Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Things to Say on a Job Interview


I went on an interview for a job and when the boss asked what I wanted for compensation I replied:

1. First, I would like a generous commission on everything I sell with no limitations on my income.

2. I want to be paid a residual income, forever.

3. I want the ability to earn all-expense paid trips for a job well done, not just the vacation TIME, but the whole vacation!

4. I would also like the opportunity to purchase my own products at a discount.

5. I expect you to provide me with the very best support, graphics, training and resources to grow my business.

6. When I bring in and train any new team members, I deserve to be compensated PLUS earn a percentage of their purchases and the purchases of the people they bring in and train.

7. I would like the opportunity to rapidly advance within the company.

8. When I do well, I expect LOTS of praise, recognition and gifts!

9. I would like my friends and family to work here too.

10. By the way, I need to set my own schedule and work only when it suits me and my family.

So when can I start??

After the owner recovered from shock, he roared with laughter, “You can’t be serious!?? You’re dreaming! You will never find an opportunity like that anywhere!! 
And if you do….come back and get me because I want to work with you!”

So…., I gave him my business card! www.srkindred.com

This is Why I Shaklee.... and why I love my "job"! .... if you want the perfect job... contact me, let's talk!

"Work a job you love, and you'll never have to work a day in your life!"

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