Saturday, March 12, 2016

10 Ways To Keep Your Home and Soul Refreshed

I have found over the years, that having a clean, simple, refreshing home offers many benefits.... 

We can welcoming guests into our home without feeling embarrassed by a messy house or a sink full of dirty dishes. It gives my family a place to relax, to be ourselves. But most importantly, having a clean home is refreshing to my soul. I love my home and the peace and comfort it provides.

If you find yourself in the midst of a home full of clutter, and you're not sure where to begin... try these ten simple things....

 1. Fresh flowers on my table are a must. I buy a small bouquet about every 3 weeks during the winter to keep on the table. In the Spring and Summer, I pick flowers from my garden. It is my ray of happiness and is refreshing to my soul! It makes me smile every time I stop to smell them as I walk by....
(I am blessed to have a florist shop that gives me a discount if I pick out and arrange the bouquets at home myself, so I can purchase floral stems very cheap. But, if you can't afford a florist, even Walmart, Marsh, Aldi, and many other stores have cheap flowers.... take them home cut the ends, arrange them and you have fresh flowers.... it is very worthwhile, even if on a tight budget.)


2. Keep your dishes washed and the counters and table clean -the only thing setting on our table is a vase of flowers and a salt and pepper shaker. We do not use our table as a landing zone for stuff. (I keep my kitchen aid mixer, my utensil holder, canisters and our vitamin turn table on our counter at all times They all have a place and I still have lots of open counter space to use without them being in my way.)


3. Fold the throws and add a few pillows on your sofa.... it makes it inviting.


4. Keep your decor simple. Simple things that you appreciate and love, go a long way in decorating. Don't go overboard, clutter and nick-knacks will drag you down.

5. Make your bed every day! I'd also like to add... keep your bedroom for your enjoyment.... Kids are not allowed to play in our bedroom. Things are not placed in our room for storage or to deal with later.

6. Light some candles or use candle melts. A lovely smelling home makes for a refreshing home.

7. Keep the TV off and play some music. I personally love Sirius XM radio as there are no commercials. And you can change up the channel depending what mood you are in. My favorites are: Willies Rhode House (classic country), Enlighten (Gospel), Love (soft/light rock), The Blend, The Coffee House, and The Message. At Christmas, Holly is our favorite channel! We have found the kids play happier with music and I love to sing along..... music is great for everyone!

8. Tie back your curtains so you can get natural light into the house. Open your blinds every morning.

9. Pick up often. I have three kids, so a few times a day (some days it seems like more than a few times) have everyone pick up toys, and straighten the house. It makes a big difference.
Some of the things we pick up/straighten most often through out the day is: Putting books/movies away.  Folding throws and placing pillows on the sofa. Taking cups to the kitchen. Putting shoes/coats away. Sorting the mail/school papers. Putting away toys, crayons and coloring books.

10. Choose Joy! It's amazing how much a good, thankful, happy attitude can make a huge difference in your day.

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