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Kids with ADD, ADHD, and Autism .....and Shaklee

There is research that shows Shaklee Vitamins have helped children with ADD, ADHD, ASD and Many other disorders. 
Our son, QW has NOT been diagnosed with autism or ADD or ADHD; however he has been diagnosed with Autism Symptoms, delayed speech and multiple developmentally slow learning disabilities and other spectrum disorders.

Update: As of Nov. 2012 - our son has now been diagnosed with PDD-NOS, dyslexia, dyscalculia, delayed speech and language, and unability to retain and recall info, along with multiple slow learning disabilities and disorders. He is recieving Special Ed, Speach Therapy, and Occupational Therapy .
We are doing an experiment with Shaklee supplements of our own (of course, with advice and guideance from an experienced herbalist that he sees every 3 months.)
We (family, Sunday school teachers and many others included) have seen a BIG improvement in QW since he has been on Shaklee (even better improvement than when he was in therapy three days a week). I'm sure he will improve even more as we keep adding to his daily Shaklee supplements. (Right now, he can't swallow some vitamins and I haven't found 'the perfect food’ to disguise them in yet!)
 We have also cut back on sweets, processed foods, MSG & additives. (I could do better at this, I do it a little at a time.) I do bake with alot of flax seed. We only buy farm raised grass fed beef (it’s so much better for you!) This year we started raising our own grass fed beef. We also use our own fresh eggs and chicken, and I home can most of my own sauces, soups, veggies and fruit. Starting in Sept., we’ll have fresh goats milk, and cheese too!
 I only clean with Shaklee "Get Clean" cleaners, dish soap, hand soap, disinfect, scour off & laundry, shampoo, conditioner, bath soap, toothpaste etc. and that has made a big difference in our whole house and family.
As of now, QW is taking the following Shaklee Supplements:
Soy Protein – in protein bars – everyone loves them!
Some of QW’s improvements we have noticed since using Shaklee:
Not rubbing his head continuously
Talking more clearly – not whining nearly as much
Using more words and speaking complete sentences
Memorizes short bible verses for Sunday school (sometimes only the first few words are right - but it's an improvement!)
Will sit still for 5 -10 min. at a time
Will answer questions in Sunday school about the lesson and has been winning quite a few quiet seat prizes!
Will color and ‘draw’ pictures
Can understand things better
Is helping with small chores - feeding animals, picking up rooms, carrying dishes to the sink, putting away laundry, etc.
Will sing a song by himself – also hums a tune when big sister plays the piano
 - I’m sure that I am missing some things….. But, hopefully this will give you a little bit of an idea though! (He is still a very active little boy, but we see improvements everyday!)

QW in Sunday School.... trying to follow along in his Bible!
We can’t say enough about how great Shaklee products have been for our family! You can read more of our story (about our fight with our daughter’s health) and the reason why we want to share Shaklee with you here! It amazes me how so many people keep using prescription meds or reg. store synthetic vitamins to treat health problems, yet year after year, they do not change for the better! Drugs treat the symptoms (and cause others) Shaklee treats the cause! This we have seen right in front of our eyes!
 I will post some testimonies links below - please though, if you or others are interested, I ask that you leave a comment here, go through our website at http://www.srkindred.myshaklee.com/ or our fb page www.facebook.com/srkindred with any questions or orders. Thank –you!

Powerful personal testimony about the Shaklee difference.   ....After we used the Shaklee products regularly for 6mos.+ our lives changed in the following dramatic ways: Benjamin came off of Psych meds, ceased having violent outbursts, has minimal emotional outbursts, started getting A's and B's in school and passed the 5th grade with flying colors, regained a healthy appetite, his headaches stopped, he started falling asleep within minutes of going to bed, he became stronger and filled out more, his gingivitis went away and his hair and nails became healthier. Nathan's asthma was completely gone, his allergies subsided to minimal(his cat allergies were gone), his chronic sinusitis went away, he stopped bed-wetting, his fatigue issues from his mild depression were gone and he had a lot of energy and less fighting with his brother throughout the day.
ADHD vs. Shaklee Energizing Soy Protein  
…….. I suggested he needed to start on at least the Shaklee Energizing Soy Protein and shared with her the testimony of another local boy about the same age whose academic work had improved dramatically just by starting on the Shaklee protein.
She decided to give it a try on the basis of the money back guarantee and took home a can of the Cocoa Energizing Soy Protein. She gave him a serving that night and again the next morning for breakfast.
She called me up the next afternoon and was absolutely amazed at the difference she saw in his
ability to focus on his work THAT VERY FIRST DAY! Her husband, who is a pharmacist at the
local hospital, was also amazed.

Forum post on Shaklee Products and ADHA:
Has anyone had any experience with a child with mild ADHD and Shaklee products that have had an impact?

I have read that studies show Omega oils can help. Shaklee OmegaGuard is the best out there - no metals, toxins allowed! I take OmegaGuard for so many reasons!

I think I have the mild, non-hyperactive type and
Mental Acuity helps me! http://www.wahm.com/forum/smileys/smiley1.gif

My daughter has ADHD and has been taking a vitamin regimen for it for 2 years, with marked improvement.

 The Shaklee products she uses are
B Complex, Calcium Magnesium, and OmegaGuard.
Her regimen was determined after a biochemistry test, and she gets tested yearly to see if her therapy needs to be changed.

It's amazing to me that by balancing her nutrient levels, it hugely impacts her behavior and learning. Meds mask symptoms, while this approach addresses the cause.

Don't forget cleaning supplies! Bleach would send my Jake through the roof.

Also, red dye and dairy are no-nos.

I highly agree with changing your cleaning products. Plus, yellow dyes and corn products sent my son through the roof.

Vitalizer and the omegas have been GREAT! I add gentle sleep and stress relief as needed. Mood lift has been helping with coping.

Vitalizer was the biggest helper of all. I love it for my kid.

Amen on the cleaners and dyes.
Check for food allergies as well. There are some really crazy videos that show emotional responses to allergens. www.drrapp.com (http://www.drrapp.com).

Omegas won't hurt them at all. My health conscious pediatrician suggested 1200-1500mg/day. I see results with even just the 500mg.

BTW... with some kids it can take 4-6 weeks to see results, so be patient.

Oh ladies, I must post this!!!
OMEGA GUARD ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is new for my son so bear with me as I explain....

I have been with Shaklee 3 years, and I have tried to give my son Shaklee supplements...daily, he refused. Jake is 8 and has severe ADHD, Sensory Disorder, and Coordination. Issues. So giving him anything was hopeless.]

Now Jake is on meds....HATE IT, but we do what we have to do.

Anyhow....I had an idea one day to put some OG in a prescription bottle. Jake takes his meds very easily, so hey, let's try it. LOL.....trust me I try EVERYTHING. You know what.... he took the OG! OMG ladies I was so excited. So I added another OG that night.

So for about a month he was taking 2 OM a day. A couple of weeks ago, I walked into the living room, kids were quiet (never happens), and I see Jake and my 5 year old daughter on the couch coloring together AND sharing crayons. WHAT???? Did the aliens come take the bad kids?? This NEVER happens. Trust me, I turned around and walked out...LOL....wasn't going to disrupt that at all.

As I thought about, I realized Jake had been coloring a lot lately. Now he is 8, but he never colored all the much...all the colors, sensory issues, etc., was just too much for him.

So, you can imagine the light bulb moment I had. Had he really been coloring that much? Is he really being nice to his sister?

Last weekend I increased the OG to 4 a day. 2 in the am, 1 in the afternoon, and one at night.

Now Susan, I haven't told you this yet, but for the last 2 days Jake has come home from
school with PERFECT DAY on his daily report. A PERFECT DAY for 2 days in a row!!!! This has NEVER EVER happened.You know how life just goes and sometimes you don't sit and think about things? I started really thinking about the last month and how Jake has acted. His moods are more even, he has been coloring like a maniac, his handwriting you can actually read, and our house has actually been quiet!

His speech teacher caught up with me yesterday as I was picking Jake up, and asked if we had changed his meds, I said no, still the same. She said she has noticed in the last 2 weeks that he is better organized and he is finishing his
work. I told her what I was doing and she said, "wellllll, please keep doing it!" LOL!

I am so excited...and this gives me hope to get Jake off of meds. I knew if I waited until he was a little older/mature that I could get something into him. I tried every day, trust me, but nothing worked, no shakes, no smoothies, no hiding the supplement’s....LOL....he always knew. He knew the dr. prescribed meds were a have to and I never had trouble with this at all.....I think putting the OG in the prescription bottle is what did it!
OG is my new favorite product! It took about a month to see a difference, well a difference that I noticed. I am so so so so so happy!!!

Why Shaklee????
 Please visit our website to see more!

If you or others are interested, Please contact us here or at our website http://www.srkindred.myshaklee.com/ or my fb page www.facebook.com/srkindred with any questions or orders. Thank–you!

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