Monday, October 24, 2016

Speeding Ticket Questions

 I'm 33 yrs old and I got my first speeding ticket today.

I was driving through Carmel, IN.... on my way to my first consultation with my new surgeon. I've never driven though Carmel before, and every street I took had a detour that routed you to another street that had a detour, that routed you to another street that had a detour..... so after my 3rd detour reroute in a strange, busy city, I was started to worry that I'd be late - even though I left a half hour early....

 Anyway, the speed limit was 40 (last I saw) we were on a 4 lane street and there were cars all around me. I was in the right lane. There was a guy behind me honking his horn for me to go faster (I was going about 47...) anyway, the guy passes me on the left and as soon as he does, there are police lights behind me. The officer said I was doing 50 and sure enough, the speed limit had just changed to 30 and in the confusion, I didn't see it.... so yes, I admit I was speeding, but I do have a couple questions:

#1: Why did I get pulled over and not the idiot who was honking his horn and passed me that was going faster than me?

#2: Why did I get a ticket instead of a warning? My driving record is spotless and has been for years! (I thought you always got a warning first.)

#3: Why is it that my speeding ticket fine is $35.00, but I have to pay an extra $133 in court costs? (This makes no sense, I am not going to court.)

The worst thing about this whole situation is that I received a speeding ticket and I didn't even get the thrill of knowing I was speeding. I mean, if I've got to have 4 points on my licence and pay $169.00 (plus $7 to pay it online).... I wish I could of had the satisfaction of knowing I was speeding.... that's the bad girl inside trying to get out.... instead, I was nervous about a strange city, with people honking at me, lots of roundabouts, having 3 detours, and worried about my appointment with the surgeon at a new hospital!

Anyway, I did manage to get to my appointment in time. The hospital is beautiful, and my new surgeon and her team is great! But, from now on, I'll stick to staying on the interstate when I drive down there.... and leave the crazy city streets of Carmel, with their many detours, for the local folks....

Yes, I'm 33 and I got my first speeding ticket!

What about you? Have you ever gotten a ticket? If so, for what? How old were you?

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