Saturday, November 9, 2013

Does Your Job Feel Like A Time Bomb?

Do you ever wish that you had a job that you could work from home? What is it that you want? More Time? Extra Income? Travel? A Healthier Life? A Free Car? A Greener Life? All expense paid trips to exotic locations? A New Career? What about making a difference in other peoples lives? What if I told you - you can have it all?!?!

Shaklee has an awesome Dream Plan!!!

There are a few different ways to join Shaklee - as a member, distributor, or gold. Follow this link to see more. (we personally joined as a gold) If you are interested in Shaklee as a business we recommend buying the $299 GOLD membership as it comes with the first step training, 3 months free website and everything you need to start a business. With the Gold, you also can get on the fast track  (earn $100,000 in 15 months) if you seriously want to go 'all out' quickly with your biz and get extra points to qualify for great FREE trips and prizes, the car bonus and extra cash bonus!

You will have access to the MY SHAKLEE website, after you become a member -after you log in (- click on the training tab), there is a wealth of info available to you. Including:

Shaklee Library -search about the products, product labels, business helps, and just lots of info.

The Shaklee University - Will walk you through step by step and has courses that you can take

The More tab - things for new directors and about the dream plan

And of course we (my husband and I) and our up line (my uncle & aunt) and our team - are all here for you!

Our group also has weekly conference calls and webinars that help encourage and get you started. (The calls and webinars are not mandatory - but help tremendously in getting started.)

On a personal note..... We made Directors in April 2011 and went on our 1st FREE trip to CA. in 2012. You can see pictures here. And are trying to reach Senior Director by Christmas! (Of course, I could work the biz more, but love being outside on our hobby farm, canning and other things in the summer.)

The great thing about Shaklee is that once someone tries the products, they LOVE them and tell others..... it may start out slow at first, but it multiples quickly! I love that if I'm having a month that I can't do much with the biz, I still get a good paycheck because of my customers. You can read our story at on why we started with Shaklee and how it has changed our life!

Here are some great (short) Video's about Shaklee:

Here are some interesting facts: The following people use Shaklee cleaning products:

 The White House..... The Pentagon.... The National Zoo in Washington DC..... The US Dept. of Treasury.... US Park Services .... Popeye's Chicken........ KFC outlets ....and many more! Shaklee's Get Clean products are non-toxic, do not pollute, leave no harmful residues, are safe around kids, pets and sensitive adults, are biodegradable, are super concentrated....saving you money and out perform many leading brands!

Oprah Winfrey loves Shaklee Basic H2 and swears by it!

Shaklee Vitalizer is used by astronauts upon re-entry.

Shaklee Nutrition is used by Professional Athletes such as Eli Bremer, Troy Dumais, Annika Sorenstam, Peter Frenette, Dennis Bowsher, Sandra Gal, Seth Kelsey, Mary Whipple, Zach Krych, Laura Diaz, Mat Emmons, micheal Blatchford, Reiley Rankin, Larny Barnes, Kris Freeman, and many more - see more at

 Our website is Please take some time and click on the tabs/links to learn more of the Shaklee business and our products. I hope this helps answer some of your questions, and as always feel free to message me on Facebook. Don't hesitate to ask any other questions....

We would love to work beside you, sharing Shaklee with others, if that is what you decide you'd like to do!



Thursday, November 7, 2013

Christmas Gift Ideas

Give the gift of health to your loved ones that will last throughout the new year and will continue to change their lives and their future! - They will thank you!

 Some of my favorite Christmas gifts are:

 for the person you know that carries around a bottle of water all day long

Shaklee Sports Nutrition Drink, along with a sports bottle, football, soccer ball, gardening tools, ball cap, or with a music card to purchase music for the MP3 as they walk or run or with a jump rope or exercise video for someone making a New Year’s resolution.

Shakleebaby Gentle Wash, Soothing Lotion, or Diaper Cream
- pair with bath toys, a baby book, cloth diapers or stuffed animal!


Get Clean Kit or Mini Kits - Laundry, Kitchen or Household - great for anyone - young or old! All Natural, super concentrated cleaners - free your home from toxic chemicals!

Stress Relief Complex (click here to read how this got rid of my daily headaches and migraines) and Herbal Blend Multi-Purpose Cream with some nice slippers, designer socks to soothe tired feet year round. - I also rub the cream on my temples after a long tiring day!


Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Shaklee Fun Facts

Fun Facts……

One 16 oz. bottle of Shaklee Basic H2 is equal to the cleaning uses of 5,824 bottles of 26 oz. Windex. Basic H was one of the first nontoxic, biodegradable, cleaners made, and was one of the 1st Official Earth Day products.

It would cost more than $3,400 for conventional products to get the same amount of clean as one Shaklee Get Clean Starter Kit. Plus you’ll keep 108 lbs. of packaging waste out of landfills and eliminate 248 lbs. of greenhouse gas.
Shaklee's celebrity fans include, Harley Pasternak, Cassandra Hepburn, Marilyn Davis, Oprah Winfrey, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Rachel Ray, Kate Flannery, Jacqui McCoy, Michelle Obama, Dr. Oz, and many others.

Shaklee Get Clean products are used by the White House & Vice President's Residence, The Pentagon, National Zoo in Washington, DC., US Department of the Treasury, Walter Reed Army Medical Center, US Park Services, Popeye's Chicken, KFC Outlets, and many other places.

Shaklee Dish Wash Automatic Powder Concentrate is twice as effective as Seventh Generation Automatic Dish Wash Powder. Plus it takes more than 1 ½ 45 oz. boxes of cascade power to clean the same 48 loads.
Shaklee Fresh Laundry Powder Concentrate washes 88 loads – 40% more than the same amount of Ultra Tide Powder Detergent.

Basic G - has a 3 year shelf life. Its residual effectiveness lasts up to 3 days after application. Chlorine (bleach) used as a disinfectant is effective for only 1 hr. Basic G kills up to 99% of bacteria.

The Cousteau Society uses only Shaklee cleaning products, nutritional supplements and personal care products on their research ships and in their homes.

Shaklee Nature Bright removes stains 18% better than Clorox and 16% better than OxiClean when used during soaking and washing.

Dr. Shaklee developed the 1st vitalized mineral – later to become known as Vita Lea.

Shaklee provides FREE Vitalizer for the contestants on ABC's Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition.

Shaklee 180 Weight Loss Kits are cheaper than Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, Weight Watchers, Subway, Medifast, Curves Complete and many more.  Plus, if you have 3 friends do Shaklee 180 with you- your Shaklee 180 Kit will be FREE!

With Shaklee EnfuselleNutrition Therapy - you’ll see your skin age 10 years in reverse – in 18 days guaranteed!

Shaklee Get Clean Water filters 80 gallons of water per filter – that’s twice as much as Brita and PUR. It is the only water filter certified to remove up to 99% lead.
Shaklee performs 350 tests on every ingredient for contaminants and over 100,000 quality tests a year to ensure purity & potency.

Shaklee was the world’s 1st Climate Neutral certified company.

Shaklee has been in business since 1956 – over 57 yrs., and in that time - Shaklee has never had a product recall ever!

 The longest human flight, 72 miles across the Aegean Sea and called the Daedalus project was powered by Shaklee Performance.

Shaklee Nutrition is used by many pro-athletes like Annika Sorenstam, Sandra Gal, Caryn Davies, Mary Whipple, Brady Ellison, Troy Dumais, Matt Emmons, Eli Bremer, and many others!

Athletes are not paid to endorse Shaklee and over 111 medal – winning performances at the games were powered by Shaklee.

Shaklee developed and supplies NASA with a customized rehydration beverage called AstroAde for Shuttle astronauts.

Shaklee is the most lucrative direct selling/MLM company in the world with its Dream Plan, bonuses, car payments and exotic trips.

The 1st nonstop flight around the world on the Voyager was powered by Shaklee.

Shaklee is the #1 Natural Nutrition Company in the United States and has a 100% satisfactory money-back guarantee. –


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