Monday, January 25, 2016

How Qualified Am I?

You know some people look at me and say that I'm not qualified to talk about nutrition. After all, I am not skinny, I don't run marathons, I cook and bake too much yummy food for my family, and I am not a doctor - and that, my friend, is all true. 

But ya know..... 5 yrs ago, we had a very sick little girl who spent her days lying on a sofa, she was in the middle stages of kidney failure, she spent a few days a week going to the doctors, and local hospital for tests and cultures and going to a Children's Hospital a couple hours away monthly - she had 8 specialists. She was on 5 different adult dosage medications for over 4 years  - it was a merry-go-round. One medication would help symptom A, but its side effect would cause symptom B for which she would be put on another medication for symptom B, which would have a side effect that would cause symptom C, for which she'd be put on another medication..... 

Add to that our Special Needs Son who has had 2 surgeries, has PDD-NOS, Auditory Memory Disorder, ADD, many Developmental Learning Disorders and lots of other things going on. Chemical triggers that cause a chemical imbalance to his brain.

Add to that myself - in 2012 I was diagnosed with a rare cancer, which is caused by one of my autoimmune disease.....

And when you stir it altogether, in the last 8 yrs. I have done lots of research

So back to the things that do not qualify me:

1. I am not skinny - I have struggled with my weight my entire life. (yes, Shaklee does have an amazing weight loss product, but in order to benefit the most from it - you need to be consistent.)

2. I am NOT consistent!!!! I do not do well with schedules and plans - they stress me out.

3. STRESS! The one thing all of my autoimmune disorders have in common are they are all somewhat caused by chronic stress. I know most people use the term that they are "stressed out". But for me, the term "stress" has a much different meaning. 

My body is actually unable to process stress. There are medical terms - but the easiest way to understand it is simple know what the effects of stress can do to a normal person - then multiply it by 100 - that is what stress is like for me-when my body is stressed - it attacks my cells and literally tries to destroy its-self.

4. I do not run marathons - I was ran over when I was 12 years old, and as a result, I have knee and leg problems (for example, one of my main nerves is pinched between a muscle - the only way to fix it would be surgery to go in and cut the muscle, but there is no guarantee that will help.) Walking, running, riding bike, swimming, shopping, all mean lots of pain. I am unable to do those thing for any length of time. My leg regularly gives out on me and I fall flat. I do not do stairs well.

5. My family eats good home cooked food. If I make potatoes, they are gonna have lots of butter. Homemade bread and cookies are the norm at our house. I try not to buy much processed foods. We buy our beef and pork from local farmers who raise them on grass. We raise our own chickens for meat and eggs. We plant a garden and I can or freeze most of our food. We limit soda and candy. I use protein, flax seed, coconut oil, and butter in my baking. We eat good.

6. I am NOT a doctor. I have never claimed to be. Any info I put on our blog or fb page is my own opinion. It is not said to treat or cure any ailments or medical disease.

So yes, while all that is true.... I may not be 'qualified' to talk about health, but I have done loads of research.  I will keep talking about health, sharing our story and sharing Shaklee with people, because without Shaklee, our daughter could be on dialysis, our son could be having much more mental difficulties, and I could only have 2 more years to live.

With Shaklee, my daughter is a normal 14 yr old who enjoys riding horses, painting, writing, volunteering at the Veterinarian Clinic and even ran her first 100 meter dash for competition last year! She hasn't been back to a doctor or hospital in 4 years now! 

Our son, although he will always be special needs, is in school and learning how to read. He is very smart and loves making inventions. 

sorry about the messy room.... just keeping it real!

And for myself, none of us know how long we have to live, however with Vivix and Vitalizer, my cancer is not growing and the doctors say I will most likely have 25 - 30 yrs. of good life left. 
We are thankful to God that my Grandpa brought Shaklee into our lives and we want to share that same gift with you.

You can find more of our story at

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