Friday, June 12, 2015

Getting Rid Of Clutter

In 2014, I stumbled across Becoming Minimalist and started reading with interest. In January 2015, My husband and I decided that we were going to make the choice to get rid of clutter and simplify our life. 

It was one of the best choices we have ever made!

Since then, we have cleaned out the house, garage, shop, barn, and attic, and have gotten rid of truck loads of stuff (I wish now that we would have kept a total count). Don’t get me wrong, we’ve never been ‘pack-rats’, but we simply had a lot of stuff that we didn’t use, just taking up space.

Here are just a few pictures, but  they do not include all the truck loads of good things that were donated... We used our garage as a place to put the things that we gathered and then gave them away, donated them, recycled them, sold them, or took them to the trash.

Our load to the landfill - isn't it sad how much stuff is wasted?

This stuff was donated....

 We sold some of the things that were still in good shape..... a ford plow, a garden trailer, a buffet cabinet, the hubby's big wooden desk, coffee table, end tables, model cars, train table, etc.

We went through all our old papers and burnt four large trash bags full of paper (bills, pay stubs, phone records, etc.) that we no longer needed!

The kids all prefer riding the four wheeler to the go cart, so it wasn't being used and needed a new home!

We got rid of lots of books... and only kept the ones that we read regularly...
 (yes, the encyclopedia set had to go...) Now all our books can fit on one bookcase with room for a few special display items!

All the fake plants all had to go.... they were stuffy and dusty

Hubby got rid of his mustang magazine collection.....

I like to think of myself as a cozy, comfortable minimalist…. I’ll never have total bare walls or get rid of all my photo’s, etc., but I do love a clean, non-cluttered home and continue to get rid of things on a daily basis.

"Living with less isn't about having bare walls and no furniture. It's about getting rid of the clutter, so you can enjoy the things that you love." –Rhoda A Kindred

In Joshua Becker's latest book, The More of Less, he talks about the benefits of owning less stuff. Most people don’t realize how much clutter weighs them down. 

“Living with less is about having more…. more time, more money, more quality… it’s about adding to your life, not taking away.” – Rhoda A Kindred

It's amazing at how freeing your life becomes when you get rid of all the stuff you don't need!

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