Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Born For This Book Review by Chris Guillebeau

To be completely honest - the first 30 pages took me awhile (like almost two weeks -yes, -that's crazy, I know!) to read..... I simply was having a hard time getting into this book. Then, in a flash - that all changed! I finished the next 279 pages in two days and have started reading it for the second time! It's another great book to add to my bookshelf!

"The conventional assumptions that we have been taught about choosing a career and how we look at things in general are often misguided and simply wrong!"

Why is it that if you hold down a job for years that pays well - people think you have it made! they say you are doing well - that you have arrived. Even though, you hate that job. The job is depressing, dragging you down and slowly killing you inside. 

I don't believe God ever intended us to live that way. God wants us to be fulfilled and happy. He wants us to take pride in our work, to be a good steward of the talents He gave us. And while you do need to work, to provide for yourself and your family.... to sacrifice your happiness is not the way to accomplish it.

So what, if you have 10 jobs before you find the one that works for you... as long as you are actively pursuing, learning, and heading towards your goal - it really shouldn't matter.

The career you were born to do has the following key factors:
Joy - what you like to do
Money - what supports and sustains you
Flow - what you are really good at

When you find them all - you will find what you were born to do - you will win your career lottery!

"It doesn't really matter what or how many ideas you have, if you never do anything with them. Just pick one idea and do it...."

You can purchase this book here!

I received this book from the Blogging for Books program in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own.

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