Friday, November 6, 2015

Run, Don't Walk, and Go Buy A Diva Cup

To all the girls out there..... YOU need a Diva Cup!!!!
Warning: this conversation is not for boys or immature women.

The Diva Cup has changed my life (at least that 'time of month') and it can change yours too!
What is a Diva Cup?!?!
The Diva Cup is a re-useable, silicone, menstrual cup that is inserted into your vagina, and is used to collect blood during “that time of the month.” It sits snugly and comfortably without being noticed. A couple times a day, you gently remove it, empty it’s contents into the toilet, rinse it out, and re-insert. It’s a super quick, easy, and clean process, and is not as bizarre as it sounds. Please, hear me out before you click away.

Pads, in my opinion, are just gross. You’re basically sitting in an adult diaper that moves around, leaks and is just no fun to sit on. I hated them when I was a teenager and still do. Tampons are better as far as being “neater”, but they run the risk of TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome) and death (go read your box, it will warn you that it could kill you), not to mention they contain a bunch chemicals that women are putting inside their bodies. And even though I had awful cramps when I wore tampons, they were still my choice for lady products for 'that time of month'.

That is until my daughter was old enough to use "lady products". It bothered me. I didn't want her to be embarrassed with pads, but I didn't want her to get TSS or have chemicals in her body causing even more problems and cramps.

 So, I got up the courage and bought me a Diva Cup, Model #2 (for big vaginas?!!), online.... and I’ve never looked back!!!

The first day, it took a couple tries to get it in, but I didn't have any leaks. By day two - I felt like a pro. By day three, I wanted to tell everyone I know about my Diva Cup!

I was surprised at how little blood there actually was to dump out of the cup. (The Diva Cup has handy little measuring lines so you can be aware of exactly how heavy/light your flow is – like a gross, yet fascinating science project!) Tampons have always made it look like lots more blood! I was also amazed at how little mess there actually was in the removal/dumping/cleaning process and no smell.

Why I Love My Diva Cup:
1. Cramps become almost non-existent. At least this was the case with me. The chemicals in pads and tampons are what cause a lot of cramping. 

2. The Diva Cup is better for the environment. Think of all the tampons that are flushed and thrown away in the world! I enjoy not having garbage that contains my monthly mess.

3. The Diva cup is a WAY healthier choice. “Cotton” tampons contain chemicals and ingredients that are not regulated by the FDA, and are most likely not even made of cotton, but instead, rayon, viscose, or wood fluff pulp. To get tampons white, they are bleached with chlorine, which, among other things, is exposing you to carcinogens. On the flip side, the Diva Cup is made of silicone which is safe when used internally, and does not leach into your body.

4. I never run out! Never again will you have to worry about running out of tampons and I never have to buy tampons again! This is a great concept–tampons add up (especially when there's a couple girls in the house), and I’m happy that I no longer have to buy them. Just a one-time investment of $35. The savings is worth it.

5. I can go more days in between periods. I used to be every 29 days and since using the Diva Cup - I go about 37 days!

6. I actually don't mind 'that time of month' anymore.... call me crazy, but it's true.

If you’re thinking about ordering the Diva Cup, here are a couple things that you should know:
  • It is a bit awkward the first time you use it.
  • It takes a little practice to find a leak-free position.
  • There are two models. Model #1 for women who haven’t had a baby, and Model #2 is for women who have had a baby.
  • When a menstrual cup is inserted correctly, you can’t even feel it. If you can feel it or it is uncomfortable, then it’s not in right
  • Cups can be emptied twice a day: Once in the morning when you get up, and then at night before going to bed. 
  • You can still go to the bathroom while a cup is in.
  • There is no risk of TSS, because the cup doesn’t absorb anything. All it does is collect.
  • Cups are non-toxic
  • A cup is by far cleaner to deal with than pads or tampons.  All you do is empty it, wash it and then reinsert it.  If you are in a public place, just empty and reinsert it, then wash it later when you get home.
  • If the cup is in correctly (which you figure out how to do pretty quickly), then there are no leaks!!!  If you know you are about to start your period, then just insert the cup and you don’t have to worry about any leaks happening.
  • You can keep the cup looking like new, by soaking it for 24 hrs. in 1 part peroxide and 1 part water.

 I don’t know why every woman doesn’t use a menstrual cup! I understand that most of us ladies are used to the disposable alternative, but I urge you to give the Diva-Cup a try!

PS. After using the Diva Cup for 3 months, I bought one (#1 small cup) at CVS for my teen daughter. She used it for the first time this month and loves it. Since she still doesn't always get it positioned correctly, she will sometimes have small leaks, so she wears a panty liner with it. I'm sure once she uses it a few more times, the panty liners will be a thing of the past, too!

I was not compensated in any way to write this review. All opinions are my own.

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