Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Household Cleaners

How many times do you wash the windows and cough? What about when you are scrubbing the shower, tub and toilets? I know for me personaly, when I used regular 'box' store cleaners, I would cough and sneeze something awful. I also would never let the kids come close to where I was using the cleaners at.

One more thing......Do you realize that no cleaning/laundry type of product (even the empty containers) are to go into the landfill???? 

The reason? They are considered Hazardous Waste by our government!!! Now, why would we as parents want or let that around our kids?

"Our homes should be the safest place for our family."

I know we often say (myself included) the products work well, or everyone else uses them, or Natural cleaning products are too expensive, or they won't work as well.....etc. 

Believe me, I was the same exact way! That is until I started using Shaklee and learned the proper way to use it right!

Shaklee's Get Clean products are all natural, they are Always Safe, Always Green and Always Work! 

And.... they are super concentrated and super powerful! 

Just one 16 oz.bottle of Basic H2 will make 48 gallons of cleaner. It can be used for thousands of uses.....removes dirt, grease and grime from any job inside and out: walls, mirrors, windows, counter tops, floors, appliances, stoves, sealed wood work and furniture. You can also use it to clean oil on driveways, barbecue grills, ovens and more. It needs no rinse, leaves no residue and is streak -free.

That same 16 oz. bottle of Basic H2 also will equal the cleaning uses of 5,824 bottles of 26oz. Windex.

On a personal note, I myself love Basic H2!!! I love how it is strong and powerful on dirt and grime, but I also love how gentle it is on my hands. I also let the kids spray it on their hands instead of sanitizer, as this is all natural and has NO harmful chemicals in it! (Lets face it, all kids put their hands up to their face.....!)

One Final Question: If the cleaning products we use in our homes are hazardous waste.....why would we put our kids lives in danger??? 

Here is what I cleaned with in the past:

24 items total

Here is what I clean with now: (kitchen, bathroom, disinfect, laundry and all other cleaning needs included!)

6 items total 

Note: the three spray bottles behind the Basic H2 bottle on the right hand side is all Basic H2 -just mixed differently for different cleaning jobs!

Did you see that!!!!
I went from 24 (toxic) items to 6 (safe) items! 
That's a BIG difference!!!

I have LOTS more cupboard space, but the best part is that Shaklee's 'Get Clean' line is all natural! They have no chemicals in them and they are SAFE for our home and our kids!.....And they WORK!!!!

I Challenge you to a 'Get Clean' Challenge!

For a limited time, you can get ALL the products you need in the Shaklee Get Clean Kit for $99 with a FREE lifetime membership!

Start using Green, Natural, Safe cleaning products that work and make your home Clean, Healthy, and Safe!

Shaklee has a 100% money-back guarantee..... so you have nothing to lose, except a whole lot of dirt and chemicals!

Here's Something To Think About:

Stop by www.srkindred.com to learn more. If you have questions or want more info, leave me a comment and I'd be happy to get back with you!

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