all vitamins are created equally and many vitamins that are available by prescription are also available over the counter. What is more important are the ingredients in the vitamins and how well they absorb into your body. Many times prescriptions are written so that the cost of the vitamins will be picked up by insurance companies. When you're trying to decide which prenatal vitamin is right for you, talk to your doctor or midwife about their recommendations and keep some things in mind:

No prenatal vitamin will contain all of the calcium you need.

Too much vitamin A can cause birth defects, be sure that you're using a prenatal vitamin or a multivitamin with under 10,000 IU.

Too much iron in a prenatal vitamin will not be absorbed properly.

The taste and texture of vitamins do bother some women. If you can't keep your prenatal down, consider switching brands.

Did you know?

Of all the vitamins on the market, Shaklee supplements are different. Vita-Lea is made primarily from organically grown vegetable sources, cold processed to preserve enzymes and contains exactly what the label states. Not only that, all Shaklee supplements are clinically tested to make sure that what is on the label is actually absorbed.

Explaining the difference in Shaklee Vitamins:

A video of Shaklee used as a prenatal vitamin:

Many doctors state that Shaklee's Vita-Lea is the best prenatal vitamin they have found. Vita-Lea using patients report fewer problems with becoming anemic like users of other prenatal supplements do. The cost of Vita-Lea (1 with breakfast and 1 with your evening meal) is 28 cents. A small price to pay for so much nutritional insurance. You are also welcome to give your doctor both our website at and the Shaklee physicians website at

I can't imagine anything that is more valuable to you as a parent than a
healthy child. The time to invest in that child's health is while that
child is developing. The cost is well worth it to have the healthiest
baby you can!

If you’re going to make a commitment to Shaklee by changing brands and getting on a good Shaklee nutrition program, you should consider becoming a Shaklee member as you automatically save 15% off the retail prices, plus enjoy further discounts on selected Shaklee products throughout the year. The cost for a Shaklee membership is only $19.95 (FREE with the purchase of Vitalizer) and with it you also get a complete Shaklee catalog along with other member benefits.

Please visit our website for more info, like us on facebook and share us with your friends!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Almost Amish -Book Review

Almost Amish by Nancy Sleeth
5 Stars

Yep, this is another book that I really did love to read - it was very well written and although our family does a lot of what she said in the book - there is oh, so much more that we could do. I love that the Sleeth family is living what they preach - their lifestyle and the way it is written makes me want to do more to keep life simple!

Have you ever stopped to think, Maybe the Amish are on to something? Look around. We tweet while we drive, we talk while we text, and we surf the Internet until we fall asleep. We are essentially plugged in and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Rather than mastering technology, we have allowed technology to master us. We are an exhausted nation. No one has enough time, everyone feels stressed out….. 

This book has common-sense steps to living a slower paced life. It looks at the need for caring for the environment and being stewards of the land and your home. Take time to make investments that reflect your values. Teach others and enjoy life.

Very few in our world (including me) would want to go as far as the traditional Amish way of life, however, their ideas have much to teach us and inspire us to take back control of our lives.

It is perfectly possible to combine environmentally friendly living with solid Christian values to enhance our lives and live a simple, peaceful, lifestyle, while enjoying living in today’s world! 

As with everything, you need balance. 

It’s time to slow it down – to simplify our lives, make faith and family the focal point, and recapture the lost art of simple living.

*I received this book compliments of Tyndale House Publishers for purposes of this review, however all opinions are my own. You can purchase a copy here.

**If you are interested in going green and being environmently friendly - check out Shaklee. They are 100% natural, 100% safe and work 100%. Shaklee specializes in Healthy Nutrition, Healthy Weight, Healthy Beauty (skin and body care) and Healthy Home (Get Clean Pruducts).

Shaklee is the #1 Natural Nutritional company in America and were the first company in the world to be certified Climate Neutral™ (totally offsetting our carbon emissions resulting in a net zero impact on the environment). 

Shaklee has Powered 54 Gold Medals. 7 of Life Magazine’s 25 Greatest Adventures of All Time were powered by Shaklee products. Shaklee products are used by the astronaunts in space on re-entry. Shaklee products are used by The White House..... The Pentagon.... The National Zoo in Washington DC..... The US Dept. of Treasury.... US Park Services’ .... Opra Whinfry and many other Celebs. Invested over $250 million in clinical testing, research and development and Shaklee runs over 80,000 quality tests each year for purity and safety.

Shaklee’s over 50 years of environmental leadership is being recognized with many prestigious awards: Designated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as one of the Top 20 Green Companies in the US.

The 2009 Business Award for Sustainability from Acterra

The Clean Air Award for Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reductions from Breathe California

The Stevie Award for Best Corporate Environmental Responsibility Program

You can also visit Nancy's website here.


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