Saturday, July 23, 2016

Getting Rid of the Swimming Pool

We said goodbye to our pool today. We had a grand party - one last hurrah - a pizza party with homemade ice cream floats!
There's a few things about it that I'm gonna miss....
  • the beauty it brought to our backyard.
  • the sound of the water.
  • going for a late night swim- just hubby and I.
  • cooling off on a hot summer day.
  • the memories we made together as a family.
  • and especially the reflection of the water dancing on my ceiling in the evening.
We bought the pool to have something to do as a family, and to be honest - I feel guilty taking that away from the kids.... but there comes a time in life when you gotta face the facts. And the fact is too much is just that - too much!

The excess of things and luxuries are not always worth it. The pool was costing us hundreds of dollars a year to run, It took time to balance, sweep and upkeep it. The supplies, toys, towels, chemicals, sweeper, hose, - all adding to extra clutter. Where we live, it is always windy, a pool cover never stays on in the winter. Even with a solor cover, most summers, the water isn't warm enough to use the pool often (especially when you factor in the wind).

 (For a fun read check this article out.... it's pretty much true only in our case, it was cats... always cats drowning!!!)

Everyone has to find their place where enough is just that - enough. Not more. For our family, having a pool was no longer a luxury - but rather, it had become a headache, a chore, clutter, .... too much.
Here's to living a simple pool-less life..... where it really is enough to be without a pool.

PS. we kept the deck.... but that's a story for another day!

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