Friday, May 6, 2011


We have three of the sweetest, Registered Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats ever!!!

We have been wanting goats for a long time and decided on the Nigerian Dwarf Dairy breed for a lot of reasons.
  • Their milk has a high butterfat content
  • They are sweet, not trouble makers
  • They are more like sheep (they want to be with you) I've even had one (Willow) follow me into the house!
  • they are small, so they consume less feed, hay etc.
  • they are light enough that I can pick up a full sized doe and hoist her over a 5 ft fence!
  • they give a surprisingly large amount of milk for their small size
  • Goat poo is one of the best fertilizers there are - it is not hot, so you can put it directly on/around plants
  • they are multi-purpose (we plan to butcher the extra weathers for meat)
and last, but not least....
  • they are just plain CUTE and so fun to watch!!!!

So here they are:

~ Willow ~

-she's the boss!
Willow is a 4 yr old doe and has a lovely coat! She loves to be brushed, but is more into adults than little kids. In fact, she runs to get away from our 1yr. old! Willow likes to jump! She can leap over a 4 ft. fence if she gets a running start! Oh, and she loves eating my perennials! (bad, bad, goat!)

~ Jelly Bean ~

-she always wants attention!
Jelly Bean is 2yrs. old and is bred. We are expecting kids in Sept! (-hopefully)
Jelly Bean is Layia's goat! Layia loves to pet Jelly Bean and Jelly Bean don't seem to mind it at all! Jelly is always the first goat to the feeder at chore time! Jelly likes to climb and loves to be put on the leash for walks! Jelly Bean loves to eat my red twig bushes. She can devour a whole section in a matter of minutes. Jelly Bean's favorite past-time is un-tying shoes! 

~ Snitch ~

Snitch is a 3 mo. old weather.
 Snitch is Faith's goat! We got Snitch as a baby, so we had the fun of bottle feeding him! He loves to jump, and run and play! He thinks that everything needs to be sucked on! Snitch is having a hard time weaning from the bottle, so right now he gets a good dose of Shaklee Vitamins to keep him healthy!

Our goal is to rotate the two does, so we can always have a nice supply of fresh milk. Snitch will be the 'fill in goat' for when ever, one goat needs a companion.

I want to make homemade cheese, butter and goat soaps for ourselves, to give as gifts and to sell.
Someday, in the far off future, I'd like to expand our herd (after I learn more about them and their needs!) and maybe even sell some high quality registered does!

Our goats came from a local farm - the 'Lil Red Barn.  The owner, has an awesome selection with some really good breed lines. She is all about helping people who want a small hobby farm, to get started. She is not in it for the money, but rather because she enjoys it! She is great at answering all of  our many questions - (in fact, I just called her this morning with a question I had with Snitch!) She has showed us how to de-horn, tattoo, vaccinate, trim hooves and knows all things goat! She let the kids (my children) hold her many goat babies, and wander around her farm. She also has chickens, ducks, turkeys, guineas, and a sweet, huge, awesome, Anatolian Shepherd LGD! (and other dogs too!) I would very highly recommend 'Lil Red Barn if you are looking for high quality Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats!

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  1. Darling goats! Thanks for sharing them with me! I just got back from seeing a friend's Nigerians. It's easy to see why everyone falls in love with them.


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